What to Wear on the FROW



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If you’re going to be in the FROW at London Fashion Week then you need to look amazing at all times. What are we saying, you need to look amazing at all times anyway! But with the camera on you, rocking the best of the latest looks becomes even more important.

Here’s what we reckon you should be rocking if you’re going to be on the FROW (next to Anna and co. natch) this season…

Go Designer

While there are many looks you can adapt for the FROW, the designer dress look is probably the safest bet. The trouble is, what type of designer dress are you going to choose?

You can pretty much pick what you like as long as you go for something that fits the occasion, meaning something that looks smart but is part of a dressed down look – you shouldn’t look like you’re going to a cocktail party! Your budget needs to come into consideration, too.

If you can spend more on your dress, then an edgy, modern twist on the classic retro look with an Antipodium dress is a great look to give yourself. The different colours and patterns used give you loads of options when it comes to cosmetics and accessorising, too! If you want to be extra daring and not spend nearly £300 on a dress, they also have great knits and blouses to choose from.

Girls who want to spend less for sitting in the FROW have loads of choice as well. H! by Henry Holland dresses are typically around £30 and look great either with heels or casual plimsolls, while Freak of Nature and Mcq Alexander McQueen also allow you to rock the designer look for just a little more.

The one thing all these dresses have in common is their use of patterns; they give you more flexibility than a plain colour when building your look, so opt for these every time.

Can You “Dress Down”?

There aren’t any real fashion rules when it comes to attending LFW, so if you want to dress down and wear denims, for example, feel free to do so, just remember that it’s all about the whole look, so you’ll be well served sticking to designer labels (whether that’s a statement tee, cute bag or vintage accessories for example) to build the best FROW outfit you can.

Shoes & Accessories

As we’ve already alluded to you need to stick to what you always do when choosing shoes; make sure they match the outfit! Depending on how far away from casual your dress goes, heels are always a smart choice. New Look, Office, and ASOS are great for finding heels, and if you stick to black you can’t go wrong.

If you want to work the FROW with a more casual and laid-back look, pair your dress with Vans or Converse All Stars instead. Keep in mind the casual slant is better for afternoon shows and you should be looking to dress it up more at night.

As for bags and jewellery, we’d be looking to keep it as simple as possible. Small bowler bags are fine, while beads and understated jewellery always look great and keep the focus on your dress of choice.

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