How To Dress Like Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian

How can we describe Kim Kardashian without using to the nickname ‘Kimye’ or mentioning her famous derriere? Hmmm…unique is probably the most accurate description, but perhaps that doesn’t go far enough in describing her iconic look.

We’re not going to delve into it too much further; we’re just going to tell you how to get the Kim Kardashian look for yourself.

Kim Inspired Dresses

Dresses are Kim all over and they’re definitely something you’ll need to be getting into your wardrobe. There are so many different styles that she’s been pictured in that it is impossible to pick out just one (we’ve gone for three, you can go for however many you like!) so just remember to glam up and you’ll be fine.

  • The first Kim inspired dress we’d wear is a sequinned mini dress. Kim wears it in blue, but it’s totally up to you what you want to go for. Sequins are highly fashionable and are great both for showing off or understating your look, depending on what colours you go for.

  • An off the shoulder skater dress is our second essential selection and is perfect for wearing either to casual or formal occasions, and even on the beach, too!

  • The most iconic Kim Kardashian dress is probably the long sleeved “bodycon” dress that uses great fabrics and panel detail to give you a look to die for.


How To Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens



Photo Credit: @vanessahudgens | tumblr

While Vanessa Hudgens will always be famous for being one of the leading stars of the High School Musical franchise, she has done enough since that time – embarrassing online episodes aside – to be recognised as one of the hottest young stars around.

Not only does her career continue to grow but she hasn’t fallen into the typecast “princess” role that many thought she might have done after HSM. The transition from child star to adult leading lady is always easier when you don’t have to reinvent yourself!

One area where Vanessa certainly doesn’t need any help with reinventing is her style. Learning how to dress like Vanessa Hudgens is kind of like an art form- seriously, she’s either super over accessorized or very laid back with her dress sense!

Here’s how you can get the look for yourself…

Casual Clash

Vanessa is the master of taking a casual look and making it look super cool with accessories aplenty. This quality shouldn’t be understated; it means you can wear whatever you want and get away with it, on any occasion, because you’re always dressing outfits up rather than dressing yourself down.


How To Do Country Chic



How to do Country Chic… Shopcade Style! | Photo Credit: Tumblr

Whether you’re actually heading to the country for the weekend or just want to give embrace this season’s ‘prairie girl’ look, then sit up and pay attention, because this post is all about How To Do Country Chic in style!

Get Skirted

The maxi skirt is essential to working this look correctly- in winter its all about heavy tweed and luxurious colours, but in summer the colour palette completely shifts to nudes, whites and pastels.

Work the cool crochet style into your look as well, or go for light checks if you want to liven up your lower half this season- simply team with some boho fringing on top and you’re good to go.

Shirts & Jumpers

For shirts and jumpers it’s all about keeping it simple. You’ve gone for checks on your lower half which means plain is where you need to be up top. That said, if you’re going to pair your shirt with a jumper there’s nothing to stop you having a patterned one if you just have the collar on show.

Ideally, you want to go for a colour that contrasts against your jumper, which should always be a cable knit for this look. A lighter jumper will give a great contrast against your skirt, but going dark and dark can create an elegant top to bottom look.


How to Get the 80s Look



How To Get The 80s Look | Photo Credit: Tumblr | Pinterest

Remember when you thought Saved By The Bell was the coolest thing ever? The fashion, the hot guys, the fashion, the huge mobile phones, oh and did we mention, the fashion?! The 80s sitcom ran until the early 90s and along with tonnes of other cultural influences made 80s style what it was- iconic.

The 90s have been enjoying a revival recently, so we thought it was time to look back a decade earlier and show you how to get the 80s look. Think high waisted jeans, acid wash, bodycon, crop tops, logo t-shirts and shoulder pads (for the very daring amongst you) and you’ll be onto a winner. You ready? Then let’s begin…

80s Style Colour

Power dressing is about much more than what you’re wearing on its own; you need to be thinking about the colours and about how they work together, too. Powerful colours you should be considering are blues and reds – perfect statement colours that you can wear for any occasion.

Patterns were a big staple of the 80s, too. Think retro rather than going for modern patterns like floral and tribal prints; no one wore those in the 80s!

Speaking of casual outfits, you’re probably looking at urban fashion and style for inspiration when it comes to the 80s. Tracksuits, oversized denims and casuals, and big trainers were all the rage. Nike Blazers, anyone?


How to Get the Sporty Look on a Budget



Sports Goes Luxe | Photo Credit: Tumblr/Pinterest

Once upon a time, the sports look was reserved for the likes of Sporty Spice (old school ref there) and was all about crop tops, tracksuits and trainers.

Now however, its a major trend with the designers and high street choosing to include it in their collections every season. Achieving the sports luxe vibe can be on the pricey side- Stella for Adidas for example- but here we show you how you can get the sporty look on a budget.

Forgetting What You Know

The first thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about the sporty look. We’re not talking about full tracksuits and jackets that sports coaches wear when standing on the side lines. You don’t even have to have too much branded sportswear in your look if you’d prefer not to! For the sporty look, we’re thinking casual and airy, but dressed in such a way that if you had to go and play tennis or run around at the click of a finger, you’d be able to do so comfortably.


