90s Style Icons: Who was your fave?



Photo Credits: Blogspot | Wikia | Do you Remember | Fanpop | NY Daily News | SDRM

Oh the 90s. One big love affair with all things, er, cool. At least we thought it was cool, but then came the noughties and we went all futuristic and abandoned the naffness/so-bad-it’s-good-fashion of the 90s. Until now….

Yep, the fickle world of fashion has decided the 90s are now back ‘in’. We’re talking the works here- punk grunge, text on tees, over the knee socks, dungarees – the list goes on!

But what about the style icons who rocked them the first time round. Here’s our round up of the best 90s icons… who was your fave?!

The Spice Girls: My lovely colleagues will giggle at this one, knowing I am a huge fan, but even so these girls deserve the top spot on my list purely for all the trends they rocked without giving a hell. So, in no particular order…. Platform shoes/trainers/boots, babydoll dresses, tracksuits, halter necks, printed t-shirts, leopard print, hair glitter, bunches…. Yeah I could go on, and on AND on- OK I’ll stop… *sad face*

Cher from Clueless: To this day there has never been a film so quoted, so emulated, so LOVED. ‘As if’ and ‘Whatever’ became classic catchphrases overnight and Cher Horowitz became the girl we all wanted to be. A revolving wardrobe, a computer that picked out her outfits each day, shiny hair, the best BFFs like ever, oh and Paul Rudd as her stepbrother. Sigh.