London Fashion Week SS15 Style Essentials!


London Fashion Week SS15 is nearly upon us, so as the curtain falls on New York Fashion Week, the stylish among you need to be prepared for the mad dashes between shows, the constant achy feet and looking good on two hours sleep!

Luckily, we’re here to help! You will have seen our NYFW essentials list last week, and now it’s time to shift the focus to the fashion capital.

Here’s our LFW style essentials to make sure you stay fashionable and fabulous this season!

1. Statement iphone case: It used to be your bag which got people talking, but now technology has well and truly taken over. Let your phone do the talking this season with a slogan case to stand out from the crowd.

2. Colourful Trainers: Last season was all about the flat shoe, with just a hint of trainer, and this season it has fully taken over. You’re not anyone unless your sporting Nike Roshe’s or Adidas Originals @ LFW this year. Take note.

3. A Blanket Cape: The weather can be changeable, so the last thing you want is an oversized coat- however fashionable- making you look like a sweaty mess. Opt for the autumn cover up choice this season, a blanket, as seen on celebs and models alike.

4. A Watch: Sounds glaringly obvious, but a watch isn’t just a fashion accessory, it actually tells you the time as well! When your phone inevitably dies, this little beauty will make sure you don’t arrive anything more than fashionably late.

5. Wet wipes & antibacterial gel: Do you have any idea how dirty London is?! Exactly, these two items will be your savior each and every day as you hop between shows.


NYFW Fall Essentials!



Ready or not, fall is COMING. With duster coats, ankle booties, and plaid scarfs filling up your shopping lust list, we bet you can’t wait to see what else is in store for you this fall!

Well guess what, you’ll soon find out in about two weeks (more like REAL SOON) all the lust-worthy fashion items you should be eyeing up during New York Fashion Week.

Headed to the concrete jungle? You don’t have to fret, but you know you’ve got to start prepping now for your busy week in the bustling city. Once you hit the streets on your way to the shows and after parties, you’ve GOT to be prepared for any #NYFW moment.

Fashion Week essentials? More like NYFW “survival” essentials! From items to pack in your suitcase to emergency items in your clutch – we’ve got you covered! You never know what can happen in the Big Apple 😉 Shop our #NYFW survival essentials now!


We Hit Up Juice Magazine’s Photo Shoot In Mumbai!

Photographs: Shoeb Mashadi |Styling: Daniel Franklin

Gatecrashing shoots are fun, but being invited to cover a shoot exclusively is even better and that’s just what happened to us last month when we hit up the Juice magazine photo shoot in Mumbai!

We went behind the scenes to check out the August issue, which was all about real women and their style. Our fab Country Manager and fashionista Kriti Tula grabbed stylist Daniel Franklin for a quick Q&A about his ideas for the shoot, his personal style and if he’s all about the runway, or a high street guy at heart?


Hey Daniel! What are you wearing today and what would you say your style is all about?

I am wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo coat and a Disney t-shirt. My personal style depends on my mood, I am very conscious of how I dress in the morning and I factor in things like my mood, my POA for the day, and the weather.

Any monsoon survival tips you want to share with us?

Don’t wear flip-flops unless you want yucky muck splatters all over your back, or just don’t wear flip-flops outside the house. Period.

What’s your favorite label this Summer?

Not big on labels but my favorite piece for the summer is the slogan t-shirt, I’ve seen some really cool ones this season.

Tell us a little about this photo shoot we are at, it looks amazing!

This shoot is for our August issue. The issue is our ‘Real fashion for Real women issue’ so we are shooting 7 women representing a spectrum of Indian shapes and colours to break the fashion myths (do’s and don’t’s) that they have always been told.

What’s new at Juice mag? 

Cant really talk about it just yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s gonna be spectacular!

OK then, how about some quick fire questions instead?! 

1. Style or Substance? Don’t see why you cant have both.

2. Runway or High street? Who we kidding?..Runway

3. What are the strangest things we’re likely to find in your closet? Kimono, kilt, lungi’s, breeches.. take your pick! Someone will find it strange, I’m sure.

4. Sweatpants or skinny jeans? Skinny jeans

5. Beach holiday or city breaks? City break, or better still, it would be a mountain trek.


Here’s a sneak peek of our fave shots from the August issue. Click each image to shop the look and trend direct on Shopcade! We’re good to you, we really are 😉