Summer Nights: Shopcade Dates Sarah Ashcroft



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It’s mid July and most of us are about to be set free from school, uni or work to go on our annual holidays! We caught up with Fashion blogger Sarah Ashcroft over milkshake and cupcakes as she tells us her summer plans and how to stay stylish!

So… what are your summer plans, Sarah?

“I’m starting with Cape Verde with my boyfriend and then Turkey with the family. Plans are total relaxation! Sunbathing, laying by the pool and boat rides- though quad bikes have been scheduled in there at some point! I’m also keeping a summer style diary to keep the blog up-to-date”.

What summer trends are you loving right now?

“Everything pink! Loving pastels, co-ords, tropical prints and a bit of neon”


Any summer survival tips you can share with us?

“No-one likes spending their holiday burning and having to dodge the sun. For the past few years I have had a few sessions on a sunbed before going away, which has really helped prepare my skin and get use to some exposure before hitting the sun!”

What’s your favourite drink in the summer?
“My favourite cocktail is an elderflower and cucumber Martini, though I enjoy a cold pint in the sunshine and I love a glass of champagne”.


Our Brand New Shopcade Store Is Now Open!


Shopcade Store Now Open

BREAKING NEWS: The Shopcade Store is now open! Ta da!

Here at Shopcade, we’re all about new trends, latest styles and being ridiculously good looking (if you hadn’t already got that about us!) and we totes heart upcoming fashion designers that we think you’ll love too! This is why we’ve decided to launch our very own Shopcade Store to bring you the hottest styles and trends from new designers all in one place. We really do love to spoil you 😉

You’ll be able to shop directly on the Shopcade Store when you click the ‘shop’ button with an option to pay securely via PayPal or with a credit/debit card.

We’ll be updating the store constantly so you’ll always have the freshest items around. From accessories to apparel, we’re sure you’ll find something you heart.

We’re always looking for new designers or products to feature, so if you know of any that you’d love to see on the Shopcade Store, then feel free to email us at and we’ll get right back to you.

The Shopcade Store is shipping to the UK only for now, but you’ll be pleased to know we’ll soon be looking to launch in various other countries so stay tuned!

You can find more information on our FAQ page here.

Happy shopping!

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans



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Ladies, we all know how important denim is in our wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of jeans to throw on for a lazy day at home or a great pair of skinnies that we can wear on a night out, without denim we know we’re in trouble.

You’ll probably know that men aren’t the best at choosing jeans, but we’re just as liable to committing a fashion faux-pas as our better halves. You don’t need to worry, however, as we’ve put together this great guide that will help you choose the perfect pair of jeans. You’re Welcome :-)

Shop the High Street

Seriously, girls, if you’ve fallen for the “designer denims give a better fit” line, then you need to put that to the back of your mind right now! You can get great denim at a fraction of the price on the high street, without sacrificing anything when it comes to style.

Hit the shops now- we’re loving ASOS and Cheap Monday’s offering right now- and try on all your favourite looking denims in all the stores you normally shop in. If you can’t find anything you like (but we’re sure you will!) then you can start thinking about designer.


How to Choose Sequin Tops

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When most people think of sequins they probably have visions of boring art lessons at primary school, or maybe even of Christmas decorations.  However, sequins have become a big part of fashion in recent years and are regularly used as an embellishment for various wardrobe staples, adding a touch of glitz and drawing attention to your look.  They’ve also become a favourite for those of us who love buying clothes and then customising them in a Gok Wan inspired manner.

While sequins can be found on handbags, jeans, shoes, and even on socks and lingerie, it is sequin tops that are most popular.

The easiest way to choose a sequin top is to base it on your body type and shape so that sequins flatter your figure and make you look and feel amazing.


What to Wear for a Shopping Trip

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Shopping day! Two words that are enough to make you leap out of bed quicker than you ever would on a work day and send a shiver down your boyfriend’s spine at the same time.

Before the hours of blissfully trekking from one store to the next and indecisively trying to put your new wardrobe together, you need to find something in your existing collection to ensure you look and feel amazing all throughout the day. So, what exactly should you wear for a shopping trip?


How to Get the Glam Look



Photo Credit: Marta Pozzan | Itssuperfashion

While the glam look is typically associated with how cosmetics can transform your appearance, what’s the point in having a glam inspired face if you don’t have the clothes to match?! Use a selection of cosmetics produced with glam in mind to take care of these needs, and then let the real fun begin when you start thinking about your wardrobe and about how you can get the glam look, with Shopcade’s help of course!

Getting the Glam Look Right

There’s a difference between an iconic glam look and appearing to be a tribute to a rocker from the 70s or 80s.  We don’t need to tell you which one you’re looking to achieve. You want to look glamorous, not crazy!

Although the foundation of the glam look is all about distinct, borderline over the top styles, you can also understate certain pieces to help you really make a statement with others.


How To Choose The Best Blouses



Photo Credit: Marta Pozzan | Itssuperfashion

Whether you’re going to work or looking for something casual to mix and match with denim, we all love wearing great blouses when we’re able to get out hands on them.  We also know that getting a blouse isn’t as simple as just picking up what’s on the “New In” section in stores or online, although shopping that way is often the easiest thing to do when we’re short on time!

