Three Quirky Cool Fashion Accessories Designers To Know



Clothes might be having a neutral moment, with all the nude, black, and all-white-everything…but when it comes to fashion accessories, we’re totally in quirky mode with pineapples, ethnic embellishments, and a (whole lotta) love slogans that are giving this season’s basic outfits a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.

Ahead, we’ve listed our jewelry picks from three accessory designers – Boticca, Jules Smith, and  Adornia Jewelry – that are currently making our midi-ringed hands shake with excitement, from tassel earrings that are far from classic to some punk rock spiked bracelets that will add a little edge to your arm party. Best part – all of them are on SALE!

Save up to 20% off* at check out. Because, I mean, you can never really have enoughhh bracelets.

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How To Earn Points On Shopcade


Points are your currency on Shopcade. You can earn points on Shopcade through the various activities you do on site and can then spend them on Rewards and Missions to win awesome prizes!

Shopcade Points

The amount of points you earn is dependent on what you and others around you do on Shopcade. Points are super easy to earn – you can even earn points just by logging in every day!

When you follow other Shopcaders, get followed, add products or others add your products then you also get rewarded. You can also win points through missions such as our Lucky Spin which we tend to run once a month!

Even better: if you invite a friend to Shopcade and they accept your invitation by clicking on your link that you send them then you will earn a whopping 500 points!


And if inviting your friends to Shopcade is all you want to do, then you will be in for some better rewards to redeem through our new Member get Member program and might even bag yourself an iPad Mini 16GB in the process!

Here is a bit of a spotlight on our Top Lucky Spin Points winners!

Shopcade Points Winner  Shopcade Points WinnerShopcade Points Winner





Shopcade Points Winner


Shopcade Points WinnerSo, how much points do you get per activity?

  • Login every day – + 50pts
  • Follow a person: + 10pts
  • Add a product to your Shopcade: + 3ptsShopcade Points Winner
  • A fellow Shopcader adds a product you added: + 10pts
  • A Shopcader follows you: + 20pts
  • A friend you invite joins Shopcade: + 500pts
  • Play Lucky Spin: earn between 10pts and 1,000pts like the lucky winners here!


Remember there is a limit to the number of points you can earn in a day and in a month. Check out our ‘How to earn points‘ section to get an exact overview on our points limitation. You can see all your current point earnings in your Shopcade notifications.

And if you got your eyes on a prize and think you don’t have enough points, don’t worry, you can always buy some more in our ‘Buy Shopcade Points’ section!

The more active you are on Shopcade, the more points you earn so keep on Shopcading! :)


Why shop on Shopcade?


With over 100 million products and more than 130,000 brands, Shopcade is the best place to find that special something you’re looking for – whether it’s a gift for a friend or an impulse buy we have every product you could ever imagine! There are SO many things you could use Shopcade for, but we’ve managed to sum up the top five reasons on why it’s the perfect place to shop:

Shopcade list1. Surf the Trends

We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends and must-haves on Shopcade and make it our mission to ensure you know all about where to find them. We carefully hand-select the best items on trend and place them in our very own lists which are shown on the trending feed. Watch out for those!

The Trending Feed also has the latest products that are most ‘Wanted’ by Shopcaders, so you can see what is popular with others too! This feed is refreshed every 24 hours to keep you in the know 😉


2. Find The Best Deals

Shopcade dealThree words: bag a bargain. Shopcade has a huge range of deals from exclusive ones to discount codes and sale items. We’re working constantly to source as many as possible. You’ve got to act quick though, they’re in demand! Watch out for the red icon deal-icon and you can be sure there’s an offer you don’t want to miss out on!

Unlock exclusive deals by sharing the product with at least 3 friends. You can even unlock cashback to get even more of a discount on your purchases! And if you want all the deals in one place, check out our Deals page where you can browse all your favourite categories.

-> Know of a good deal we’ve missed out on? Get in touch!



3. Discover New Brands

The best thing about Shopcade is that we not only have the bigger brands like ASOS, Dorothy Perkins and The Body Shop, we also have smaller, less-known retailers who have quirky products and a range of different items you might like. Find something unique on Shopcade and use it with pride.

-> Know of a quirky brand in your area that sells online? Let us know! We would love to get them on Shopcade for you if we can!


trendsetters-full4. Be Part Of A Community

Here at Shopcade, we’re all about our community and would love you to get involved, give your feedback and have the best user experience possible. That’s why we have our Shopcade community forum, where you can discuss ideas with your fellow Shopcaders and get any questions answered by a member of the Shopcade team.

We also think it’s important to look after your own community so we give you the ability to build lists which you can use as great gift ideas or simply inspiration for yourself. Your friend’s birthday is coming up? Make a “My Best Friend’s Wishlist” list on Shopcade and add all of your fantastic gift ideas to it so that you can finally go back and choose the perfect present! Also share your views on products via comments, adding videos and images too!


Shopcade Rewards5. Redeem Rewards And Win Prizes

We just love to treat you, so every now and then we have Missions where you can win prizes on Shopcade. Play the Missions to gain entry into sweepstakes or giveaways and you could also automatically win products through our Lucky Spin Missions, the opportunities are endless!

That’s not all, we also have weekly Rewards that you can redeem with your Shopcade Points. Keep an eye out for these on our Rewards page to make sure you get first dibs 😉


Don’t be the one to miss out and share the love! Invite your friends to Shopcade!