How To Wear Metallics



Photo Credit: Nasty Gal | Tumblr

One of the fastest rising trends in recent years has been metallic and not just standard silver. We’re talking blue, bronze, gold and green- metallics are HUGE right now.

Whether you want to just introduce it slowly to your wardrobe (metallic nail varnishes or some cool accessories) rocking the look head to toe can be a bit tricky and that’s where we come in! We’ve got you covered with all the best metallic choices currently available.

Metallic Accessories

Normally, we’d leave accessories until last, but as this is such an important part of the look we thought we’d take the plunge with it first!

We’re not talking about obvious metallics like your silver diamond necklace, but the metallic colour of your shoes, bag, and yes, your nails. Silver is generally the best colour to go for, but right now the trend for mixing up different metallics can give you a really quirky and unique look, so if you’re brave… start clashing!

Metallic slip-ons, flatforms and an oversized clutch bag should be on every fashionistas hit list this season, so start planning your key pieces and buy smart- this trend will see you into the summer and beyond.

Sweat it out

To some, a metallic top is little more than a sauna suit from a sports brand that you put on when working out, but to others it’s one of the key buys of the season!

Paired up with a metallic skirt or trousers – it sounds too much, but trust us – you’ll be onto a winner when teamed with simple shoes and accessories.

You should also look for clothes where metallics form a contrast within the item. Dresses and shirts with metallic sleeves are the best examples; look out for them if you want something a little different.

Now you know how to dress in metallics, you’re free to dazzle, literally, wherever you go!


How to Wear: Jumpsuits


The jury is no longer out… Jumpsuits are the outfit du jour this season! The humble dress has been replaced in the fashionista’s hearts and wardrobes by the versatile jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits (the most acceptable form of onesie in public, natch) can be worn so many different ways, styled up or down for any occasion which is why we are seriously lurvin’ it right now.

Still not sure it can match up to the faithful party dress? Well, let us educate you! We’ve taken three different jumpsuits and shown you how to style each of them to hit the right style notes this season.