Have You Been Style Spotted?

Style Spotted | Photo Credits: @katiehandy-Beith | @zarataylor | @marie-barbegirard

Our crack street style team (Katie, Zara & Marie-Barbe– look ’em up!) took to London last weekend to pound the pavements and uncover the hidden fashionistas of the Capital.

We had a ball meeting all you lovely Shopcaders out there in person, even if things didn’t always go to plan (Katie getting pooed on by a pigeon early on for example- LOL) you still embraced us all and posed in your droves.

You may have checked out our Facebook album already, but for those of you who haven’t had time to peek yet, here’s our round up of the best looks from Shoreditch and Carnaby Street. Have you been Style Spotted? Here’s the looks we have featured on Shopcade this week…


Why we wear our boyfriend’s clothes better than he does!

Boyfriend’s Clothes? Nah! Photo Credits:  Pinterest | Pyrex | New Balance | Tumblr

We’re all guilty of it. I bet you’ve even done it more than once. That’s right, we’re all in the same club… the club of girls who steal their other halves’ clothes on a regular basis and furthermore (sshh, whisper it) don’t give a damn!

blog.image-laura.bubble-251113-ukHello, my name is Laura and I am a member of this club and have been for eight years. Phew! I feel better having got that off my chest.

So how about you? What are you guilty of? The occasional theft of his fave tee, his oversized jumper his mum got him and he pretends not to like, or his entire wardrobe?