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We have a lot of love for Very right now. Their awesome ‘Bring the Colour’ campaign has us dreaming of Summer, even though we have only just hit Spring! Hayley Phipps, Visual Merchandiser for Very gave us the inside scoop on the new collection, her styling secrets and why Victoria Beckham’s haircuts shouldn’t always be copied!

bubbleimageWhat are the key trends we should all be shopping this season?

For Spring/ Summer 14, Very is particularly loving colour (the brighter the better), all things tribal, pastels, sporty inspired pieces, blossoming florals, monochrome is still key too, the list could go on! We have loads of trends for our customers to shop this season.

Tell us all about the ‘Bring the Colour’ collection. It’s super cool for spring!

Well I think the fashion speaks for itself, all our collections are really strong this season. ‘Bring the Colour’ is as much about our attitude to fashion and dressing as it is about the trend. The message is about being brave with colour, wearing these bright hues wherever you’re going, even to the office. I think this winter seemed really long and dull so launching the collection and campaign at this time was about saying a firm goodbye to winter and a big hello to spring, and what better way to signify that change than with colour? We wanted to brighten everyone’s mood with our fabulous fashion. That is where the concept for the campaign came from, with the world appearing dull and grey and the fashion injecting the colour in to it.

Who is the collection aimed at?

The great thing about colour and this campaign is that it includes everyone. Anyone can wear colour no matter what your age, size or style, and as an online department store we have something to suit everyone too!!

How would you style it?

If you’re brave and you want to make a statement this spring, wear one colour in different tones, head to toe. In past seasons we have seen colour blocking as a key look but this season try to stick to one colour for a more modern take on the trend.
However if you’re not so confident with colour, start with just injecting pops of colour with shoes and accessories.

What are your fave pieces from the collection?

For me it would have to be the pink wrap front dress that Fearne wears in the ad. I love how simple the silhouette is but how impactful it looks, I also think you could re-work this dress a lot just by changing the shoes and accessories. I also love the cobalt zip through maxi, for when I’m feeling a bit sporty. This dress is an easy way to nod to the trend, which is probably one of the more difficult trends to pull off this season.

What did you think of LFW? Any key trends you’ll be incorporating into Very stylist rails next season?

I love love love LFW, it’s one of my favourite weeks of the year and another reason to be proud to be British. I have always said that Britain has the best high street in the world and I also think we have some of the best design talent too. LFW is the best of the 4 for me. Not only does it amaze and inspire, it also feels more real and accessible in a way that Paris and Milan does not.
I loved Burberry’s bohemian looks, with hand painted folkloric inspired florals; I can’t wait to adopt this look the most next season.

So let’s chat about you! What’s the best thing about working for Very?

The best thing about working at Very aside from the fabulous fashion, has to be the people. There are so many fab, talented and creative people who work here and I get a real buzz from working with them.

What’s the best shoot you have styled and why?

That’s a tricky one, I love them all! If I had to pick one though I would have to say a shoot I did for our Love Label brand last A/W. We really managed to tell a story with the collection and we shot at some amazing locations that help to bring the story to life. We shot at an old theme park and in some woodlands, it was really fun and the shots looked amazing.

Best personal fashion triumph?

I would have to say when I was at University and my final project, which was a campaign to launch a new range of clothing and makeup for River Island was selected to exhibit at Graduate Fashion Week.

Worst fashion disaster?

One moment comes to mind when I was much younger. Victoria Beckham had had her hair all chopped off, so I thought if I had mine cut like that I would look like her, unfortunately I didn’t have a celebrity super stylist and my local hairdresser somehow interpreted into a boyish bowl cut. To make matters worse, around the same time I had a favourite pair of Gap dungarees and whilst out shopping one day, I was mistaken for a boy!!!!

What item could you not live without? Fashion/Beauty/your cat… you know whatever floats your boat!

This probably changes from season to season for me, but I would have to say it always tends to be a shoe, whether a boot in winter or a sandal in summer, they always seem to become my season style staple. If you don’t the right one, your outfit never sees to come together.

Most famous person on your twitter/Instagram/in your phone book

To be honest I don’t necessarily follow a lot of celebrities, I follow people who inspire me. I love following the sister duo howtwolive on Instagram, they have amazing style and wear some crazy fabulous things; they really play with fashion and have fun!

Finally, complete this sentence: Shopcade is awesome because….

I always see things that I love but have often spent my pay cheque within the first week and by the time I get paid again I forget what I have seen, or if I did write it down I can’t remember where. So creating a want list on Shopcade is the perfect way for me to create my pay day wish list. Shopcade is also a good way of discovering new products and brands that I would have never discovered before.

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