Which Disney Princess Are You?


disney princess

Which Disney Princess Are You? | Photo Credit: Disney

It’s one of the biggest films out right now and there is one reason why- Angelina Jolie is simply magnificent asĀ Maleficent. Bad ass to the core, empowering with just the right about of Disney cheese thrown in; we’ve seen it five times and counting!

Billed as the back story to Sleeping Beauty (one of our fave films ever) Maleficent tells the tale of how the bad fairy became so er, bad.

Featuring the gorgeous Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora, with Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (yes, it really is who you think it is) playing the younger Aurora completing the ensemble cast, it really is a must see!

We’re soooo obsessed by it in fact, that we created a little quiz to find out which one of the fair princesses we’re most like. Would we be the Princess who owns a tiger, the stunning red headed mermaid, or the one who likes to hang out with the boys and loves rotten apples?!

Want to find out your Princess destiny? Then read on and take our fab quiz below. Don’t forget to share your results with your friends too! :)