The Quirky Trends of 2013


Quirky Trends of 2013

Yes. 2014 is well and truly underway. As we say goodbye to all that is so last year, we take a look back at some of the popular, and er, slightly weird, trends of 2013 that we were all (and probably still are!) loving.

5. Cat Lady

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 5. Cat Lady

Yep, the cat’s outta the bag. We all know watching cat videos is one of the best things ever. That was until we discovered CAT CLOTHING! We turned into crazy cat ladies last year, wearing feline finds to make our outfits look extra purrfect. (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves!)

From dressed up moggies to chic feline prints, we just couldn’t get enough of it.


4. Halloweird

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 4. HalloweirdAs usual, we discovered some pretty quirky Halloween costume ideas. There was just too much to choose from, from animal onesies to galaxy leggings and bubble wrap suits – we were jumping at the chance to accept that costume party invite.

Of course, our fave celeb inspo last year comes from the one and only Queen of Twerk, Miley Cyrus. Where do we even start…?!


3. Back To The Future

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 3. Back To The FutureMetallics, creepers, studs, spikes and holographic pieces. We felt out of this world wearing one of our futuristic outfits. And it sure did make those heads turn.

One of our all-time wardrobe must-haves is a metallic clutch bag (gold, or silver) which is sure to match any evening outfit.


2. Talk To The Sweat

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 2. Talk To The SweatWho needs to talk the talk when your sweatshirt says it all, eh?! Slogan sweats were all the rage last year with you trendy fashionistas making a statement wherever you went.

These weirdly wonderful pieces can be worked in so many ways, we were just spoilt for choice! From pairing with some joggers and strappy sandals for a sports luxe outfit or adding to a plaid skirt and creepers for schoolgirl chic, we loved rocking this look.


1. Rainbow Hair

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 1. Rainbow HairYep, you guessed it. Hair chalk has made it to numero uno in our top 5 quirky trends of 2013. A style we’re STILL trying to pull off, come rain or shine, this year!

Go for pastels this Spring/Summer to keep bang on trend and try curling your hair beforehand for a long-lasting effect.


And now we just can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful micro-trends 2014 has to offer…

Haris Stavridis’ Autumn/Winter 13 Fashion Week Picks

Fashion Week - Guest Blogger Haris
Image: Adonis Kekidakis

Name: Haris Stavridis


As our very own Fashion Week Correspondent here at Shopcade HQ, Haris (also former editor at Vogue and Glamour) will be informing you all on the latest trends to keep an eye out for next season. He’s the founder of Fashion We Like and editorial consultant for brands. Haris also loves soft sweaters and furry kittens.

His Autumn/Winter picks have already been selected but keep your eyes peeled for any updates from him as he’ll be stalking the streets and catwalks for the next must have styles.


What are your fave AW13 styles?

From the catwalks, I really like Celine’s simple and clean approach, and Givenchy’s rock/biker chic items. For men, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the designers at Valentino, are doing an amazing job. When it comes to street styles, I think A.P.C.’s fall collection for women has some cool designs, and COS as well as Uniqlo are unbeatable if you are looking for some nice, colourful basics. For example, the cashmere-blended sweaters by Uniqlo and the merino wool ones offer great, great value for money.


What’s your must have fashion item right now?

I really can’t have enough sneakers! I like New Balance, especially this pair, and old school Nike trainers. I also like the Fashionistas line of t-shirts designed by legendary Michael Roberts for ONETSHIRT.


Which designer are you most looking forward to seeing at LFW?

Definitely Tom Ford! I am also looking forward to Burberry Prorsum (loved listening to Tom Odell live at their previous show!), Mulberry, and Christopher Kane. I also like going to shows from designers like KTZ, because their presentations are crazy, fun, and full of energy. You just don’t know what to expect! London’s Fashion Week is a bit more experimental than let’s say Milan, but I think this might be changing soon.


Tom Ford on Shopcade
Tom Ford on Shopcade


Which colours will we be seeing you in this month?

Lots of grey and navy blue. Classic colours that blend in with everything and can be worn day and night.


Which celeb should we be keeping a close fashionable eye on for the next season?

The Olsen twins, as long as they don’t get skinnier! They are one of the few celebrities that actually understand fashion and have made a successful transition into a difficult creative field. Just ask Kanye how hard it is to become a respected designer!


What celeb do we need to ditch for the next season?

Is it all right if I say that I am tired of seeing the Kardashians? I wish them well, I’m just not interested in them.


What fail-safe item do you think every person should have in their closet?

Paying attention to accessories is important, as they can make or break a look. Nice shoes and bags, that don’t have to be ultra expensive, are key. It’s best if you avoid all the ‘it’ bags, especially if they are suffocating from the abundance of logos on them. This is not the 90’s anymore people!


Any fashion regrets?

Lots and lots! I could provide a list, but let’s just say that my biggest regret is buying items one or two sizes too big and then walking around thinking that I am cool. I cringe when I see old photos.


Check out Haris’ Autumn/Winter must haves for men and women below:

How To ‘Add’ It!


A major breakthrough has occurred at Shopcade HQ. It’s a revelation! A significant moment in history! A tremendous concept! A ginormous idea! And it’s right here at your fingertips. What am I talking about, you say? Well, Shopcadeis pleased to let you in on a little secret…

…we now have an ‘Add’ button!

Yes. You can now add products from any website/retailer that is currently not on Shopcade.

Adding products lets you create lists of everything you want from across the world! Bring all of your favorite items to one place on Shopcade and share with your friends and family. Show off your trendsetting capabilities by being first to add something and earn points when others add your products too! It’s a great way to explore, discover and unfold the possibilities of shopping!

You may be thinking “this is going to be as easy as finding a cure to the common cold”, but fear not! All you need to do is simply *click*.

So what do you do?

1. Just click the ‘Add’ button on the Homepage

2. Search the product you would like to add on the retailer’s site and copy the URL (located in the address bar).

3. Paste the copied URL in the ‘Paste product link’ box and click ‘Get Details’.

4. Shopcade will automatically find the product for you! If the details of the product are wrong/blank then fill these in (e.g. name of product, brand, price…). You can also attach the product to a category on Shopcade or even to one of your own lists!

5. Click ‘Add’ and the product will be added to! You will find it on Your Shopcade or in the category where you placed it.

It’s as easy as that! (It really is that simple)

Adding products is a great way to discover and share new items on Shopcade. The ‘Add’ button opens a portal to a new shopping adventure and you’re able to take others with you! So jump on the ‘Add’ Button Express and start exploring now! Next stop: Shopville! Choo-choo-choose whatever you want, sharing is caring after all.