London Fashion Week SS15 Style Essentials!


London Fashion Week SS15 is nearly upon us, so as the curtain falls on New York Fashion Week, the stylish among you need to be prepared for the mad dashes between shows, the constant achy feet and looking good on two hours sleep!

Luckily, we’re here to help! You will have seen our NYFW essentials list last week, and now it’s time to shift the focus to the fashion capital.

Here’s our LFW style essentials to make sure you stay fashionable and fabulous this season!

1. Statement iphone case: It used to be your bag which got people talking, but now technology has well and truly taken over. Let your phone do the talking this season with a slogan case to stand out from the crowd.

2. Colourful Trainers: Last season was all about the flat shoe, with just a hint of trainer, and this season it has fully taken over. You’re not anyone unless your sporting Nike Roshe’s or Adidas Originals @ LFW this year. Take note.

3. A Blanket Cape: The weather can be changeable, so the last thing you want is an oversized coat- however fashionable- making you look like a sweaty mess. Opt for the autumn cover up choice this season, a blanket, as seen on celebs and models alike.

4. A Watch: Sounds glaringly obvious, but a watch isn’t just a fashion accessory, it actually tells you the time as well! When your phone inevitably dies, this little beauty will make sure you don’t arrive anything more than fashionably late.

5. Wet wipes & antibacterial gel: Do you have any idea how dirty London is?! Exactly, these two items will be your savior each and every day as you hop between shows.


LFW Style Essentials

The LFW Countdown has begun! Photo Credit:

Our fab fashionistas over @Shopcade US did a post last week about the six items which would get you noticed at NYFW, and it got us thinking about our very own, very imminent London Fashion Week.

Well more specifically, what essentials would be needed to survive LFW in an uber stylish way, so check it… here’s our six items that no girl should be without this fashion week…

1. The Shopcade app: This is a no-brainer. Where else are you going to get the low down on the latest blogger looks, celeb styles and runway action? Exactly.

2. A pair of stylish flats: Hey, we’d even go as far as to say trainers or converse (yes really) are acceptable this season. Heels may well elongate your legs and make everything appear 10 times better than they actually are, but crippling pain and an inability to walk at 5pm does in no way make up for this.

3. Your phone charger: Nothing is more annoying than your phone dying when you are in the middle of taking a photo/tapping out a text/writing the world’s greatest blog or simply on the phone to you mum, to say LFW is ace. Sort it out and plan ahead!

4. Stylish literature: Whoever you are trying to impress, make sure you have the right literature handy and just at the right angle to be snapped by the paps. You.Are.So.Cool.

5. Lip balm: Chapped lips, no thank you.

6. Statement bag: Too big and you look ridiculous, too small and you fit nothing in. Dilemma! Our pick is an oversized clutch, which fits all the essentials (see above) in nicely and still gives the illusion you are packing lightly as all fashionistas do.