How To Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens



Photo Credit: @vanessahudgens | tumblr

While Vanessa Hudgens will always be famous for being one of the leading stars of the High School Musical franchise, she has done enough since that time – embarrassing online episodes aside – to be recognised as one of the hottest young stars around.

Not only does her career continue to grow but she hasn’t fallen into the typecast “princess” role that many thought she might have done after HSM. The transition from child star to adult leading lady is always easier when you don’t have to reinvent yourself!

One area where Vanessa certainly doesn’t need any help with reinventing is her style. Learning how to dress like Vanessa Hudgens is kind of like an art form- seriously, she’s either super over accessorized or very laid back with her dress sense!

Here’s how you can get the look for yourself…

Casual Clash

Vanessa is the master of taking a casual look and making it look super cool with accessories aplenty. This quality shouldn’t be understated; it means you can wear whatever you want and get away with it, on any occasion, because you’re always dressing outfits up rather than dressing yourself down.


How to Get the Sporty Look on a Budget



Sports Goes Luxe | Photo Credit: Tumblr/Pinterest

Once upon a time, the sports look was reserved for the likes of Sporty Spice (old school ref there) and was all about crop tops, tracksuits and trainers.

Now however, its a major trend with the designers and high street choosing to include it in their collections every season. Achieving the sports luxe vibe can be on the pricey side- Stella for Adidas for example- but here we show you how you can get the sporty look on a budget.

Forgetting What You Know

The first thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about the sporty look. We’re not talking about full tracksuits and jackets that sports coaches wear when standing on the side lines. You don’t even have to have too much branded sportswear in your look if you’d prefer not to! For the sporty look, we’re thinking casual and airy, but dressed in such a way that if you had to go and play tennis or run around at the click of a finger, you’d be able to do so comfortably.


How to Dress Like Victoria Justice



Victoria Justice is super hot property right now. That rare thing- a successful child star who hasn’t gone off the rails, yet is still relevant today- makes her one of our fave style crushes.

Want to know how to dress like Victoria Justice? Then we’ve got you covered with some great outfit ideas to help you get this particular celeb style.

All about the Dresses

Victoria Justice is one of the easiest celebs to copy when it comes to style, because she likes to keep it simple and tends to stick to dresses. So, what styles of dress should you be choosing?

You can easily differentiate between formal and casual with Victoria. If you want the glitzy Victoria Justice look, then a pencil dress is the place to start. You can go for something plain if it suits your personal style, but for essential Victoria you need to be looking at embellishments, particularly sequins, to be a feature of your dress.

In contrast, like so many celebs when she goes casual she goes skater. You can pull off a daring look by going for a zip fronted dress, either in plain or with a classic skater check pattern. Both styles are available on Shopcade for under £50, and as cheap at £15 in some places!


Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham!

Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! Photo Credits: tumblr | pinterest | wordpress

Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! Shopcade salute you and your amazing style. Spice Girl, WAG and now respected designer, you could say VB has accomplished a lot over 40 years. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have roped in curator (and mega fan) Natalie Corner to chart Victoria’s style evolution over the years. 

Over to you Nat…

nataliecorner“If you grew up in the 90s you were a Spice Girls fan. Period. Even if you didn’t grow up then, you became one in 2007 when the reunion of the five girls who invented ‘girl power’ happened and brought happiness upon the world once again.

Everyone had their favourite ‘Spice’, when I was growing up it was Scary Spice for obvious reasons. But now there’s no denying that my favourite is Victoria Beckham, who has spent many years trying to shed that ‘Posh’ moniker.

Victoria was always known for wearing a lot of black when she was in the Spice Girls, it was her character signature. The most memorable of them was a short ‘Gucci’ mini from the very early days that also appeared in the – bad in a good way – SpiceWorld: The Movie.

In a collaboration with Skype earlier this year Victoria spoke about the look, confessing that in actual fact it was from the high street: ”The first dress that I wore in the Spice Girls, which everybody thought was a little black Gucci dress, was actually from Miss Selfridge – it wasn’t a little back Gucci dress.”

