10 Things You Never Knew About Mel B



We’re feeling just a little bit smug right now. We TOTALLY knew that Mel B was going to be on The X Factor this year after her stellar stand in on the show a few years ago. Plus, who else would they have got to match the ‘fierce’ factor of the dearly departed Nicole Scherzy? Exactly.

So if you’re anything like us, your love affair with Mel will have started in her Spicey days and probably ended with her solo career (harsh but true). However, after proving a hit on the panel last time around, we have definitely warmed up to her again.

Not afraid to speak her mind, we reckon her and Cheryl Cole will get on like a house on fire and clash a fair amount too- basically the perfect love/hate relationship we’ve come to expect from the girls’ side of the judging panel.

Joining Mel and Cheryl is Simon Cowell and yes, unbelievably for no logical reason we can fathom, Louis Walsh is back for a record breaking 11th year as well. Craziness!

Anyway, to celebrate this glorious offish announcement, we’ve done some digging around around the artist formally known as Scary Spice.

Here’s 10 things you never knew about the lady who loves lycra and leopard print…

1. She sang ‘Greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston at her Spice Girls audition.

2. She briefly changed her name from Mel B to Mel G when she married her first hubby Jimmy Gulzar.

3. She was given the nickname Scary Spice because she was so loud and lairy.

4. She had her own reality show. Yes really. It was called ‘Mel B: It’s a Scary World’.

5. She’s been a judge on America’s Got Talent and The X Factor Australia.

6. She’s an author. Well kind of. She wrote a memoir called ‘Catch A Fire’ about her life with her fellow Spiceys.

7. She dated British hottie Max Beesley for a brief period in 2002.

8. She has a Japanese tattoo on her stomach which means “spirit, heart, and mind”

9. She worked with Missy Elliott at the height of her Spice Girls fame, releasing ‘I Want You Back’ which hit Number 1 in the UK.

10. She came second on the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2007 losing out to Hélio Castroneves the Brazilian racing car driver.

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Shelley Smith Booted off X Factor: Poor Sharon. Two weeks into the live shows and two acts gone! Still we’re chuffed that the Kingsland Road boy band hotties are still in the running. Not even smothering Louis Walsh with kisses (big LOL moment) could save Shazza’s act from the axe. Roll on next week!

Cara Delevingne Goes Pop: Not content with being the model of the moment, walking for every major label during fashion month and counting Rihanna and Rita Ora as besties, now Queen Cara has apparently decided to launch a music career too. This comes fresh on the back of claims she is to ditch modelling for good and make the transition into acting. Busy lady!

Rita Ora vs. Dame Helen: Well here’s a fash off we never thought we’d see! Bling babe of the moment Rita Orla squaring off with the fashion dame herself, Dame Helen in a Dolce & Gabbana red lacy number. Although Rita wore it first, word on the web is (whisper it) is that Dame Helen wore is best! Shock horror! What do you think?