Festival Date with Kayla Hadlington



With festival season peaking and highlights still looming from Glastonbury, we caught up with fashion blogger and master of festival cool; Kayla Hadlington to get her breakdown for this summer.

Which festivals are you hitting up this year?

“Download this year was amazing, such a cool atmosphere. You either love them or hate them but Linkin Park was my highlight, they played their first album Hybrid Theory, which they don’t normally do, so that was perfect. I’m also off to V-festival with fellow blogger Amy Valentine and Justin Timberlake, Kaiser Chiefs  and The Killers headlining which I’m looking forward to”.

Dressing for festivals… Advice please!

“I just wear whatever’s easy; normally good boots and shorts. If you just have a band t-shirt, just cut off the sleeves, put on a belt and it’s as good as good as a dress. I also love the fact you’re tights can be ripped to bits and these are one of the only places you can get away with it!”


What makes a good festival?

“If the toilets are nice then I’m happy! I think the most important thing is the company you have and the atmosphere of the place. At Download, there was a guy running around in a mankini and I guess that’s what you would call ‘making friends’ and the guys were so cool and protective making sure I didn’t get moshed to death!”

Fave music right now? 

“My favourite bands at the moment are a bit of a metal mix, Korn, Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Bullet for my Valentine”.

What are your festival essentials

“I Can’t survive a festival without dry shampoo, baby wipes, suncream spay- not the oily kind, the one that you can spray on your head!”

And finally…Quick fire Q&A!

Mascara or lipstick? “Mascara”

Sunglasses or hat?Sunglasses

Kimono or mac? “Kimono”

Beer or cider? “Cider”

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The ULTIMATE Festival Survival Guide!


festival survival guide

It’s officially festival season Shopcaders! As Glastonbury kicks off today and with Wireless, V, Reading and Lovebox all just around the corner, we thought we’d put together a little festival survival guide to get you through in style. Or at the very least, leave you looking half decent 😉

It’s all in the packing…

You have two options here:

A) Small backpack: We say small, because there have been those who show up with the world’s biggest backpacking bag. Pack light and don’t waste your money on a designer number because we guarantee it will be as muddy as you by the end.

B) Bumbag: Moschino have made them cool again, need we say more?

DO NOT take a suitcase… people will laugh at you.

Lookin’ good…

It goes without saying that you have to rock up at your festival of choice looking as cool as humanly possible. It also goes without saying that you won’t be washing for four days, so how can you keep up this stylish façade?

Face: Go glitter mad. Glitter covers everything and will officially replace your foundation for the duration. Not a fan of glitter? Then face paint and stickers are equally acceptable here. False lashes are not exactly essential, but they look pretty and will finish off your drag homage nicely 😉 If all else fails… buy a wig.

Hair: Thank god for dry shampoo, we’re sure you will agree. Blow dry your hair on the day of departure and wave goodbye to a brush for the best part of a week. Repeat after us… wake, spray, ruffle and style. Hair ties, hair chalk, headbands and this summer’s must have- floral crowns will make sure your hair stays looking fresh, even if the rest of you smells a bit funky.

Nails: Opt for nail wraps before you go and take a few spare sets to change it up to suit your mood.

Look: Wellies and a rain mac will see you through in style this festival season. Other than that, go for a super cool statement tee, denim cut offs, your shades of shame (they hide everything) and a sweat you can chuck on if it gets a bit chilly. Our biggest piece of advice here? KEEP IT SIMPLE.