That super mini dress theme continued as she walked the red carpet in gold lame with her fellow Spice’s at the 1997 Billboard Awards and again at the MTV Europe Music Awards in the same year. Not to mention those terrible matching pinstripe suits, canes and cigars(?!) the girls all wore to their film premiere!

When the Spice Girls announced they were parting ways to “pursue solo projects”, Victoria, the one who never really sang, went ahead and launched a bid for that coveted number one spot with her first single ‘Out of Your Mind’ with Dane Bowers and Truesteppers. It was a tough chart battle, getting pipped to the post by Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s summer anthem Groovejet. The look Victoria went for during her solo career was very interesting(!) working slashed leather, lip rings and the odd few skunk-like extensions.

After being crowned the ‘IT’ couple and nicknamed Posh and Becks, she married successful footballer David Beckham with the wedding exclusively covered by OK! Magazine. She wore an ivory Vera Wang gown, followed by hideous matching purple outfits for the reception.


How to Dress Like Rihanna



Photo Credits: Balmain | Addidas | Tumblr | Pinterest

When it comes to celeb style, there’s no doubt the Rihanna look is one of the most sought after in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult to master, purely for the fact that she always seems to be rocking a different look every time she’s caught on camera. Still, that hasn’t stopped us picking out the items she seems to love most and delivering them for you to enjoy!

Check out what you need below so you to can dress like Ri-Ri…

The Denims Have It

Getting the Rihanna look on your bottom half is probably the easiest part, because at least there’s some consistency here. If it’s shorts or trousers, it is always denims.

The shorts aren’t just shorts, either; we’re talking hot pants, which if they were any smaller would probably be banned! There are several options to explore when going for jeans, but boyfriend fits are a better option than the skinnies that you’d normally buy, if only because you get a little more room to manoeuvre and don’t feel like you’ve been stitched into them!


How to Dress Like Selena Gomez



Photo Credit: avril_kesha via Instagram

Ok, we admit it. We have a massive style crush on Selena Gomez right now. Whilst other celebs have come and gone, Selena’s always managed to stay one step ahead of the fashion crowd with a on trend look that’s totally her own.

While Justin Bieber fans might not like her, the more rational girls around the world love her unmistakable sense of style.  Youthful, elegant, and always gorgeous, the Selena Gomez look is one that girls everywhere can rock.

Red Carpet Inspirations

The big problem (or opportunity) with celeb styling is that they are always seen in something different, so we’ll start on the red carpet for Selena.

High waist midi skirts are commonly seen on Selena at big events, and there are several different types available for you to rock the look you love irrespective of your budget.  Make like Selena and team a midi with a bralet, for a glam yet casual style, finishing the look with high heels so you can strut your stuff figuratively and literally, whatever the occasion.  Selena prefers black, but pick the colour that best suits you and match it with a small clutch bag. If you’d prefer the single dress look then glam it up with dresses perfect for the red carpet.


How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus



Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus | Instagram

Controversial, stylish, and a million miles away from the Hannah Montana character that brought her fame and fortune at such a young age, Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about and in the news celebs in the world today. Pics of her new Marc Jacobs campaign released today show just how far she has come in the style stakes over the past year. Moody, provocative and ultimately high fashion all the way, we are big fans of the shoot already!


Miley Hallmarks

Despite gaining a reputation for edgy, attitude driven style, when not on stage Miley’s look is often quite soft and feminine.  Casual skinny denims are a staple of her off-stage style, while cute t-shirts are often what she chooses to pair with her jeans.

Miley adds the aggression and edge during the daytime by donning a short military or leather jacket to balance the softness.  You can do the same and then use cosmetics, your hairstyle, and accessories to either soften or add even more edge to your look, depending on what you want to do and where you’re heading.

Designer Red Carpet Style

When it comes to the red carpet Miley is all about the designers. Whether you to choose to go for Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, or a personal favourite of your own, if you’re wearing a dress then it has to be from a leading name. Just because a dress is designer that doesn’t mean it needs to be loud and over the top. Miley Cyrus looks as good in a mini dress in black or white as she does in something brighter and more standout. If money is no object, get the best designer dress you possibly can, just remember to leave some cash for matching accessories.

