What Do Your Shoes Say About You?!



What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

We made it to Tuesday Shopcaders, rejoice! To celebrate this milestone, here’s another wonderfully insightful blog post. This time it’s all about which summer shoe you are!

Do you have all the traits of a Jelly Shoe- fashionable but fickle, or are you all about your ballet flats- stylish yet reliable? Find out below!

You are married to your Air Max: Hey, don’t be ashamed to be a trainer! They are enjoying a total fashion revolution right now, so whereas once upon a time, you wearing trainers was a sign that- A) you were a total gym bunny, committed to working out like a demon or B) not really bothered about looking good, it was all about comfort- now it’s a sign you are totally WITH it. Work it, girl.

You’re a Jelly Baby: You fashionista you! Jelly shoes are the shoe du jour of the summer, so you are right on the money with your footwear choice. We’re not exactly sure why they are so beloved; perhaps the fashion gods got so carried away with the 90s revival that they decided to make some of the ugliest shoes known to man (bar crocs) super trendy again. Go figure! Anyway, enough judgement. If you like them, then go for a glittery pair- this will at least make them in some way pretty!

You dream of being a Ballerina in Ballet Pumps: Don’t worry, if you are a lover of ballerina flats it doesn’t represent a failed dream of joining the Royal Ballet School, more that you are easy going, stylish and have a busy social life. Trainers are a no-no, killer heels will simply not do for all the running around you have to do, so only your trusty French Sole’s will do. You’re a creature of habit, so owning ten pairs in a variety of shades is the only option for you 24/7. We totally get it.

Killer Heels: Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing you are always decked out in the latest, highest pair of killer heels. No block or kitten heels for you, you’re all about the pointy stiletto, which basically say ‘I mean business’ and this is by no means a bad thing. We’re still wondering how Carrie managed to totter around for six seasons of SATC with no break whatsoever from her beloved Manolos. Clearly you both have balls (of the feet variety) made of steel!

You’re an UGG Monster: In Winter we totally accept that UGGs should win every shoe award going, but in Summer… how can sheepskin lining be comfortable?! OK, so clearly you don’t like the thought of something new; your UGGs are like your trusty pal, always there come rain or shine, but we’re not entirely convinced they belong teamed with denim cut-offs and a statement tee on the beach! Go on try something new, like say ankle boots– not totally abandoning your love of the boot, but at least making an attempt at Summer!

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