The two main considerations to make when choosing a blouse is your body type, as well as what you’ll be wearing with it.

Matching Your Blouses

So it’s easy for you to shop we’ll keep this down to a simple choice between a casual or a formal style.  Matching is easy when you take this approach; plain blouses for formal occasions or for matching with tailoring to wear to the office, while patterned blouses come under consideration if you’re wearing one with shorts, jeans, or a summer skirt.

Body Shape Considerations

Don’t fall into the misguided belief that you’ll only be able to wear plain or patterned blouses if you have a certain body shape; this isn’t true at all.  However, when choosing patterned blouses go for those that flatter your body shape as much as possible.  Remember that patterns draw attention to you even more than usual, so you’ll need to choose carefully. Your body type and shape is more important when thinking about the type of blouse you’re going to wear.

High Neck Blouses

Girls with a long neck (we’re talking swan-like grace here!) or those who want to draw more emphasis to the shoulders and chest areas are best served with a high neck blouse; this works to shorten the neck and adds volume to the upper body.  Find a blouse with a bow or some other detail around the neck area to further draw attention to the areas you want.

Open Neck Blouses

The opposite applies to girls with shorter necks; you want something more open and relaxing around this area – accessorising with a necklace (tell your man you love Tiffany & Co!) is also a great way to enhance this area and make you look amazing.  This doesn’t mean you should go for aggressively slashed, cleavage showing blouses, especially if you’re shopping for work!

Frills for Thrills?

Blouses with frills are a massive no-go area for a formal outfitting, but are they ever acceptable at work? We reckon there are some exceptions, after all volume on the upper half can look great paired with a chic pencil skirt.  If you want to soften this effect however and wear frills with confidence, find blouses that use subtle frills around the shoulders and cuff areas rather than those that have them all over.


Our #GiftThis Countdown to Xmas. Make A List to Win!



For the past few weeks we’ve been pitting our #GiftThis lists against each other to help shoppers pick the perfect presents for their hardest to buy for giftees – boyfriends, BFFs, and Secret Santa’s alike. With those under our belt (and tree) we’ve decide to pass the torch onto our community.

Now it’s your turn to make the lists. Show us the gifts you’ll be giving this year and you can win one of three A-MAAAA-ZING prizes.

All you have to do to win is 1) create a holiday gift list. Include anything from gifts for granny to the designer bag you’re lusting after. Once it’s filled with all your fave products, 2) tweet your list to @Shopcade using the hashtags – #GiftThis and #shopcade. Don’t have a Twitter account? Enter via email by sending your list to with the subject line “Holiday 2013 Mission”. Once it’s up, feel free to promote, retweet, and 3) keep your fingers crossed until December 18th, the day we will be calling a winner.

The three best lists have a chance to win a $115 voucher to Boticca (3rd prize), $150 voucher to Perfumania (2nd prize), or a grand prize worth $300.

HURRY UP and enter! It’s the countdown to Xmas. After all, there are only 17, 16, 15…days left.

DJ Harley Viera-Newton Talks Jay Z, Holiday Traditions, and Fashion Faux Pas with Shopcade


harley viera-newton

Modeling for Uniqlo and DKNY? Check. Being Dior Beauty’s event DJ and brand ambassador? Check. Playing for the likes of House of Holland, Topshop, and MaxMara? Check again! When it comes to music and style, Harley Viera-Newton is definitely one of our biggest inspirations, so we are more than excited to have her play for Shopcade’s holiday shopping event in NYC on December 12!

We managed to chat with her about Christmas gifts, her collaboration with Jay Z and his music label, and her hottest spots in London and New York!

With Christmas getting really close, we really have to start this interview with questions about presents! What has been the best present you have received?

My boyfriend designed a necklace for me with my best friend and I haven’t taken it off since. I love four-leaf clovers, and they made a little silver clover with H’s on each leaf. It’s amazing.

What would be your dream holiday destination? Would you prefer Santa’s village or someplace warm and sunny?

I’m a sucker for a beach.

Which film puts you in the spirit of Christmas?

Love Actually.

What are your favorite tunes for the festive season?

Mariah Carey, Wham, The Waitresses.

What is the one thing that you can’t have enough of during Christmas?

Mum’s cooking! Chocolate! Presents! Can Christmas be all year, please?


What’s Your Spending Style – Splurge vs. Steal?



#7 What’s Your Spending Style?

Splurge vs. Steal

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day on the planet. By biggest, we mean busiest slash most annoying. Beat the crowds (aka shop in your undies after that Turkey Day hangover) with these online steals and deals on both your big ticket and budget buys. Is Santa bringing big screens or socks this year?

The results are in and the winner is…Steal!

Thank you to everyone who followed the list and congrats to

Kaytee Glenn 

winner of the $75 Genetic Denim gift card

We’re super excited to see what Kaytee buys with her gift card. In the meantime check out her Shopcade for some money-saving gift guide inspo! Make sure to stay tuned for a chance to win another amazing prize with our next #GiftThis theme coming atcha every Tuesday and Friday!

Up next…Heart of Gold vs. Silver Lining?

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, let us give you a helping hand on the third round of lists going under the spotlight…