#10DaysofShopcade Kicks off!



The #10DaysofShopcade is on!

It’s Monday and we know it’s crappy, but we have a new Designer Store promo which is going to brighten up your day… guaranteed! Welcome to the start of our #10DaysofShopcade campaign, which gives you access to exclusive products sold on our store for, wait for it, 20% off the normal price.

What’s the catch, we hear you cry? Well, kicking off today until the end of the month, every day we’re giving you, our lovely Shocpaders the chance to get 20% off a selected product, as part of our Festival Must-Haves from the Designer Store.

Some of the brands featured include Olive And Frank, LOTA, High Spirit BagsSour Cherry and many more of our faves.

The best part? You’re in control! Each day we’ll feature some of the most wanted products on either our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and all you have to do is Like, Double Tap or Retweet to unlock a unique code to that product. Each code is locked until we get 20 likes, 20 double taps or 20 retweets (depending on the social platform for that day) and we will update the product every day too!

FYI, the codes last only ten days, so hurry and order – these products are only available whilst stock last! The codes are unique to each product and if we don’t reach our quota each day, then the code will stay LOCKED. So what you waiting for? Get on it and start getting savvy with your social, so the treat can be enjoyed by all!

Top Tip: You can keep up to date with everything by searching #10DaysofShopcade on Twitter. Enjoy!

The Designer Store Meets: Olive And Frank



Photo Credit: Olive and Frank

We have another Designer Store exclusive for you this week Shopcaders and it’s a quick fire Q&A with the fabulous Olive and Frank. Want to know about how the brand started, or the best pieces from the collection? Then read on! 

What made you start Olive and Frank?

It all started way back when I was about 15 and would buy vintage pieces in charity shops to sell on ebay. A few years later I launched a website selling jewellery, then expanded that to sell clothes, which eventually evolved into Olive and Frank and designing my own pieces.

What made you interested in starting a career in design and fashion?

I have always been really interested in style and how people put clothes together to express themselves through what they wear. Originally I was interested in styling, so working in design is something that has evolved for me over time and I think this allows me to work instinctively and create what I love.

What is your fave piece from your collection available on Shopcade Store?
The Hey Girl sweatshirt, it’s super comfy and looks great worn casually or dressed up with a lace pencil skirt and heels.

How would you sum up the Olive and Frank customer?

Olive and Frank is for girls who like to dress for themselves, mix it up and have fun with what they wear.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from all over… street style, my own wardrobe, old photographs and tumblr is like a giant mood board.

Love Olive and Frank? Then shop the whole collection right here!