RU Ready for the August #StyleBattle™?!


August #StyleBattle™

August #StyleBattle™ | Photo Credit:  lazy oaf | hypbeast | adrannaeho.tumbl

It’s August. It’s been hot for like forever, which can only mean one thing… our last #StyleBattle™ of the Summer is upon us!

We’re sure you know the routine by now… impress us with your look, we submit you to our expert style council and they then crown two winners.

This time around though we are cranking it up a gear and really piling on the pressure, as our August #StyleBattle™ we’re pretty confident, will be our best one yet!

We have totally pushed the boat out with the prize for starters! Exclusive VIP entry to our super top secret, completely awesome LFW event, plus tonnes of goodies from our pals at Boohoo and a celebrity inspired photo shoot and feature in NUE Magazine to cap it all off!

All you have to do is upload your look on the app, using the hashtag #StyleBattle for a chance to win. As usual, keep it clean, keep it full length and keep it stylish peeps! (For more rules and regulations, check out our full T&Cs here)

Right, without further ado, here’s who you need impress this month on our illustrious Style Council…

  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-deanneoliverevans
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-kate-holroyd
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-Jai'me-Jan
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-Neely-Reyes
  • 140804-stylecouncil-thumbnail
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-SarahHumphries
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-hoomkim
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-mikeadler
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-Rush
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-Kendall-D-Lock
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-melissa (1)
  • 140707-stylecouncil-thumbnail-dan-towle

Live @ The Shopcade India Launch!



Welcome to Shopcade India | Photo Credit: Nathan Sigman

Last Thursday we hosted the mother of all launch parties at Mumbai’s hot spot, The White Owl alongside India’s fashion a-list, plus our very own Creative Head Honcho, Hoon Kim and Country Manager, Kriti Tula!

The occasion? Er, we have finally launched in India, hence the all-singing (that was just Hoon) all-dancing celebration! Want to go behind the scenes and find out all the party gossip? Then read on!

Who hit up the party…

In a nutshell, the crème de la crème of the fashion world! We had over 100 fashion influencers attend, with prominent guests including the following…

> Little Shilpa, Milliner Designer 
> Sita Wadhwani, Digital Editor & Edward lalrempuia, Fashion Director- Vogue India (Shop his look here!)
> Shruti Thacker, Digital EditorElle India (Shop her look here!)
> Nikhil Thampi, Veteran Indian Designer
> Karishma Rajani, Digital Copy Editor– Noblesse

What we ate and drank…

The White Owl was the venue of choice, complete with video projections on the wall, cool candy floss and customized marshmallows (with little pineapples on them and everything!)

What we boogied to…

DJ Spacejams from Bhavishyavani on the console played some great EDM!

The Highlight….

When we started planning the event, we were expecting to receive 50 guests due to the crazy weather in Mumbai, but despite the pouring weather we had over double that number turn up on the night of the party.

And boy, did we PARTY. We may have started off at White Owl, but India showed us just how to party, moving us on from spot to spot, before we finally ended up at Hoon’s hotel room in the wee small hours

Here’s to the next launch… 😉 

Well hello there, SHOPCADE INDIA!



Photo Credit: Getty Images | Shopcade Archive

Stop everything right now and listen up, because we have awesome news. We are FINALLY launching in India!

Yes that’s right, we’re bringing social shopping to the fashionistas of India and we could not be more excited to expand into this market.

Why India, you may very well ponder? Well, why not! The country is going through an e-commerce boom right now and we love to explore new style territory. 😉

If you’re not up to speed with what Shopcade is all about, then let’s rewind and start from the beginning. Here’s five reasons why, if you’re not already on the Shopcade India bandwagon, you need to get on it pronto…

1. Get treated to a new online shopping experience: We curate a trending feed of all the coolest products for you, all day and every day.

2. It’s all Shoppable! The trends you see, the looks you like, the celebs you follow- all available at the click of a button.

3. Things you love, on deal: Who doesn’t want to bag a bargain? We’ll notify you when the products you like go on deal, so you never miss out on the best price. We’re good like that.

4. For the fashionistas by the fashionistas: We represent the young fashion scene with a young team of style correspondents creating relatable and fun content daily.

5. And finally, but most importantly… It’s all about you! Create lists of products you want and post your looks to show off your own individual style.

So now you know the ins and outs, let’s get to the good stuff… The PARTY!! Our offish launch party will be kicking off this Thursday 10th July.

We’ll be living it up at The White Owl, Mumbai from 7pm onwards, with co-host by Little Shilpa, beats courtesy of DJ Space Jams, and a guest list to rival any A-list party! We’re talking the likes of Elle India, Harper’s Bazaar India, plus a whole host of prolific fashion bloggers hitting up the venue.

If that wasn’t enough you’ll be able to pose and post your look on the evening direct onto the app and indulge your sweet tooth with our secret message marshmallows and candy floss!

The only thing left to do is go shopping for our party dress! Good job we know an app for that 😉


Want to know more about the launch and our touchdown in India? Then check out our Press Release here!