10 NYFW Shows We Can’t Wait To See!



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New York Fashion Week kicked off yesterday, marking the official start of Fashion Month! We’re beyond excited for London Fashion Week and our amazing Shopcade pop up event coming VERY soon, but until then let’s focus on NY and their SS15 offerings!

With a jam packed schedule to get through for the next week, we thought we’d make it nice and simple for you and give you the lowdown on the shows you can’t afford to miss!

Here’s the New York shows we are SUPER excited to see this season at #MBFW


1. Marc Jacobs


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Who? Oh come on, it’s Marc Jacobs! As if we need to explain who this legend is! 😉

Why? The swinging sixties trend that you are currently eyeing up all over the high street? Yeah, you have MJ to thank for that and his AW14 offering showcased in Feb. He always presents such a covetable, wearable collection, so we’re fairly certain whatever he brings to the table this season we’ll be raving about in six months time yet again!

When? Thursday 11th September, 6pm


2. Jeremy Scott


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Who? Jeremy Scott, the super cool Creative Director of Moschino.

Why? Because he’s plotting with Miley Cyrus and we’re likely to see the results all over his NYFW show! He let slip at the VMA’s last month that he’ll be using ‘cool kids’ instead of models on the runway and Miley has a key role in the project. Interesting! If it’s anything like last season’s Moschino triumph of slogan pieces (he actually made McDonald’s cool!) then we are in for a visual treat.

When? Wednesday 10th September, 1pm


Ones to Watch: 2014 Style Icons



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Banks: When you type ‘Banks style’ into Google, not a whole lot comes up. Just because it isn’t there doesn’t mean she’s not someone to champion because her style is awesome! Described on one site as ‘the most plainly obvious pop star you’re ever likely to see’ we reckon her gothic, almost model like qualities make her a big ‘ole one to watch on the style radar this year.

Chloe Howl: Chloe is a powerhouse right now and rightly so.  At only 18, she is taking the music world by storm and has a super cool style to match. The cute crop and eclectic vintage fashion sense means she will be a big one to watch as 2014 unfolds. Look out for her supporting Ellie Goulding later on in the year.

Angel Haze: DJ-ing alongside Lorde, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding at the Brits last week, there was no doubt that Angel Haze had arrived. The American rapper has a cool, laid back street style we are just loving right now. If anyone can rock a varsity jacket, baseball cap and chunky jewellery with attitude and style, then it’s this lady.


Photo Credits:  dailybeautyandfashion.com | Tumblr.com | thefashionspot.com

Kendall Jenner: Girl is going to be mega in 2014, you mark our words. After walking for Marc Jacobs at NYFW, she swiftly hopped on a plane and was walking for Giles a few days later, alongside new bestie, Cara Delevingne. Kim’s younger sister is certainly blessed, rumour has it she’s dating a certain Mr Harry Styles too. Some girls have all the luck.

Natalie Westling: When you are as in demand as this lady, you can afford to be picky. Favoured by Marc Jacobs and Hedi Slimane (she walked the Saint Laurent runway as an exclusive thank you very much) she’s also starred in Marc Jacob’s SS14 campaign alongside the one and only Miley Cyrus. We won’t hold that against her though…

Lottie MossWill this be the year she takes over the world?! Probably not… but anyone who sits FROW at Topshop alongside Kendall, Kate and co. means she is a star undoubtedly on the rise. Loved her pastel pink sweat and leather jacket she sported for the FROW as well, displaying her (crazily long) pins proudly on show.



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Imogen Poots: Frequently on the best dressed lists, we have a major crush on Imogen’s cool style. Rocking crochet tops, Henry Holland tights and reworking the LBD for the season taking the plunge with no fear at all. Plus you know she stars in ‘The Awkward Moment’ with Zac Efron this year, so she gets huge brownie points for working with the original (and still best) man-banged boy.

