Teresa Moore Talks About Resolutions, Life as a Model, and Her Best Beauty Tips After a Night Out!


Teresa Moore

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One of our favorite models, Teresa Moore, talks about resolutions, how it feels to be working with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Vogue magazine, and of course shares all of her style and beauty tips with Shopcade.

We are a few days before NYE! What’s the one habit that you promised you will change in the New Year?

Being late. It’s not good and gets me stressed. I think peace is all about finesse.

And what are your personal and business plans for the near future?

Keep on modelling hopefully, have two gorgeous children with the man I love, and build an online business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world.

Haha, we are with you on the online business one! And speaking of business, you have worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and H&M. Are there any cool stories from the photo sets that you would like to share with us?

When working for H&M, the team was really cool (as Swedish people usually are), and once we shot in Turks and Caicos on the beautiful white sand beaches and on very large driftwood trees which were on the sandbank. We had a camp set up on a sand bank off the island and set up tents and put some equipment there. One of the location guys slept there overnight and didn’t realize we were using the driftwood trees in the pictures and the next day we came back and he had chopped them up and used them to make a fire overnight! It was hilarious and thank God the photographer and client were cool about it!

How has growing up in a small Pacific island and then going to places like New York and Milan changed the way you see the world?

Tonga was a microcosm of expats from all around the world and also very traditional with local culture like feasts, dancing and singing. I think living in New York now I also have the worldly expat community which I find diverse and fulfilling, and culturally there is so much going on you can always be inspired. I think the noise level and material waste (Americans double-bag everything!) was a shock when I moved to a big city. Both are really exciting and vibrant places to live.

What’s the best thing about modelling and what is the biggest misconception people have about your work?

The best thing about modelling is the travel, opportunities and the money which you can all use to build an interesting future. I think the biggest misconception about modelling is that it’s easy! It’s very physical; from working out to stay in shape, long 10-12 hour shoot days, running all over the city for castings, jet lag, airports and more jet lag. You also have to develop a thick skin about what people say and possible rejection for something you don’t entirely control (your genetics) and that takes a little confidence and soul searching.

Your modeling career started when you were quite young. What are the things you wish you knew before you entered the fashion arena?

I wish I knew that people and networking means a lot. I wish I knew that dressing better and cooler adds to your persona. I was just a dorky kid from down under! Once you model for a while you develop systems for traveling, working out, dealing with difficult people and knowing how to model a wide-leg pant or a bikini. Things get easier as you learn the whole business better.

We guess there is a learning curve for everything… Let’s talk about style! What are your must-haves for this winter?

My new Sandro wool coat with leather trim! So cool.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with?

More cushy insoles inside cool shoes!


Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lizzy Gardner


Stylist and art director Lizzy Gardner is always looking for inspiration in beautiful or unusual images, that she then tries to develop into concepts that reflect the trends of the past and the present. Having gone from catwalk styling to editorial fashion shoots, Lizzy also brings her journalistic experience on board when it comes to offering advice on style. Something that definitely comes in handy when you need to tell women to be less impulse shoppers (we are all guilty and you know it)!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lizzy Gardner

How do you come up with concepts for photo shoots?
Ideas come to me all day, often when I’m doing the most mundane of tasks. I surround myself with things that inspire me, and collect images I find beautiful or unusual. Ideas need to be developed to turn them into concepts and in turn concepts and having an appreciation of both past and current fashion trends and genres is important.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed?
I think it starts before they get dressed! The biggest mistake women make is impulse shopping (of which I am totally guilty of)… sometimes we need to stop and visualise the whole outfit before buying that totally on trend piece that will probably still be hanging in our wardrobes the following year with the tags still attached. And learning what suits you rather than following every trend.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spending on cheaper items for a more diverse look?
This totally depends on the individual and their style. For me it’s a bit of both, having a few key, high quality pieces that have longevity and that can be updated with less expensive items. Blazers are my splurge staple – they go with just about everything.

What are the things that you look for when purchasing clothes and accessories?
I know what suits me, so it’s more of a case of me knowing what to avoid. I tend to buy whole outfits or items that will go with separates I already have. I like tailoring to be lined, otherwise it can look cheap. Accessories – I think you can never have enough!

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?
Why would I do that, the world would be a dull place! Although, I would like to press a button and stop people wearing ass showing denim cutoff shorts – get over it!

Define your style in a few words…
Feminine, emerging, balanced.

What’s your failsafe fashion piece this season?
The pencil skirt – worn edgy with a luxe tee and flats for the day, or dressed up with stilettos and a cami for the evening.

What’s your colour for this season and why?
Orange, it’s the new red!

