Amazing Amy Tells All


Amazing Trendsetter, Amy Zwaan, was recently interviewed by Metro and now she’s telling us all about how she uses Shopcade to suit her lifestyle…

So, Amy, what do you use Shopcade for?

For me it makes my shopping easier as so many brands that I love are already in one place, and I can add products from my favourite websites too if they aren’t already on Shopcade. It’s also great to search for something specific and compare the deals and other people’s comments against all the retailers.

I can see what I want clearly by creating lists of things of things I like so it’s easy to actually see how an outfit would look and what the best price would be for it.

What’s your favourite thing about Shopcade?

It really saves me money.

Shopcade allows me to add the things I want, and then shows me the best deal for them. It’s great that I can create lists of things I want for when payday rolls in so everything I want is in one place, not dotted all over the internet!

The biggest benefit I find from using Shopcade is it stops me from impulse buying! Instead I can easily compare deals across different retailers. Long gone are the days where I trail the high street and buy the first thing that looks about right, regardless of the cost.

What deals have you found on Shopcade?

Recently I found the most amazing deal on this gorgeous bunny lamp from I paid full price for one over Christmas and fell in love with it so much I needed another one (got to have the matching set) so it was even better to find it on offer too!

Girl Meets Dress, Not On The High Street and Paul’s Boutique are some of my favourite brands that usually have brilliant deals on their products.

What’s the last thing you bought through Shopcade?

My mum’s birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I created a whole list of gift ideas and shared it with my family so we could co-ordinate presents she would love as well as saving ourselves some money (to reimburse into other gifts of course)!

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