Adèle Exarchopoulos: A hot fave for the 2014 Oscars, Adele’s starring role in ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ has thrust her firmly into the spotlight. Thanks to all the buzz, we’ve seen her at countless award shows, but she is at her best style-wise off duty. Clashing prints from Prada and Harlequin dresses from Balmain, we can’t wait to see what she rocks for the Academy Awards later this week.

Karen Gillan: Snort not! the former Doctor Who companion is making waves in Hollywood with her starring role in the Marvel film, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, alongside the likes of Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close. Something tells us the newly bald Gillan will be mightily in demand in 2014, plus we’re crushing on her 60s retro style too.


The Goss: Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs



Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs: Well well, look at Miley all grown up and moody for Marc Jacobs! We had a sneaky suspicion she would reinvent herself yet again for 2014 and landing a campaign for the ever lovely Marc is one of the best ways to do it. We’re loving the super stylised vision- a million miles away from the twerking PVC outfit and hair buns. We heart.

Brit nominees announced: Awards season is going a bit nuts at the moment. Fresh from the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday and ahead of the Golden Globes this weekend, we have some goss a little closer to home… the Brit Award nominees have been announced! No surprise that One Direction are tipped for glory with four gong nominations, whilst Jessie J is up for Best British Female Solo Artist against the equally lovely Ellie Goulding. It’s going to be a corker!

David Beckham for H&M Kids: Is there nothing this man can’t do? Seriously, not content with being the most beautiful man in the world (our view, but we’re sure you agree) and modelling in his undies for H&M (swoon) he has now designed a range of kidswear for the high-street brand as well! Who would understand better than Becks on how to dress your children fashionably? Romeo is already a Burberry model and Harper will land a modelling contract any day now, you mark our words!

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo: She was involved in making one of the most expensive adverts of all time for Chanel a few years ago, and now new pics have surfaced of Nicole Kidman appearing in a campaign for Jimmy Choo and well, she’s certainly not afraid of stripping off, let’s say that! Appearing in high waisted knickers and a blazer (sans bra or top, we might add!) the 46-year-old (yes, we can’t believe it either) looks stunning. Oh and the bags and shoes she’s modelling for the brand don’t look half bad either!

And Finally…

blog.image-laura.bubble-251113-ukFashion Ed’s Pick of the Day: We know it’s only the second week in January, but since the sales kicked off in December, the dregs are going to be left if you don’t get your sale shopping sorted soon. So, Shopcade to the rescue! Check out our Final Sales Picks list here and bag yourself some serious bargains before the first new season drops come later this month.


How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus



Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Controversial, stylish, and a million miles away from the Hannah Montana character that brought her fame and fortune at such a young age, Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about and in the news celebs in the world today. Pics of her new Marc Jacobs campaign released today show just how far she has come in the style stakes over the past year. Moody, provocative and ultimately high fashion all the way, we are big fans of the shoot already!


Miley Hallmarks

Despite gaining a reputation for edgy, attitude driven style, when not on stage Miley’s look is often quite soft and feminine.  Casual skinny denims are a staple of her off-stage style, while cute t-shirts are often what she chooses to pair with her jeans.

Miley adds the aggression and edge during the daytime by donning a short military or leather jacket to balance the softness.  You can do the same and then use cosmetics, your hairstyle, and accessories to either soften or add even more edge to your look, depending on what you want to do and where you’re heading.

Designer Red Carpet Style

When it comes to the red carpet Miley is all about the designers. Whether you to choose to go for Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, or a personal favourite of your own, if you’re wearing a dress then it has to be from a leading name. Just because a dress is designer that doesn’t mean it needs to be loud and over the top. Miley Cyrus looks as good in a mini dress in black or white as she does in something brighter and more standout. If money is no object, get the best designer dress you possibly can, just remember to leave some cash for matching accessories.

Summer Dresses

While Miley’s hallmarks and red carpet style are great for a year-round look, when summer arrives we often need something a little different in our wardrobe. When she isn’t interested in adding too much edge to her look, Miley goes for a 100% feminine get up by choosing a summer dress.  From your perspective, summer dresses offer enough variety to find something for casualwear as well as for work, whether you want something plain and simple or want to embrace whatever pattern trend is in during the year.