How has your taste evolved over the years?
My style has evolved as I have learnt what suits me. Also having the confidence to push the boundaries, pairing things that ordinarily you wouldn’t think would go together, but somehow work. Fashion moves too fast to have regrets.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with?
I think we’re all waiting on the dress that will make us look like we’ve lost 7lbs. So maybe illusion dresses!

Fashion Week Special

Do you have a favourite designer and why?
Phoebe Philo for a number of reasons: her work ethic is something that resonates with my own (she is a self-proclaimed control-freak who is passionate about what she does). She single-handedly turned around the fortunes of the French fashion house, Celine. And the British designer’s clean, stripped back signature is oh so covetable.

Which city has the best fashion week and why?
London, of course. Burberry Prorsum, Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane, Erdem, Unique, Mulberry, Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford – need I say more?!

Which trend were you happy to see back on the catwalks for FW13?
Stilettos – I’m so over platform soles. To me, stilettos will always be the epitome of timeless style.

Who is the most stylish celebrity according to you right now?
Carine Roitfeld – it’s hard to look as effortlessly stylish as she does; it’s not something that can be taught. Her look is sexy but not in an overly obvious way, you just want to be in her gang!

Name: Lizzy Gardner
Website link: www.lizzygardner.com
Shopcade: https://www.shopcade.com/lizzygardner

Reiss Autumn/Winter Fashion Favourites

Reiss Autumn/Winter 2013 - Becky Boyce
Becky Boyce


Name: Becky Boyce


Job Title: Fashion Editor at Reiss


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Twitter: @REISS



What’s your must have fashion item right now?
For me, it’s all about the leather pencil skirt. I have quite a collection and now have my eyes on the Reiss Ezra skirt. I’ll be wearing it with simple tees or fuzzy, fluffy knits this autumn.

What colour have you painted your nails at this very moment?
On my fingers I’m wearing a very soft ballerina pink (a great contrast to that leather skirt!) and on my toes I’m still in holiday mode with a bold neon orange.

Which colours will we be seeing you in this month?
I’m a bit of a colour queen, but usually favour bright and light summery shades, so can struggle with autumn’s rich, darker tones. This month though, I think I’ll be working a ‘back to school’ vibe with a few inky blues and black with shots of red or soft greys with a girly dose of powder pink.

Which celebrity hair would you love to steal?
Sienna Miller has pretty perfect blonde hair, but I do love icons of the past, like Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. I have a bit of a thing for a marcel wave, so any girl who gives that a go gets pinned to my Pinterest. On the flipside, I love a messed-up bob.

What are you expecting to be the big trends from LFW?
I imagine the bloggers will be out in full force in their jazziest outfits, editors and buyers will be keeping it cool in very understated black and navy pieces and on the catwalk I hope to see colour and print for a fun SS14.

Reiss Autumn/Winter 13 Picks
Reiss Autumn/Winter 13 Picks

Any fashion no-no for AW13?
I don’t really believe in no-nos. I say if you like it, go for it!

Which celeb should we be keeping a close eye on for the next season?
I’m always inspired by Solange Knowles and her utter determination to stand out from the crowd in bold colour and print. A bit of an obvious one, but I really like how Alexa Chung does Sixties in the most modern way (as does Zooey Deschanel). I also love the glamour of Marion Cotillard on the red carpet and Diane Kruger never disappoints.

What failsafe item do you think every girl should have in their closet?
I think every girl needs that great go-to dress. We have a gazillion at Reiss, from classic fit and flare dresses to sexier bodycon styles. You’re literally spoilt for choice.

Any fashion regrets?
Loads I probably should regret, but it’s all about the personal evolution of style and felt right at the time, so I don’t feel too regretful. I do think a white trouser suit with a black flat cap worn to a wedding was pushing it though…. Oops!



Mum’s The Word – Mother’s Day Q&A


It’s March! This only means one thing: Mother’s Day.

Lost for what to buy for your fantastically, already-has-everything-she-needs mum? Rattled your brains for hours on end and realized that you’ve bought her everything under the sun already? Don’t worry, Shopcade is here to help!

We’ve interviewed two of our very own Mummy Bloggers to find out what they think of Mother’s Day, hopefully it’ll give you that much-needed boost of inspiration:

Mummy Muse No.1: Jo Gifford from Dexterous Diva

Mother's Day Picks - Dexterous DivaWhat ‘Mum’ are you?
Career mum, but a Freelance Mum so I work around the kids and have different weeks – it’s probably best to describe me as a Varied Mum! Loving, Messy, Excitable Mum probably does it most justice!

Describe yourself in three words…
Creative, busy, geek

What are you hoping for this Mother’s Day?
The best thing in the whole world for me is just a cuddle with my Mini Divas. So, I long for a sofa snuggle with a film, some popcorn and oh, maybe some L’Occitane Body Lotion if I have been a good girl!

