The Quirky Trends of 2013


Quirky Trends of 2013

Yes. 2014 is well and truly underway. As we say goodbye to all that is so last year, we take a look back at some of the popular, and er, slightly weird, trends of 2013 that we were all (and probably still are!) loving.

5. Cat Lady

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 5. Cat Lady

Yep, the cat’s outta the bag. We all know watching cat videos is one of the best things ever. That was until we discovered CAT CLOTHING! We turned into crazy cat ladies last year, wearing feline finds to make our outfits look extra purrfect. (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves!)

From dressed up moggies to chic feline prints, we just couldn’t get enough of it.


4. Halloweird

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 4. HalloweirdAs usual, we discovered some pretty quirky Halloween costume ideas. There was just too much to choose from, from animal onesies to galaxy leggings and bubble wrap suits – we were jumping at the chance to accept that costume party invite.

Of course, our fave celeb inspo last year comes from the one and only Queen of Twerk, Miley Cyrus. Where do we even start…?!


3. Back To The Future

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 3. Back To The FutureMetallics, creepers, studs, spikes and holographic pieces. We felt out of this world wearing one of our futuristic outfits. And it sure did make those heads turn.

One of our all-time wardrobe must-haves is a metallic clutch bag (gold, or silver) which is sure to match any evening outfit.


2. Talk To The Sweat

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 2. Talk To The SweatWho needs to talk the talk when your sweatshirt says it all, eh?! Slogan sweats were all the rage last year with you trendy fashionistas making a statement wherever you went.

These weirdly wonderful pieces can be worked in so many ways, we were just spoilt for choice! From pairing with some joggers and strappy sandals for a sports luxe outfit or adding to a plaid skirt and creepers for schoolgirl chic, we loved rocking this look.


1. Rainbow Hair

Quirky Trends of 2013 - 1. Rainbow HairYep, you guessed it. Hair chalk has made it to numero uno in our top 5 quirky trends of 2013. A style we’re STILL trying to pull off, come rain or shine, this year!

Go for pastels this Spring/Summer to keep bang on trend and try curling your hair beforehand for a long-lasting effect.


And now we just can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful micro-trends 2014 has to offer…

Brand Spotlight: Camila Prada


Gorgeous and quirky tableware brand, Camila Prada, spills all on products, inspiration and future plans. And what’s better? They now have an exclusive deal running on Shopcade: £5 off £30 spend (valid until 4th August only).

Camila Prada Spirit Guides

How did you start your business?
My cute characters are all based on a project I did while at University. It’s gone through a few iterations since. I think business usually happens along a pretty non-linear path. Business evolves and it can feel like you are always starting!

Where does your inspiration come from?
I just love round cute shapes. This is style I’ve always drawn or sculpted since I was a kid. When it comes to the graphics, I had to teach myself Illustrator so I could only do very basic shapes – it turned out that was a good thing! The character elements came out looking very simple and streamlined, people said they look like Moomins or Japanese inspired. That happened totally by accident. I’ve come to recognise that my products totally fit in to the Kawaii world. So now I keep that style, it’s now part of the brand.

What product is your bestseller?
Definitely the storage jars. I think because they are so multifunctional, you can use them anywhere in the house – and also because of the retro aspect. Retro is hugely on trend right now. Actually, I think it’s too huge…

What did you do before you started the business?
I was a freelance designer; I’ve never had a “real” job. I’ve always done some sort of creative work that was often temporary. My business is the biggest work commitment I have ever made.

Were you always this creative?
I think everybody is creative, it’s just that people grow up and forget to play.

What is your style/fashion icon?
I don’t really have one of those, except for Anna Dello Russo, but only because I sense there is a shy person underneath the entire extravaganza. I ended up in her apartment in Milan about 2 years ago, for a project that never took off. She was so interesting to meet.

Plans for the future?
I’d love to create larger, more sculptural works. I love design but I am starting to realise I’m more of artist at heart. Both things are quite similar anyway. There is much crossover with all of these creative disciplines.


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