Miley is almost the perfect girl when it comes to her footwear. She simply has a different set of shoes for every outfit.  Granted, that might not be possible for all of us, but you can make sure you own enough pairs of shoes to never have a style disaster.  Flat trainers or plimsolls, designer heels, and simple strappy sandals are all you need to complete Miley inspired looks.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor


With her mantra being “when you look good you feel good”, Lennie is a fashion stylist who divides her time between London and Liverpool. An active blogger, she has collaborated with a variety of media outlets including InStyle and the Independent. Here she talks about how she managed to become a thinner, sportier version of herself (that led her to become a stylist), the essential items in a woman’s wardrobe, and how to accessorise properly.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor

How did you decide to become a stylist?
It’s something that came very naturally to me. I went through a phase of overindulging that over time led to me becoming overweight. I remember looking through the glossy mags and spotting a stunning model wearing a well-fitted dress and saying that I’d love to be able to pull it off as well.

Before long I was training in the gym, working on my diet and generally changing my lifestyle and eating habits. The weight soon dropped off, I went back to changing rooms, and I remember my friends telling me how amazing my new body and style looked. It kind of escalated from there as I realised I had to take care of my new body in the best possible way. This led to an increase in my knowledge about fashion and wanting to pursue a career in helping others improve their personal style and fashion sense as well.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed?
Not knowing their body shape and what works best for them. The ideal is to create the perfect hourglass figure. Shoulders and hips should aim to be in proportion. Everyone has something good about their body, it’s my job to show them what that is. You have to think that a fashion stylist is to clothes what a make-up artist is to a face.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spend money in buying a lot of cheaper items for a more diverse look?

I think a lot of women have to be realistic about their budget. We can’t all go out and be fitted in Armani or Calvin Klein everyday of the week. So the trick is to purchase key items, like a little black dress, a wide black belt, a pair of nude, black, and tan court shoes, navy/black jeans, a good pencil skirt (preferably black) and a crisp white shirt. These clothes are “evergreen”. They will be in your wardrobe for years to come. The next trick is to then accessorise to build around your wardrobe with what’s on trend. Remember that it’s important to look effortlessly chic, and it’s you who are wearing the clothes NOT the opposite!

What are the things that you look for when purchasing clothes and accessories?
Always keep in mind your body shape, height, skin tone, and hair colour. Think what brings out your best features, as the right colour can lift you and the wrong one can bring you down. What might look good on one person might not look good on another.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Heels instead of flats. It doesn’t necessary have to be stilettos, wedges can do the same job of making you walk better and giving you an instant lean look. You instantly loose 7lb from wearing heels, as it elongates your body and gives an overall better appearance.

Define your style in a few words…

Glamorous, yet sophisticated and totally effortless…

What’s your fail-safe fashion piece this season?

Has to be a pair of polka dot wedges, as polka dots are still on trend and I’ve pretty much mixed them with everything in my wardrobe.

What’s your colour for this season?

For this current season, its fuchsia pink. Mix it with whites, greys, blacks and beiges.

The one thing that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing is…?

Flats, I just don’t wear flats, has to be some form of heel for me. What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with? A truly comfortable stiletto. I believe that one thing that puts a lot of women off them is… the lack of comfort!

Fashion Week Special

What’s in your Shopcade wish list for this FW?

Loving this leopard print satchel bag from Asos

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - satchel









Also having a love affair with platform heels by Charlotte Olympia – Simply Stunning!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - heels











Do you have a favourite designer and why?
Marc Jacobs. The main reason is that what he starts others follow. You know when someone’s wearing a current piece from Marc Jacobs as he’s always so on trend.

Which city has the best fashion week and why?
New York. Don’t get me wrong, I love London Fashion week and it now has all the glitz and glamour you would expect from a Fashion Week, but I just love Marc Jacobs.

Name: Lennie Taylor
Website: http://www.lennietaylor.co.uk/
Shopcade: http://www.shopcade.com/lennietaylor