What ‘golden rule’ have you learned from your own Mum?
I think to embrace culture and learning as children is a huge thing Mum taught me. We loved reading from an early age as my girls do too, and just being able to soak up everything around you is something I learned as being really important as a child.  I have also learned some of mum’s best phrases for telling off children and I hear it in my own voice sometimes, scarily!

What do you love most about being a Mother?
Just enjoying play with my girls and being part of their world. Oh, and baking cakes is a bit good too.

Check out Jo Gifford’s full Mother’s Day List here.


Mummy Muse No.2: Helena Wilson-Beevers from Mummy Mode, Style Nest

Mother's Day Picks Style NestWhat ‘Mum’ are you?
Fashion Fanatic Mum

Describe yourself in three words…
Never without mascara.

What are you hoping for this Mother’s Day?
This Mother’s Day I would like anything at all from my Mother’s Day Hints Shopcade list, and in particular this fabulous Mulberry Tamara Scarf – perfect for jazzing up the school run!

What ‘golden rule’ have you learned from your own Mum?
To always “be kind to yourself”, as being a Mum is the toughest and most challenging job there is.

What do you love most about being a Mother?
I love watching my children grow and develop their own, very different, personalities. Whether we are baking, reading, dancing or laughing, I learn something from them both every single day.

Check out Helena Wilson-Beevers’ full Mother’s Day List here.

Still stuck on what to buy Mum? Why not Invite your Mum to Shopcade here to create her ‘Most Wanted List’ to share with you? (Better than droopy daffodils from the petrol station!)

You can also find Shopcade’s own Mother’s Day gift ideas here.


Carolyn Baxter, fashion’s rising star, on Shopcade.


We are thrilled to welcome Carolyn Baxter, who’s recently opened a Shopcade featuring her favourite products. Carolyn is a multi-talented designer, stylist, model and presenter from Scotland. You may have seen her on her YouTube channel, where she shares her dresses and beauty advice.

We were lucky to have a chance to catch up with her about who she is and what she’s in to – including her vision for fashion and what will be trending in 2012.

 How would you define your style?

Scruffy glamour! I love all thing glamorous – big hair, high shoes, beautiful frocks but like to twist it with a bit of a grunge edge. I don’t like things to be too perfect. My nails are always chipped from sewing and picking up pins so maybe that’s just my excuse! But I like mixing things like a beautiful dress with some studded shoes and handbags for a more edgy twist.

When did you start designing women’s fashion and what made you launch your dress line?

I graduated in fashion in 2007 and then in 2009 I started designing full length dresses. Soon I was creating a lot of one-off custom designs for Miss Universe, Miss Great Britain and Miss Scotland contestants but I quickly realised that it’s time consuming and I would always be sewing rather than sitting back and watching my business run. I decided to launch as a label in August, which meant set designs from my collection could be made by a Scottish factory. This gave me more time to design new dresses and promote the business.

What do you cherish most in your wardrobe? 

The most cherished piece in my wardrobe is my custom made Ava dress. I dreamed up this dress one night in my sleep and woke up excited. It has been the dress that really launched my label and was seen on Katie Piper at the Macmillan Ball.

Can you create the ‘Carolyn Baxter’ look on Shopcade?

I’m big on blazers as it’s all about layering at this time of the year – especially in Scottish weather! I also love neutral colours and oversized leather bags. My fave things at the moment on my Shopcade are the Betty Jackson Tan Gregory Bag, Vince Camuto Studded Platforms, and Dorothy Perkins Nude Pleated Dress. All neutral and studs!

What do you think will be the big style trends of 2012?

To be honest I don’t follow trends so much. I always just dress to what suits my body and I guess I choose classic pieces that can be worn over and over again without dating. As for designing dresses, I always am inspired by Hollywood glamour past and present so I’m in my element watching coverage of the Golden Globes and Oscars!

Any style trends you would like to start in 2012?

I’d love people to dress up more often – maybe make it socially acceptable to wear a ball gown or red carpet dress to the supermarket! I love all things studded at the moment, which is visible in my collection and I’m about to launch a series of accessories combining leather and studs from iPad covers to key rings.

 How do you think online shopping influences fashion?

Online shopping makes fashion so much more accessible and moves at a faster pace. To sit in the comfort of your own home and to have access to so many big names and independents at the click of a mouse is amazing. Online retail has given accessibility for anyone with a dream or vision to start their own online shop or label, changing people’s lives and showing your product to a worldwide audience.

Visit Carolyn Baxter’s Shopcade.

Are you a trendsetter in your own right?

Contact us, we’d love to have a chat.