We’ve launched our new iPhone and Android Shopcade app!



So, we have super exciting news! Drum roll please… we have just launched our new Shopcade app for Android and updated app for iOS 7 just in time for Christmas! We’re good to you, we really are.

Where else would you find so much in one place? There’s over 150,000 brands for you to want, shop and share products you love, plus a daily trending feed which displays an array of the most popular products (and celebs…) on Shopcade.

Best of all we’ll send you personalized alerts when products you want go on deal, so you never miss out on the stuff you love.

Browse through millions of products, want them there and then, save to a list for later or shop direct on the go – the choice is yours.

Looking for something specific? No probs! Browse our categories of brands and products to track down that must-have item now.

Want to personalize your Shopcade a bit more? Well then let us know what’s going on in your world. Share with us your blog, look book and thoughts. It’s all about you!

Follow cool people to build your fashion network, check out other trendsetters to get great style inspo and try out new trending looks when you want.

And that’s not all.. have you checked out our hot new Shopcade logo? We’ve gone all sleek and stylish with an online re-brand which matches our magenta logo on mobile.

In fact we’ve gone magenta crazy here @Shopcade; our deals logo has been updated too, so we are officially in the pink!

So, what are you waiting for?! Download Shopcade now to start getting your daily fashion fix of trends and deals. We apologize in advance to your bank manager 😉

Got an iPhone? Download the Shopcade app from the App Store here, or if you’re on Android, check it out on Google Play here

Want to see a sneaky preview of our new app features? Well have a little looksy below!


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The Confessional Diary of an Intern [Part 1]


Introducing… me!

Not only am I the youngest in the office, I’m also the newbie. I’m the Editorial and Marketing Assistant here at Shopcade. But you can call me Adam if you like.

This is my first ‘proper’ job – something 9-5, with actual work to take home with me and have a flick-through. It was a scary proposition at first, but now, it’s a barrel of laughs, and I’m loving every second of it.

Tips to make it as a start-up Intern at Shopcade

So what made me stand out from the crowd originally? Well, as my (lovely, clever, brilliant and wonderful) boss will tell you, it was the fact my initial email made her laugh. It might not seem like a lot, but be yourself when you apply for jobs. Why lie when they’ll find you out, anyway?

We’re a social shopping app, and because we’re a start-up we’re also fast-paced, so things change quicker than you can say ‘this is mental’. It’s an absolute whirlwind, so you have to be prepared to stop everything you’re doing, go spend half an hour compiling social media spreadsheets, or taking note of the shopping trends from our users, before finishing what you started.  It’s kind of fun when you’ve got a brain like a sieve, though.

But, if your head does turn to mush halfway through the working week, make sure you write everything down. Keep a list of things you’ve done and things you’re doing, and make sure the world knows about them. I’ve been doing it over the last few weeks and it’s an absolute Godsend. Since I’ve been here I’ve been working on our Easter campaign – where we’ve done competitions with Hotel Chocolat (one of the many chocolate brands on Shopcade), and exclusive deals with brands such as Liberty and Interflora – and there’s so much to remember that it’s easy to lose track. If you don’t keep a list, you’ll completely forget what needs to be done and you’ll start thinking you’ve lost your marbles. Which has happened to me on three different occasions, already.

How to make yourself invaluable

Interning may only be perceived as a short-term thing, but having only been here for just over a fortnight, I already feel part of the team. My little desk in the corner is already filled with bits that make up me – newspapers, notebooks and iPads, a massive Shopcade logo, plus an old bottle of Powerade and a list of places to go in Portugal I was given in a restaurant. Don’t ask.

But you’ve got to be willing to do things that will help everyone else out. It doesn’t necessarily mean taking the coffee order, but offering to do the jobs that others don’t have time for endears you to the whole team. Just add it to your ‘To Do’ list, and crack on when you have a second. Even though I’m mainly working for the marketing and editorial teams I’ve also helped out the commercial team. Being eager to try new things and to learn is a sure-fire way of making sure people appreciate what you do in the office, and it also ensures you’re an integral member of the team.

One of the most important things I’ve learned so far is to use your initiative and learn. Don’t be the guy who has to be told to do everything, and then does a lacklustre job. Yes, do what you’re told to do, but if you have a brilliant idea and everyone else is glued to their keyboards, plan it, write it down and then suggest it later. It doesn’t cost anything to use your noggin occasionally. Our big summer campaign has been designed around an idea I had in the middle of the night. Yes, I do indeed dream about Shopcade, but it has its benefits … and it’s kind of cool that even though I’ve only just started here that my ideas are not only being taken seriously, but they’re being implemented too. That’s what I like about Shopcade – everyone’s ideas are valued.

I’m very much a believer of fate, and this role obviously happened to me for a reason, so take it in your stride and love every minute of it. Even if the communal Spotify playlist does your head in. (Elton John and Kiki Dee – I’m looking at you.)