How to get the perfect smokey eye look

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Now we’ve mastered the 60s siren look, it’s time for another brilliant beauty tutorial from our star curator, Polina Berdos. In this video she shows us how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. Over to you Polina…

“The smokey eye is both sexy and classic, a perfect way for describing iconic looks with this makeup technique.

Whether your eyes are light or dark, you’re going to a formal dinner or out with your friends, or you just feel like jazzing up your everyday routine, the smokey eye is the perfect compliment to any look desired.

It looks effortless once done, so here is my smokey eye tutorial for you to master the look yourself!


Post a selfie on Shopcade mobile to win a treat in our #StyleBattle giveaway!


Style Battle - Shopcade Mobile
By now you’ve probably heard all about our BRAND NEW LOOK FEATURE on Shopcade mobile…and if you haven’t, just where the heck have you been?!

It’s only the most awesome new feature, since like, ever! Our new update allows you to snap a selfie and upload your look on the fly, so you can share your amazing style with fellow Shopcaders!

We love your style, and we think you should show it off! Inspire others and keep an archive of your gorgeous outfits in one place. Tell us which brands you’re wearing and heart other people’s looks too! You can share your looks on your social media channels and soon you’ll even be able to comment on looks and tag people or brands.

To celebrate this most momentous of occasions (can you tell how much we’re loving this right now?!) we’ve decided to run a #StyleBattle competition to give all of you lovely, stylish peeps a chance to win a treat! We spoil you, we really do!

To enter:

All you have to do is snap a selfie of your look, hastag #StyleBattle and post it onto Shopcade using our mobile app. The person with the best look wins a £50 / $70 ASOS gift card! It’s as simple as that. Let the battle commence…

To see how to snap a selfie, click here.

Go on, what are you waiting for?! Get snappy happy now!

Please note: this is a mobile competition, in order to enter you must download our mobile app.

Competition ends Thurs 27th Feb 2014. Winners will be notified via email. See our T&Cs here.

LFW Day 1: Catwalk Round Up



Well, it’s finally happened. LFW has kicked off in haze of rainstorms, broken stilettos and multiple layers of fluffy jumpers complete with a totes trend-ez bobble hat, which still did not keep me warm. There’s no getting around it… IT WAS COLD!

Still, I was undeterred in my freezing state and plodded on with the greatest show on earth which is LFW. Forget NY and Milan and Paris to come, London is where it is AT this season and if you didn’t believe that before, you sure should now.

Just look at how cool Day 1 was! Mark Fast (check out our live review here) PPQ, Nasir Mazhar & Eudon Choi … I could go on, but you get the picture. HUGE day 1 to kick things off in style.

Here’s our round up of the best, complete with a list to shop the latest styles straight from the catwalk on the high street. Damn we’re good. 😉


How to Dress for a Hot Date this Valentine’s Day



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Whether it’s a first date with a hottie or date night with your long-term partner, if you’re planning a hot date this Valentine’s Day then you’re going to want to look amazing.

Still, we all know it’s easier said than done, but you have nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered with this great guide to sexy hot date outfits, whatever stage you find yourself at in your relationship!

Work it like Kelly

If you’re a curvy girl there are many ways you can work a hot date look. The only rule is that you need fitted clothes that are sleek but not clingy. If you need celeb inspiration then look at someone like Kelly Brook. Gorgeous and with a figure women would kill for, when does she ever look less than amazing?

You can opt for a night dress or if you want a dressed down look there’s nothing wrong with pairing up jeans and a patterned shirt for date night, especially if you’re headed to the cinema or somewhere similar.

LBD Love

If you’re slimline and even have something of a boyish figure, the best way to do that is put on something as feminine as possible. For us, that means a little black dress simply has to be the only way to go.

Opt for something that is LBD inspired but rocks a pattern if you want something that looks a little less formal and is more relaxed.

Perfect Pear

Granted, most of you probably wouldn’t put the words pear shaped and perfection in the same sentence, but we love a good pear! A dress is a definite must; go for something that falls straight down by your side and isn’t going to let you down by being unflattering in any way.

Draw attention to your upper half by pairing it up with a little black leather jacket or a cardigan depending on what you prefer, add shoes and a bag and you’re all set to impress your man!

Getting your style right for your Val Day date doesn’t have to be hard. Forget the stress and think about the simple tips we’ve given you to look and feel gorgeous!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Valentine's Day Giveaway

Yup. It’s that time of year again when all the soppy love hearts, chocs and flowers are everywhere you turn and ready to be given to your unsuspecting crush on Valentine’s Day. Well, we’re making it easy for you with our V Day giveaway!

For a chance to win a gift for your man, we’re asking you what your Valentine is like. Is he more city sleek or computer geek? Is he more see-the-world traveller or stay-at-home snoozer? Is he more healthy food eater or fast food lover?

So many questions, so little time! Just ‘want’ the product that describes him best and you could win that item for V Day! Simple as.

Stay tuned every day for a new question and just choose the product which best represents your man.

Competition ends midnight on Friday 7th February 2014. Winners will be contacted via email.

