Michael Van Der Ham A/W ’14 Catwalk Show for LFW



Michael Van Der Ham AW14 Catwalk | Photo Credit: Style.com

The Topshop Show Space this year was the Turbine Tunnel at the Tate Modern – a perfect match for the modern and uber-fashionable London, and the Topshop Show space was the setting for Michael Van der Ham’s A/W Catwalk show.

Like many designer’s this season, though A/W could be seen as the times for muted tones, MVDH chose to keep the collection bright yet elegant. Who said grown up elegance can’t be fun?

Wearable sequins sparkled on serene navy, whilst a shot of orange could be seen merged with pink, and duck egg blue. Burnt orange then merged with copper on silk dupion, oriental-style cut dresses.

Black lace contrasted with shades of blue or over bright yellows, lace skirts with a uniquely dropped side hem matched tops with the same detail.

The show was one of contrasts – black merged with lemon yellow, silks over chiffon appliqué, prints and embroidery; definitely a refreshing change to the A/W colour palette.


LFW Day 4: Catwalk Round Up



And that’s a wrap… three days of non-stop partying have come to an end, as we close the doors on the Shopcade LFW party bus for the season. *Sob*

It’s been absolutely mega and we have had the best time meeting you all; welcoming you on board, chilling with you on the upper deck and snapping numerous pics of your looks outside the bus. Basically we’ve had a blast and we hope you have too!

Highlights from today included Gabby Young taking up the DJ decks first thing, followed by The Glitter Beats spinning the decks in the afternoon, right up until the end of the day.

Designer Akira Amani joined us for a quick Q&A to chat about her new line and the fab Jade Ellis rocked up in a bodycon Alice Palmer Knit to give us the lowdown on her style and new album.

If that wasn’t enough the gorgeous Fran from MIC popped back in for a catch up, turning interviewer for the day and chatting to designer Sarah Angold about her new collection and LFW fun and frolics so far.


LFW Day 3: Catwalk Round Up



Finally, a dry day @LFW and a welcome rest bite for my poor frozen hands (glove-less for two days and actually blue at one point) blistered feet (new shoes, pretty but really not practical) and a soaked parka which didn’t ever seem to dry out! Yes, traumas (slightly over dramatic, I’ll admit ;-)) have been faced at Somerset House, but today was the day when the sun shone and we welcomed more fashionistas aboard the party bus. Woo!

The day kicked off in style with the lovey Fran from MIC popping on board, rocking a printed short suit from ASOS complete with killer ankle boots from New Look and designer specs, looking every inch the celeb fashionista; toned, tanned and just plain gorgeous.

Next up we had the fab Electra Formosa and Ella Catliff founder of La Petite Anglaise giving us all a lesson in how to do fashion week chic. Ella rocked top to toe Mulberry (there was serious lusting after her Willow tote) whilst Electra gave us grown up grunge in her all black outfit complete with orange pop colour nails.


LFW Day 1: Catwalk Round Up



Well, it’s finally happened. LFW has kicked off in haze of rainstorms, broken stilettos and multiple layers of fluffy jumpers complete with a totes trend-ez bobble hat, which still did not keep me warm. There’s no getting around it… IT WAS COLD!

Still, I was undeterred in my freezing state and plodded on with the greatest show on earth which is LFW. Forget NY and Milan and Paris to come, London is where it is AT this season and if you didn’t believe that before, you sure should now.

Just look at how cool Day 1 was! Mark Fast (check out our live review here) PPQ, Nasir Mazhar & Eudon Choi … I could go on, but you get the picture. HUGE day 1 to kick things off in style.

Here’s our round up of the best, complete with a list to shop the latest styles straight from the catwalk on the high street. Damn we’re good. 😉


Live @LFW: Mark Fast



Photo Credit: Style.com

Fashion week is a lot of fun. Endless parties, loads of catwalk shows and FROW celeb spotting! Mark Fast was no exception this afternoon, as we checked out Peaches Geldof and Eliza Doolittle gracing us with their lovely presence.

Word has it Nicola Roberts was also in the crowd, which goes to show just how hot a ticket this was. So how did the knitwear designer fare with his AW14 collection?

Uber well is the answer there. Simplicity was key here and actually it worked in his favour. Minimal colour palette, well made (of course it was!) knitwear, which resulted in a totes wearable collection we’d save for in a heartbeat.

Gorgeous cocoon coats, draped like dressing gowns, flashes of sequins, toga chic dresses, quirky cut out pieces and a stand out electric blue strapless maxi dress and scarf, which just made us all swoon.

Our hearts also skipped a beat just a tiny bit when we glimpsed the oh-so cool metallic flatforms on offer, in an otherwise colour pop collection- purple and orange seemed to be the colours to rock this season if Mark Fast has anything to say about it.

If you’re going to take anything away from this show for next season, then here’s the lowdown on what will be hitting the high street, waaayyy sooner than you think…

1. Orange: This season it’s a colour to watch, next season it’s a colour to buy.

2. Flatforms are going nowhere: Invest now, wear later. Preferably with ankle socks… black ankle socks.

3. Zig Zag: Every season we look for the new print, right now it’s all about the checks, could the zig zag be the AW14 must have.

