LFW Day 5: Catwalk Round Up




Well that’s it for another season, LFW is officially over, but before the spotlight shifts to Milan, let’s take a sneaky peek at the highlights from the fifth and final day.

After the power players (Burberry, Christopher Kane) stomped all over ‘Mad Monday’, this was most definitely ‘Terrific Tuesday’ (see what I did there?!).

Fashion East, Meadham Kirchhoff, Simone Rocha and Anya Hindmarch to name just a few that closed LFW for another season to much aclaim.

Here’s my view on the top shows of the day…

Giles: Cara has been pretty selective this fashion week, walking in only a handful of shows, which included this one. Surprisingly though, she wasn’t the name on everyone’s lips today; rumoured Harry Styles’ squeeze, Kendall Jenner was the one who took centre stage. Looking gorgeous in a monochrome asymmetric dress, complete with poker straight punk locks and topped off with electric blue eye make-up, she looked every inch the celeb model. Other highlights included the cute buckled shoes and loafers each model sported, giving the runway a low key, approachable feel. Or maybe Giles just saw the Sibling models going flying earlier this week and decided to play it safe in flats?!


Exclusive interview with catwalk model Irra Ariella Khi


Irra Ariella Khi has been a model since she was 14 years old and has featured in campaigns for big brands such as Selfridges, Tom Ford and L’Oreal.

Irra is also a successful catwalk model, and has strutted her stuff for Guess and Gai Mattiolo.

To celebrate the launch of London Fashion Week, Irra gives us an exclusive insight into what it’s like to be a model.

How did you get into modelling?
I was scouted outside Oxford Circus station then lost the agent’s card on the way back to university. But it gave me enough confidence to go to agency open calls and I got signed in London a week later, and in Milan a few years after.

What’s a typical day like when you’re on a shoot?
Normally you would get on set very early, you’d have clean hair, no make up, and be very sleepy – and that’s OK because for the next 3-4 hours, someone is going to create an entire image using you as a base.

You’ll be with hair and makeup people, and with the stylist who picks out outfits for the shoot. The photographer together with the client would have put together an image they want to create – and my job is to make it work for a photograph, to move at the right angles and to present the clothes in a fitting way. You end up taking several hundred photos while playing dress up – fantastic fun!

Being a model seems incredibly glamorous – could you share one of your highlights?
The highlights for me are not glamour but pure admiration of somebody’s raw talent  – for example being next to Tom Ford as he’s launching his cosmetics to world press … I felt so lucky to get the job! Most models are so used to seeing flashing lights and celebrities so it doesn’t really faze us, its just part of the job. Of course it’s nice to get the odd glamorous gift from a shoot, but what you see in a photo takes a long time to create – there’s a big brilliant team behind you: they make you look much more glamorous than you feel!


You’re working in London Fashion Week. What’s it like backstage at the shows?
Everything is fairly hectic and colourful: there’s rails of clothing being wheeled around and behind them you see lights around makeup mirrors and the models lining up to try things on. There’s a schedule pinned up on the wall, and everyone is buzzing with anticipation and excitement – it’s all leading up to that moment when you’re about to step onto the runway. There’s always several backstage photographers with flashlights going off, and hairspray clouds flying everywhere!

What items could you not live without?

  • My modelling portfolio and Kirkwood heels for castings
  • Scholl gel inserts for shoes as you never know what size you’ll get to wear,
  • Tangle Teezer to save me from back combing and beehives,
  • QuickThinking No7 face wipes, to save me from looking like a vampire on the tube home from a job
  • iPod and iBooks as there’s lots of waiting around on castings and backstage

If you weren’t a model what would you do instead?
Produce films to explore all the hard work and real talent that goes into fashion. I prefer to focus on up-and-coming designers, and do in depth edgy interviews. I founded SoulOfFashion TV

How do you manage to combine being a mother with your job?
It’s fairly challenging, just last week I couldn’t get a babysitter so turned up on set with my daughter! Thankfully she is a very relaxed baby and everyone in the team loved her smiling at them. She likes being on set – we have just done our first photo shoot together for Philips, and have been asked to come back to shoot a video for the campaign next week. I’ve been lucky to have great support from my agencies – both agents in Milan and London have kept me on the books for flexible working hours, and even offered to babysit while I’m on castings.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to break into modelling or the fashion world?

  1. Invest in yourself – look after your skin, hair and body!
  2. Have a friend take some pictures and get some experience doing free fashion shoots or shows to build up your confidence
  3. Get some professional advice – ask agents for feedback even if they don’t sign you. Check out agency open calls and hopefully get professional representation!

Want to know even more?

Check out Irra’s Shopacde and her blog.

Who the Shopcade are you: Men’s winter edition with Hoon and Jean.



It’s Madmen-ish. It’s chic. It’s Madmen chic.

Mad Men Fedora – £35









It’s better to invest in quality shades that’ll last you a lifetime than buying something you’ll graduate out of. And it better be Tom Ford.

Tom Ford – £243








Cravats are in and they’re definitely staying. I would go with a bit of a color on this one like this one from Aspinal of London.

Paisley Pure silk cravat – £90





This coat has everything I like: Great cut. Affordable. Long lasting. Japanese.

Uniqlo J+ Peacoat – £179.90










I still don’t know why they’re called slim jeans. It’s called the right cut.

Nudie Jeans – £90









Nice chukka boots and I’m gone.

Ask the Missus Desert Boots – £64











I grew up wearing duffle coats in Britanny! When the weather is windy and wet, it feels like a second skin!

Burberry duffle coat – $1,200









The kind of jumper I love wearing while dowing a winter cheese and wine diner!

Ralph Lauren jumper – $270









No need for words!

Ralph Lauren chambray shirt – $205










Best color, best cut, you want to get old with them!

Levis 501 – $44









Technically and aesthetically the best shoes ever invented! Beauty!

Clarks Wallabees – $74.99