#ShopcadeHitsMBFW: Day 1 Highlights

Photo Credit: Style.com | Elle.com

Fashion month has officially started! We’re so excited and anxious to see what’s in-store for us this Spring 2015!! As we kick off the fashion festivities in New York, Shopcade will be there to give you the latest updates and buzz straight from the runway, and the streets of the Big Apple! 

Day 1 is utter madness- everyone’s trying to catch a yellow cab in heels or trying to grab that cup of coffee to get a caffeine buzz that will hopefully last throughout the day!

As the day ends, all we can think about is; “Can spring come any sooner please?!”  Here’s some of our favorite runway looks from Day 1 of our #NYFW takeover!



Words to Describe the Collection: Sheer Elegance, Pastel Wonderland, Breathtaking, Effortless Summer, Ethereal, Soft, Bold Femininity, Floaty, and Flawless.

Spring Colors Spotted: Delicate Whites, Cream, Pastels (Pink, Blue, Coral), Taupe/Beige, Ocean-inspired hues.

Spring Looks Spotted: Maxi Skirts, Ribbons, Tunics, Tiny Florals, Stripes, High Slits, Sheer Accents, Billowing Fabrics.

A-Lister’s Spotted on the front row: Celebs such as Jamie Chung, Shay Mitchell and Fashion Bloggers Aimee and Dani Song.

Buzz Buzz: BCBG Max Azria re-defined the power of social media by allowing its followers to shop its runway looks straight from their mobile phones!



Words to Describe the Collection: Fun, Flirty, Furry, Beautiful, Surreal, Bold, Effortless Americana, A Cotton Candy Coach.

Spring Colors Spotted: Orange, Mint Green, Lilac, Ocean Blue, Pink, Tan, Yellow, Red.

Spring Looks Spotted: Leopard!!!, Leather, Fur, Platform Shoes, Platform Sliders (YES!), Pencil Skirts, Mini Skirts

Buzz Buzz: Coach designer, Stuart Vevers is picking up speed in his second season as creative director for the brand. No logo bags spotted or a sense of minimalism. It was a wild trip of color, texture and time” – Racked.com


How to Dress Like Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham's Style

Whether you love her, hate her, or would simply like to steal her husband, Victoria Beckham has a gift for provoking opinion among women (and sometimes men) everywhere.  What cannot be denied is she’s one of the most stylish women on Earth, and someone to whom we can all look up to in the style stakes.

Getting the Victoria Look

Forget that the tabloid press says she’s always pouting and miserable looking; the fact is Mrs Beckham’s style brings together everything a girl wants to achieve from fashion; confidence, style, femininity, and even power with the right outfit.

The best thing about Vic is that when you look closely her fashion sense is actually remarkably simple.  Here’s how to get the look.

Keeping it Simple

Timeless, classic, generally dark colours, and above all, simple; there’s a reason why Victoria is never pictured wearing questionable outfits.  Who cares about being called boring by people who don’t know fashion if you get to look that good all of the time?

Her trademark look is the little black dress, which as Karl Lagerfeld famously said means you can never be overdressed nor underdressed.  Easy to throw on with high heels, a handbag, and accessories, this is a Victoria Beckham essential.

When not rocking a LBD, a pencil skirt is another popular choice for Victoria.  Think of the woman herself; black or grey is the direction to head here; resist those colourful and patterned pencil skirts that are widely available!  Match your pencil skirt with a simple blouse, and you’re ready to go.

Denims and formal tailored trousers are always skinny; there’s no other way to do it, and can be worn with blouses, t-shirts, and finished with an oversized coat.

VB Add Ons & Accessories

What about the finishing touches to the Victoria Beckham look?  The two obvious accessories are the sunglasses and the handbag.  Ray Ban Wayfarers or other large lens, face covering glasses are a must, and if you’ve gone for the full look with a Victoria bob haircut your face will be framed beautifully.

For the handbag, you have licence to be creative, as it’s the one area Victoria perhaps doesn’t keep it simple.  Instead, she prefers large handbags, and while she goes for black you can always go for a brighter colour if you wanted to put your own twist on the look and use it as a statement accessory.

Finish With Footwear

The question is the same as we all face; heeled or flat?  The answer depends on what you’re wearing based on the products above.  You can’t wear your LBD with anything other than heels, and the same stands for a pencil skirt, too.  When it comes to denims and tailoring, the choice is yours, but flats are often a good change up if you want the more casual side of Victoria’s style.

Get started and shop her look here:

How To ‘Add’ It!


A major breakthrough has occurred at Shopcade HQ. It’s a revelation! A significant moment in history! A tremendous concept! A ginormous idea! And it’s right here at your fingertips. What am I talking about, you say? Well, Shopcadeis pleased to let you in on a little secret…

…we now have an ‘Add’ button!

Yes. You can now add products from any website/retailer that is currently not on Shopcade.

Adding products lets you create lists of everything you want from across the world! Bring all of your favorite items to one place on Shopcade and share with your friends and family. Show off your trendsetting capabilities by being first to add something and earn points when others add your products too! It’s a great way to explore, discover and unfold the possibilities of shopping!

You may be thinking “this is going to be as easy as finding a cure to the common cold”, but fear not! All you need to do is simply *click*.

So what do you do?

1. Just click the ‘Add’ button on the Homepage

2. Search the product you would like to add on the retailer’s site and copy the URL (located in the address bar).

3. Paste the copied URL in the ‘Paste product link’ box and click ‘Get Details’.

4. Shopcade will automatically find the product for you! If the details of the product are wrong/blank then fill these in (e.g. name of product, brand, price…). You can also attach the product to a category on Shopcade or even to one of your own lists!

5. Click ‘Add’ and the product will be added to Shopcade.com! You will find it on Your Shopcade or in the category where you placed it.

It’s as easy as that! (It really is that simple)

Adding products is a great way to discover and share new items on Shopcade. The ‘Add’ button opens a portal to a new shopping adventure and you’re able to take others with you! So jump on the ‘Add’ Button Express and start exploring now! Next stop: Shopville! Choo-choo-choose whatever you want, sharing is caring after all.