Be selfish! Here’s how to get what YOU want for Valentine’s Day…

Time to get sneaky this Valentine’s Day! Photo Credit:  Bridget Jones’ Diary | Working Title

We’ve all been there. A battered box of chocolates bought as an afterthought, flowers bought from the local garage when they filled up the car, or (and this is by far the worst) a pair of knickers that wouldn’t look out of place on a porno.

The fact is boys, as much as we love them (most of the time) are pretty clueless when it comes to gift buying. I think you can pinpoint when an imminent gift date is approaching; they break out into a cold sweat, become twitchy and start avoiding you. For some of us, this is lovely (peace and quiet) for others, it’s a worry (just what the hell are they going to buy you).

I’ve actually been given a Hollyoaks female calendar in the past by an ex (well obviously he’s an ex, after this present) which left me speechless and him grinning in a way that meant he was either a) crazy or b) genuinely thought it was a good present. Hideous.

So, and I say this with every woman in the world in mind, enough is enough! It’s time to spell it out in simple terms (and there’s actually a pointer for this below) and make sure you get EXACTLY what you want this year. Let’s start with Valentine’s Day and work up to your birthday and Christmas…