Today’s question:

Is he more simply minimal or crazy colourful? ‘Want’ your answer below to get an entry! Comment on the product on Shopcade and tells us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry! 😉


Other questions for entries:

Is he more techie or bookworm? ‘Want’ your answer below to get an entry! Comment on the product on Shopcade and tells us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry! 😉


Is he more party animal or happy-at-home? ‘Want’ your answer below to get an entry! Comment on the product on Shopcade and tells us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry! 😉


Is he more city sleek or urban gentleman? ‘Want’ your answer below to get an entry! Comment on the product on Shopcade and tells us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry! 😉


Is he more rocky rebel or geek chic? ‘Want’ your answer below to get an entry! Comment on the product on Shopcade and tells us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry! 😉


Is he more couch potato or gym junkie? ‘Want’ your answer below! Comment on the product and tell us why you’ve chosen it for an extra entry 😉


For all you men out there, fear not! We’ve got YOUR V Day dilemma sorted too. Just ‘want’ three products from this list that you think your Valentine would love and you could win one. What are you waiting for?! Get ‘wanting’!

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans



Photo Credit: NastyGal

Ladies, we all know how important denim is in our wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of jeans to throw on for a lazy day at home or a great pair of skinnies that we can wear on a night out, without denim we know we’re in trouble.

You’ll probably know that men aren’t the best at choosing jeans, but we’re just as liable to committing a fashion faux-pas as our better halves. You don’t need to worry, however, as we’ve put together this great guide that will help you choose the perfect pair of jeans. You’re Welcome :-)

Shop the High Street

Seriously, girls, if you’ve fallen for the “designer denims give a better fit” line, then you need to put that to the back of your mind right now! You can get great denim at a fraction of the price on the high street, without sacrificing anything when it comes to style.

Hit the shops now- we’re loving ASOS and Cheap Monday’s offering right now- and try on all your favourite looking denims in all the stores you normally shop in. If you can’t find anything you like (but we’re sure you will!) then you can start thinking about designer.


How to Dress Like Selena Gomez



Photo Credit: avril_kesha via Instagram

Ok, we admit it. We have a massive style crush on Selena Gomez right now. Whilst other celebs have come and gone, Selena’s always managed to stay one step ahead of the fashion crowd with a on trend look that’s totally her own.

While Justin Bieber fans might not like her, the more rational girls around the world love her unmistakable sense of style.  Youthful, elegant, and always gorgeous, the Selena Gomez look is one that girls everywhere can rock.

Red Carpet Inspirations

The big problem (or opportunity) with celeb styling is that they are always seen in something different, so we’ll start on the red carpet for Selena.

High waist midi skirts are commonly seen on Selena at big events, and there are several different types available for you to rock the look you love irrespective of your budget.  Make like Selena and team a midi with a bralet, for a glam yet casual style, finishing the look with high heels so you can strut your stuff figuratively and literally, whatever the occasion.  Selena prefers black, but pick the colour that best suits you and match it with a small clutch bag. If you’d prefer the single dress look then glam it up with dresses perfect for the red carpet.


Be selfish! Here’s how to get what YOU want for Valentine’s Day…

Time to get sneaky this Valentine’s Day! Photo Credit:  Bridget Jones’ Diary | Working Title

We’ve all been there. A battered box of chocolates bought as an afterthought, flowers bought from the local garage when they filled up the car, or (and this is by far the worst) a pair of knickers that wouldn’t look out of place on a porno.

The fact is boys, as much as we love them (most of the time) are pretty clueless when it comes to gift buying. I think you can pinpoint when an imminent gift date is approaching; they break out into a cold sweat, become twitchy and start avoiding you. For some of us, this is lovely (peace and quiet) for others, it’s a worry (just what the hell are they going to buy you).

I’ve actually been given a Hollyoaks female calendar in the past by an ex (well obviously he’s an ex, after this present) which left me speechless and him grinning in a way that meant he was either a) crazy or b) genuinely thought it was a good present. Hideous.

So, and I say this with every woman in the world in mind, enough is enough! It’s time to spell it out in simple terms (and there’s actually a pointer for this below) and make sure you get EXACTLY what you want this year. Let’s start with Valentine’s Day and work up to your birthday and Christmas…


How to Get the Glam Look



Photo Credit: Marta Pozzan | Itssuperfashion

While the glam look is typically associated with how cosmetics can transform your appearance, what’s the point in having a glam inspired face if you don’t have the clothes to match?! Use a selection of cosmetics produced with glam in mind to take care of these needs, and then let the real fun begin when you start thinking about your wardrobe and about how you can get the glam look, with Shopcade’s help of course!

Getting the Glam Look Right

There’s a difference between an iconic glam look and appearing to be a tribute to a rocker from the 70s or 80s.  We don’t need to tell you which one you’re looking to achieve. You want to look glamorous, not crazy!

Although the foundation of the glam look is all about distinct, borderline over the top styles, you can also understate certain pieces to help you really make a statement with others.


Ones to Watch: Lottie Moss



Photo Credit: Andrea Carter-Bowman | dangerbrave via Instagram

Kate Moss had better watch her back because none other than her little sister, Lottie Moss is after her fashion crown after landing a contact with Storm Model Management.

Coincidentally it’s the same one that manages Kate, so talk about keeping it in the family!

What’s all the fuss about we hear you say? Well, apart from the fact that she’s Kate’s half-sister, Lottie is a mini stunner in her own right and is sure to see the bookings flooding in.