Interview with fashion blogger Anita Anti: Pop goes the world



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What’s not to like about Anita Anti? A fashion photographer and blogger from Ukraine, Anita  managed to combine quirky, pop-inspired looks with the gothic charm of Tim Burton! We chatted with her about photography, crazy fans, and – you guessed it – fashion!

Hi Anita! You can definitely consider us your fans, we love your photos! What is the concept behind your blog? And how did you get started?

Hello! I just want to share my art, my pictures, and things that I like.

Photography seems to be an important part of your life. How do you come up with the concepts for your shoots? 

I’m a professional photographer and photo artist. It’s all about my imagination and my desire to create something beautiful. And it’s important that all the elements of the idea are interrelated.

What kind of photography tips would you like to give to all the fashion bloggers who are out there?

Get a fine camera and learn how to use it.

Aliens invade the planet and you need to convince them to spare your blog. What do you say to them?

I’d ask them to keep it as a place where you can see a small piece of art.