How to Dress Like Victoria Justice



Victoria Justice is super hot property right now. That rare thing- a successful child star who hasn’t gone off the rails, yet is still relevant today- makes her one of our fave style crushes.

Want to know how to dress like Victoria Justice? Then we’ve got you covered with some great outfit ideas to help you get this particular celeb style.

All about the Dresses

Victoria Justice is one of the easiest celebs to copy when it comes to style, because she likes to keep it simple and tends to stick to dresses. So, what styles of dress should you be choosing?

You can easily differentiate between formal and casual with Victoria. If you want the glitzy Victoria Justice look, then a pencil dress is the place to start. You can go for something plain if it suits your personal style, but for essential Victoria you need to be looking at embellishments, particularly sequins, to be a feature of your dress.

In contrast, like so many celebs when she goes casual she goes skater. You can pull off a daring look by going for a zip fronted dress, either in plain or with a classic skater check pattern. Both styles are available on Shopcade for under £50, and as cheap at £15 in some places!


How To Wear Metallics



Photo Credit: Nasty Gal | Tumblr

One of the fastest rising trends in recent years has been metallic and not just standard silver. We’re talking blue, bronze, gold and green- metallics are HUGE right now.

Whether you want to just introduce it slowly to your wardrobe (metallic nail varnishes or some cool accessories) rocking the look head to toe can be a bit tricky and that’s where we come in! We’ve got you covered with all the best metallic choices currently available.

Metallic Accessories

Normally, we’d leave accessories until last, but as this is such an important part of the look we thought we’d take the plunge with it first!

We’re not talking about obvious metallics like your silver diamond necklace, but the metallic colour of your shoes, bag, and yes, your nails. Silver is generally the best colour to go for, but right now the trend for mixing up different metallics can give you a really quirky and unique look, so if you’re brave… start clashing!

Metallic slip-ons, flatforms and an oversized clutch bag should be on every fashionistas hit list this season, so start planning your key pieces and buy smart- this trend will see you into the summer and beyond.

Sweat it out

To some, a metallic top is little more than a sauna suit from a sports brand that you put on when working out, but to others it’s one of the key buys of the season!

Paired up with a metallic skirt or trousers – it sounds too much, but trust us – you’ll be onto a winner when teamed with simple shoes and accessories.

You should also look for clothes where metallics form a contrast within the item. Dresses and shirts with metallic sleeves are the best examples; look out for them if you want something a little different.

Now you know how to dress in metallics, you’re free to dazzle, literally, wherever you go!


Style Essentials: What To Buy For Your Holiday



Photo Credits: Motel Rocks | Nasty Gal | Tumblr

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. At least, it will be once you head out to your holiday destination and look forward to a few weeks away from the stress of everyday life!

Before that happens, you need to get yourself organised and get shopping for your holiday wardrobe. Now, first things first, you need to consider the essentials…

Holiday Swimsuits

If you’re loving the vintage styles out there right now then shun the typical bikini and go for a stylish swimming costume. Gone are the days where you shunned the unfashionable swimsuit in favour of a bikini, because they can hide a multitude of sins, plus you have the added bonus of not having to deal with horrid looking tan lines! No rules here; simply see what’s in fashion and buy what you love! Personally we’re pretty big fans of the retro-inspired high waisted bikini right now!


How To Get The Retro Pin Up Look

Retro Pin Up Look| Photo Credit: Polina Berdos

Ready for another make-up masterclass? Yep us too! Today our fab beauty correspondent talks us through achieving the perfect retro pin up look. Over to you Polina

“Classic retro pin up make-up is ever present today even if it’s a more modern version. This make-up consists of a matte, even-toned face, pink blush, black eyeliner, black mascara or false eyelashes and glossy red lipstick.

It works on any skin color or type and pin up make-up can easily be replicated too! There’s something undeniably glamourous, flirtatious and fun about vintage pin-up girls, like Lana del Rey for example. Think big doe-eyes framed with dramatic winged liner and sultry red lips. HOT!


How To Do The Heidi Braid

Heidi Braid Style| Photo Credits: Pinterest

It’s that time again! This week star curator, Polina Berdos shows us how to do a Heidi hair braid worthy of Coachella! Follow her easy step by step video tutorial below to get the look we saw everywhere on the AW14 catwalks in February. 

Over to you, Polina…

“I decided to try something soft and pretty, but I definitely wanted something beyond the usual braid or bun. Heidi braids have been a go-to style lately.They’re easy, keep your hair out of your face, and are relatively painless. I did these kind of fast, but they can be as messy or as sleek as you would like.

The style looks much more complicated than it really is and it’s a great new way to style your hair if it is shoulder-length or longer. You can clip in a couple of extensions if you need to add more volume or length.

Bobby pins are the secret to making this hair-do. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of bobby pins, they will help you to secure your braids.

For this style you will need: A comb, bobby pins, hair bands and some hairspray, all of which can be found in my Shopcade list. Have fun!”

Love Polina’s tutorials? Check out her blog for more inspo here!