Summer Dresses

While Miley’s hallmarks and red carpet style are great for a year-round look, when summer arrives we often need something a little different in our wardrobe. When she isn’t interested in adding too much edge to her look, Miley goes for a 100% feminine get up by choosing a summer dress.  From your perspective, summer dresses offer enough variety to find something for casualwear as well as for work, whether you want something plain and simple or want to embrace whatever pattern trend is in during the year.


Miley is almost the perfect girl when it comes to her footwear. She simply has a different set of shoes for every outfit.  Granted, that might not be possible for all of us, but you can make sure you own enough pairs of shoes to never have a style disaster.  Flat trainers or plimsolls, designer heels, and simple strappy sandals are all you need to complete Miley inspired looks.

How to Dress Like Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham's Style

Whether you love her, hate her, or would simply like to steal her husband, Victoria Beckham has a gift for provoking opinion among women (and sometimes men) everywhere.  What cannot be denied is she’s one of the most stylish women on Earth, and someone to whom we can all look up to in the style stakes.

Getting the Victoria Look

Forget that the tabloid press says she’s always pouting and miserable looking; the fact is Mrs Beckham’s style brings together everything a girl wants to achieve from fashion; confidence, style, femininity, and even power with the right outfit.

The best thing about Vic is that when you look closely her fashion sense is actually remarkably simple.  Here’s how to get the look.

Keeping it Simple

Timeless, classic, generally dark colours, and above all, simple; there’s a reason why Victoria is never pictured wearing questionable outfits.  Who cares about being called boring by people who don’t know fashion if you get to look that good all of the time?

Her trademark look is the little black dress, which as Karl Lagerfeld famously said means you can never be overdressed nor underdressed.  Easy to throw on with high heels, a handbag, and accessories, this is a Victoria Beckham essential.

When not rocking a LBD, a pencil skirt is another popular choice for Victoria.  Think of the woman herself; black or grey is the direction to head here; resist those colourful and patterned pencil skirts that are widely available!  Match your pencil skirt with a simple blouse, and you’re ready to go.

Denims and formal tailored trousers are always skinny; there’s no other way to do it, and can be worn with blouses, t-shirts, and finished with an oversized coat.

VB Add Ons & Accessories

What about the finishing touches to the Victoria Beckham look?  The two obvious accessories are the sunglasses and the handbag.  Ray Ban Wayfarers or other large lens, face covering glasses are a must, and if you’ve gone for the full look with a Victoria bob haircut your face will be framed beautifully.

For the handbag, you have licence to be creative, as it’s the one area Victoria perhaps doesn’t keep it simple.  Instead, she prefers large handbags, and while she goes for black you can always go for a brighter colour if you wanted to put your own twist on the look and use it as a statement accessory.

Finish With Footwear

The question is the same as we all face; heeled or flat?  The answer depends on what you’re wearing based on the products above.  You can’t wear your LBD with anything other than heels, and the same stands for a pencil skirt, too.  When it comes to denims and tailoring, the choice is yours, but flats are often a good change up if you want the more casual side of Victoria’s style.

Get started and shop her look here:

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Amber Atherton’s London Fashion Week Diary: Round Up

Amber Atherton London Fashion Week Diary Day 5
Amber Atherton


Name: Amber Atherton


Check out Amber’s Interview and her experience at London Fashion Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5

“It’s all about the creativity, innovation, and fun”, says Amber Atherton about London Fashion Week, “as Britain’s biggest fashion event has come to an end”. We couldn’t agree more!

LFW Special

As I bumped into Markus Lupfer on the bus the day after LFW madness had ended, we pondered the success of the week and the promise of Paris! Highlights for me this LFW were definitely Fashion East, ASHISH, Anya Hindmarch, SISTER by Sibling, Simone Rocha, and Sophia Webster Shoes. Another important thing was the abundance of digital led creativity, especially from brands like Burberry and Anya Hindmarch; I also know everyone was regularly checking the #lfw hashtag at My Flash Trash HQ!

As I started packing for Milan with another fashion adventure beginning, I couldn’t help but smile at all the British charm, talent, and true English rock ‘n’ roll fun that’s gone down over the last week.

Check out my LFW inspired list to look fabulous next season!