Looking for A Boyfriend? Here are 5 Items to AVOID On Your First Date


We chatted with Laurie Davis, founder of eFlirt Expert and author of Love @ First Click, about, what else, dating. The relationship expert sat down to give us some tips on snagging a dude. Step number one in finding the love of your life – dress the part. Below are her top five no-no’s when it comes to first date fashion. Read below to find out what’s in her Shopcade and what to wear on your next date to make this your last single Valentine’s Day.

When date night comes, you probably have a few go-to items in your closet – staples that you look totally fab in. But remember that men view things a little differently than women. Sometimes the fashion that we love most, they hate so your favorite outfit won’t necessarily be his. And since our bodies are so complicated with all their curves, the fit of something may be fun to you but a turn off to him. But don’t freak! As a tech and dating coach, I work with both guys and gals every day and hear their gripes about dates … including fashion faux pas. Below are some fashion don’ts for dates and an easy, doable substitute for each that will make you totally smoochable.


It’s scientifically proven that guys don’t like wedges. (Well, sort of – a survey shows that 71% of men find them the least attractive footwear around. Also on the list of shoes guys hate: UGGS, Crocs, and flip flops.) And yes, this includes wedge sneakers.
Instead, wear heels (even if they are low ones) because they’ll visually elongate your legs and add some va-va-voom.

Peplum anything

While peplum tops and dresses are on-trend, they aren’t the most figure-flattering thing a girl can wear, unless you’re curve-less. Remember that a first date is a first impression and showing off your shape is part of that! Visually enhancing it with more curves will nearly always give the impression that you’re heavier than you are. Even if you are thin, it might look like you’re hiding something under those ruffles…
Instead, flex your trendster heart by going with something high-waisted which looks awesome on most body types.


Taylor Swift Dishes Dating Advice Just In Time for Valentine’s Day


Taylor Swift March cover

Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour Magazine

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, you can’t help but feel the love in the air. To celebrate the official month de amour, Glamour Mag covered their March issue (on stands February 11th) with professional heartbreaker slash hit maker, Taylor Swift.

The blonde beauty, looking gorgeous as ever in a red lace Rachel Comey dress dished dating advice for both single and taken gals alike in her Q&A. Swift is all about the “freeze-out” when trying to get the upper hand back in a relationship. A move we bet she uses on all the guys she knew were trouble when they walked in. Yes, we’re talking to you John Mayer (and probably Joe Jonas, too).

In a relationship? Here are Taylor’s thoughts on why you should never yell:

“Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.”

Single? Taylor on doing the “freeze-out” when dating:

“I think everyone should approach relationships from the perspective of playing it straight and giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Until he establishes that this is a game. And if it’s a game, you need to win. The best thing to do is just walk away from the table.”

Check out the rest of Taylor Swift’s Glamour March Issue Cover Shoot on Glamour.com and shop her feminine style on Shopcade. 

How to Dress for a Hot Date this Valentine’s Day



Photo Credit: Thisismysuit.com

Whether it’s a first date with a hottie or date night with your long-term partner, if you’re planning a hot date this Valentine’s Day then you’re going to want to look amazing.

Still, we all know it’s easier said than done, but you have nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered with this great guide to sexy hot date outfits, whatever stage you find yourself at in your relationship!

Work it like Kelly

If you’re a curvy girl there are many ways you can work a hot date look. The only rule is that you need fitted clothes that are sleek but not clingy. If you need celeb inspiration then look at someone like Kelly Brook. Gorgeous and with a figure women would kill for, when does she ever look less than amazing?

You can opt for a night dress or if you want a dressed down look there’s nothing wrong with pairing up jeans and a patterned shirt for date night, especially if you’re headed to the cinema or somewhere similar.

LBD Love

If you’re slimline and even have something of a boyish figure, the best way to do that is put on something as feminine as possible. For us, that means a little black dress simply has to be the only way to go.

Opt for something that is LBD inspired but rocks a pattern if you want something that looks a little less formal and is more relaxed.

Perfect Pear

Granted, most of you probably wouldn’t put the words pear shaped and perfection in the same sentence, but we love a good pear! A dress is a definite must; go for something that falls straight down by your side and isn’t going to let you down by being unflattering in any way.

Draw attention to your upper half by pairing it up with a little black leather jacket or a cardigan depending on what you prefer, add shoes and a bag and you’re all set to impress your man!

Getting your style right for your Val Day date doesn’t have to be hard. Forget the stress and think about the simple tips we’ve given you to look and feel gorgeous!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Valentine's Day Giveaway

Yup. It’s that time of year again when all the soppy love hearts, chocs and flowers are everywhere you turn and ready to be given to your unsuspecting crush on Valentine’s Day. Well, we’re making it easy for you with our V Day giveaway!

For a chance to win a gift for your man, we’re asking you what your Valentine is like. Is he more city sleek or computer geek? Is he more see-the-world traveller or stay-at-home snoozer? Is he more healthy food eater or fast food lover?

So many questions, so little time! Just ‘want’ the product that describes him best and you could win that item for V Day! Simple as.

Stay tuned every day for a new question and just choose the product which best represents your man.

Competition ends midnight on Friday 7th February 2014. Winners will be contacted via email.

Today’s question:

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For all you men out there, fear not! We’ve got YOUR V Day dilemma sorted too. Just ‘want’ three products from this list that you think your Valentine would love and you could win one. What are you waiting for?! Get ‘wanting’!

Get ‘Lo: 3 Valentine’s Day Date Outfits For All The Single Ladies


Just because you don’t have a serious BF locked down to be your Valentine’s Day date this year doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having fun. After all, it is JUST a Hallmark holiday. If you’re a gal that happens to be flying ‘lo while Cupid is aiming his bow at some serious couple in an Italian restaurant reenacting that scene from Lady and the Tramp, here are three date night suggestions for you. And, most importantly, a little inspo on what to wear that evening.


Girls Night Out


If your plans involve a casual dinner with your best lady pals, show your V Day spirit with a red lip. On the downside, you won’t be using it to pucker up but, on the upside, at least you know it will last the whole night through. We l-o-v-e NARS’ “Manhunter” – the name says it all – jusssst in case y’all decide to go on the prowl. Bonus points for adding a statement heart somewhere, like the one on these quirky flats from Jeffrey Campbell. They’re not only perfect for the occasion, they’ll also carry you through spring. See, love doesn’t have to be a losing game.

WEAR IT: Half Sheer Half Opaque Tights, $18, available at Topshop; Cable Knit Khaki Sweater, $22.79, available at Romwe; Michael Kors Tortoise Watch, $250, available at Nordstrom; NARS “Manhunt” Lipstick, $26, available at Sephora; Leather Trim Tuxedo Shorts, $158, available at Madewell; Jeffrey Campbell “Got Heart” Loafer, $99, available at Urban Outfitters



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