#GetPacking: Wandering Style – What to Wear on Your European Adventure!



Over the next three months we will be plotting our summer getaways and we hope you’ll join us! Every week we’ll be packing our bags and traveling to a new destination with Contiki, the worldwide leader in travel tours for 18-35 year olds. Each destination means a whole new wardrobe fit for the locale. On our journey you’ll be able to get tips from top fashion bloggers on beauty and style and sneak a peek at their travel essentials. This week we’re preparing for our European adventure with globetrotting fashion blogger, Francesca Garcia-Miro of Drifting Nomad. Find out what’s in her Shopcade and get her tips on what to wear in her three fave European cities.

I’ve been living in Europe for the past 11 years and have been able to travel, get lost, learn and absorb various and diverse cultures. If I had to pick three of my favorite destinations -with the risk of sounding cliche and cheesy – (and probably because I still have a lot to explore, get to know and learn) they would most definitely be Paris, London and a tie between Barcelona and Amsterdam.

is simply magical and really, who doesn’t love a city where you can find Nutella crepes in every corner? I did a few posts with some of my favorite corners of Paris last time I went for Valentines day. You can find them here & here. My ideal outfit in Paris would be a long peplum pastel skirt and a striped t-shirt with silver or gold oxfords and a nice hat. A cute yellow dress with some knee socks and a fun coat if it gets chilly could work as well. Of course, a camera always in hand. If I travel during winter a nice fur coat with some skinny leather jeans are a great option.



London_Big_Ben_Phone_boxLONDON is grey, gloomy and it rains too much but I dare to say the variety of cultures and amazing people you find around the city is very similar if not greater than what you find in New York (and I’m a die heard NYC defender.) Fashion, style and personality abounds the city, it’s impossible to not get inspired. You can constantly feel inside a Mary Poppins scene though some neighborhoods can get extremely sketchy. During winter I feel like camel coats can be the perfect fit or an all white outfit with a cute pastel color oversized coat seems like something I would wear as well. London during summer simply calls for a crop tied vintage blouse, some high waist old mom jeans, a bandana wrapped around your head with some cute JuJu sandals or Supergas as well.


amsterdam.html_IMAGE1AMSTERDAM is amazing. A city surrounded by beautiful canals & people in bicycles. On the food note, their Olie Bollens in winter are to die for. As a matter of fact, take a look at some of my first posts where coincidentally they were of one of my trips to Amsterdam. Of course, you will see these balls that I am talking about in the first picture. If you haven’t noticed by now that I am a sucker for all things dough, IE: Funnel cakes, pancakes, doughnuts, cookie dough, etc., take a trip with me to Amsterdam and watch me eat 15 of those dough balls a day. Oh and cheese, I’ve seen cheese be made here and tried ALL sorts of them. What else can anyone ask for? (Oh yeah, HEINEKEN beer) The perfect outfit for a trip to Amsterdam would be some ripped jeans, a fluffy coat, a pair of Supergas a coal beanie and a backpack for when riding your bike.


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The Five B’s: Which Winter Hat Are You?!

hats 5
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‘Snow is fallin’ all around me!’ Oh no wait it hasn’t started to snow yet… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to dig out the winter woollies and purchase that all important new winter hat!

The question is…. Which winter hat are you? What? You didn’t realise that your style was completely defined by the kind of hat that you wore?! Well, that simply won’t do. Let us school you on the five B’s of the hat world…

Bobble Hat: Geeky cool at its very best. Once reserved for the nerds of this world who were more worried about keeping warm than being fashionable, the humble bobble hat has made a return to the spotlight. You will either be the person that has worn one for years and doesn’t give a damn, or a newbie cashing in on the hot look this season. MIC’s Millie Mackintosh & Kelly Brook are the celeb messiahs of this trend, so look to them for some style inspo if you’re struggling to find your bobble this season.

Bowler: You’re too cool for school; a fashionista who always looks good and the bowler hat you just happen to have lying around completes any look effortlessly. You are always up on the latest trends, like to make an effort for any occasion and love nothing more than checking out the catwalk and interpreting it for the high street.

Beanie: Laid back and relaxed is your style, as evident by the slouchy beanie you just happened to don this chilly morn to a) keep your head warm and b) cover up your bed hair. You’re in good company here as Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are BIG fans too.

Beret: Bonjour! What do you mean you’re not French?! Oh, so it turns out anyone can wear a beret nowadays and isn’t just reserved for the chic style queens of Paris. Hurray for you, you little fashionista you. Championed by the likes of Clueless’ Cher (the epitome of cool) Rachel Bilson and Lea Michele, the beret is a firm favourite this season to top off your sleek pencil skirt and fluffy jumper. Et voila!

Baseball: Well hello there you street style cutie you! Baseball caps are no longer relegated to hiding messy hair, going to the gym, hiding from the paparazzi etc. These days the size (don’t get any ideas you naughty readers!), style and brand are all that matter with celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce and Cara- yep her again- all being big fans. It’s fair to surmise you’re at home in your baseball cap, jeans and sweats, but like to think a cool bomber and heels will smarten up your style if required.