Check out our full #LFW Day 1: Catwalk Round Up right here >

What to Wear on the FROW



Photo Credit: hellomagazine.com

If you’re going to be in the FROW at London Fashion Week then you need to look amazing at all times. What are we saying, you need to look amazing at all times anyway! But with the camera on you, rocking the best of the latest looks becomes even more important.

Here’s what we reckon you should be rocking if you’re going to be on the FROW (next to Anna and co. natch) this season…

Go Designer

While there are many looks you can adapt for the FROW, the designer dress look is probably the safest bet. The trouble is, what type of designer dress are you going to choose?

You can pretty much pick what you like as long as you go for something that fits the occasion, meaning something that looks smart but is part of a dressed down look – you shouldn’t look like you’re going to a cocktail party! Your budget needs to come into consideration, too.


LFW Style Essentials

The LFW Countdown has begun! Photo Credit:

Our fab fashionistas over @Shopcade US did a post last week about the six items which would get you noticed at NYFW, and it got us thinking about our very own, very imminent London Fashion Week.

Well more specifically, what essentials would be needed to survive LFW in an uber stylish way, so check it… here’s our six items that no girl should be without this fashion week…

1. The Shopcade app: This is a no-brainer. Where else are you going to get the low down on the latest blogger looks, celeb styles and runway action? Exactly.

2. A pair of stylish flats: Hey, we’d even go as far as to say trainers or converse (yes really) are acceptable this season. Heels may well elongate your legs and make everything appear 10 times better than they actually are, but crippling pain and an inability to walk at 5pm does in no way make up for this.

3. Your phone charger: Nothing is more annoying than your phone dying when you are in the middle of taking a photo/tapping out a text/writing the world’s greatest blog or simply on the phone to you mum, to say LFW is ace. Sort it out and plan ahead!

4. Stylish literature: Whoever you are trying to impress, make sure you have the right literature handy and just at the right angle to be snapped by the paps. You.Are.So.Cool.

5. Lip balm: Chapped lips, no thank you.

6. Statement bag: Too big and you look ridiculous, too small and you fit nothing in. Dilemma! Our pick is an oversized clutch, which fits all the essentials (see above) in nicely and still gives the illusion you are packing lightly as all fashionistas do.


How To Rock The Socks & Sandals Combo



Socks and Sandals= Uber Cool. Natch. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Socks and sandals… major fashion faux par or pure genius? We were still pretty on the fence until a few years ago, Burberry totes made them cool.

Chunky woollen socks in all sorts of pastel shades teamed with wooden sandals made this definitely, erm, shall we say “acquired look” go mainstream and ever since we have been having fun experimenting!

So, here’s the thing. With fashion week (London of course, try to keep up!) coming up we thought we’d put together an expert guide on how to rock socks and sandals this season and look stylish. You ready?

Rule 1: There are no rules. We’re just kidding, OF COURSE there are rules. This is a tricky trend to pull off, so now we have your undivided attention, look down to rules 2-5 and prepare to get serious. *Puts on straight face*


How to get Camera Ready for LFW


Photo Credit: annexmagazine.com

If you’re heading to LFW then you need to be camera ready at all times, which means grabbing yourself the best cosmetics products so you glow without looking like you’re trying a little bit too hard.

Struggling to know what you need to have on your face and in your handbag? That’s where we come in. Here’s how to be camera ready for LFW, whatever FROW you are gracing!

Build a Foundation

Get the foundations right, and it’s easy to build something. Your own makeup is no different. The problem many of us face is choosing the right foundation for our skin type. What to do?

The first thing is to forget any idea of adding colour. The point of foundation is that it matches your own complexion, so be sure you know how to do this:

  • Find a store where you can try different shades of foundation – one where you know the workers are knowledgeable is best!

  • Go to a store on a high street rather than in a shopping centre so you can go outside and check your look in natural light. (Obvs when you think about it!)

  • The skin around your lower jaw is closest to your true complexion, so try foundations here after matching on your hand or wrist.

All you need to do then is pick a foundation with added ingredients depending on your skin type. Added moisture foundations are great for dry skin – some brands, including Clinique, sell a combination moisturiser and foundation in one. Combination or oily skin types are best looking for foundations that are oil-free or matte effect to take the shine away from your face.

If you’re lucky and fall into the “normal” skin category, a tinted foundation will be perfect for you.


Quick Fire Fashion Q&A with V V Brown



Photo Credit: V V Brown

Want to know a secret? Of course you do! OK, well……V V Brown will be hosting an exclusive event on Shopcade’s LFW Party Bus on 17th Feb and we have the inside scoop on the lady herself right here! Find out what’s in her Shopcade this season, the lowdown on her vintage business and who she’s championing @ LFW this season. 

Hey V V,  so spill…what’s in your Shopcade this season? Lots of my fave colours- white, yellow and silver.

How did you first come up with your trademark retro look? I don’t really have this look anymore. 2009 was when I released my first album and I was very much into retro fashion but with my new album Samson and Delilah (2013) and between 2010- present I have gradually moved onto loving fashion that is a little more minimalist and encompasses structure and an appreciation for design.

Tell us about www.vvvintage.com (it’s amazing by the way!) What made you want to set this up? We believe in sustainability and ethical fashion. We recycle fabrics and make items of clothing that are amazing but contribute towards an environmental cause.

Any emerging designers you’ve been particularly proud of finding and promoting on V V Vintage? Mary Benson. We are very big fans.