You Know You’re Officially A Fresher When…



1. You get Freshers Flu. It’s like a right of passage! Dose up and solider on :)



2. You discover what a Jager Bomb is! You try it, you hate it and you drink it repeatedly because it’s cheap.



3. You still bring your washing home to your mum, because lets face it, some things never change.



4. You make as many Facebook friends in the first month as possible and then swiftly spend the next few months figuring out how to block the weirdo now liking ALL your images.



#10DaysofShopcade Kicks off!



The #10DaysofShopcade is on!

It’s Monday and we know it’s crappy, but we have a new Designer Store promo which is going to brighten up your day… guaranteed! Welcome to the start of our #10DaysofShopcade campaign, which gives you access to exclusive products sold on our store for, wait for it, 20% off the normal price.

What’s the catch, we hear you cry? Well, kicking off today until the end of the month, every day we’re giving you, our lovely Shocpaders the chance to get 20% off a selected product, as part of our Festival Must-Haves from the Designer Store.

Some of the brands featured include Olive And Frank, LOTA, High Spirit BagsSour Cherry and many more of our faves.

The best part? You’re in control! Each day we’ll feature some of the most wanted products on either our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and all you have to do is Like, Double Tap or Retweet to unlock a unique code to that product. Each code is locked until we get 20 likes, 20 double taps or 20 retweets (depending on the social platform for that day) and we will update the product every day too!

FYI, the codes last only ten days, so hurry and order – these products are only available whilst stock last! The codes are unique to each product and if we don’t reach our quota each day, then the code will stay LOCKED. So what you waiting for? Get on it and start getting savvy with your social, so the treat can be enjoyed by all!

Top Tip: You can keep up to date with everything by searching #10DaysofShopcade on Twitter. Enjoy!

Win Tickets To See One Direction!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

OMG! Stop everything and listen up because we have incredible news. In fact our Twittersphere has just exploded with said news.

You ready? OK prepare to scream… WE’RE GIVING AWAY TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION IN LONDON! Yes really, this is not a joke, do not check your computer for bugs, we really are giving you lovely Shopcaders the chance to win this incredible prize.

We’ve had to wrestle the tickets away from our lovely Social Media Guru, Sahar (big Zayn fan) but she’s over it and ready to provide you with some savvy social updates throughout the comp on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, then here’s what you have to do…

1. Follow Shopcade on Instagram & Twitter

2. Retweet or #Regram the images we post of the boys using the hashtag #SHOPCADE1D

3. And boom! You will be entered to win two tickets to see One Direction.

To be officially entered (sorry, here comes the strict bit) you must follow the above instructions otherwise you won’t be counted and we’d hate for you to miss out!

The comp will run from Tuesday 20th May until Tuesday 3rd June. For more deets check out the full T&Cs here.

Right that’s it from us, Good Luck Shopcaders! We’re off to go stare at pictures of Harry. If you feel like joining us come have a little nosy at our One Direction fan page here :)

Win Little Mix Tickets & A Nikita Karizma Piece!

Little Mix | Photo Credit: hjpr

Happy Friday Shopcaders and wow, do we have a little bonus for you this week! How would you like the chance to win a pair of tickets to a Little Mix gig, plus win a piece created by their fave designer, the awesome Nikita Karizma?! Yep, thought you guys would like that!

All you have to do is share this Little Mix Style List on either your Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #littlemixtix to be in with a chance of winning. Super straight forward and open to all to enter :)

So just to recap… not only do you get the chance to see Little Mix on the 25th May in the flesh, you could also be strutting your stuff in a KARIZMA exclusive at the 02 in London! So what are you waiting for? Get sharing now and whilst you’re at it take a sneaky peek of the girls strutting their stuff for ‘Salute’ below… can you spot the pieces Nikita designed?



As HUGE fans of Little Mix here @Shopcade HQ, it was a total no brainer to team up with Nikita to showcase her amazing designs on the girls and we’re sure you’ll agree, they look amazing!

We caught a quick five mins with the lady herself to chat about designing for a music video vs her own collections and just how she would sum up Little Mix’s look in Salute…

What was your inspiration behind the design?

Little Mix wore clothes from my Spring/Summer collection in their latest music video for Salute. The shapes and structure of garments in the collection were inspired by female power and there was a strong underground feeling of London in the collection.

Do you tailor each piece to their personality?

In the past I have made clothes based on the girls’ personality and style, which is a fun way to collaborate with Little Mix as they are four individuals in a girl band. For this collaboration, however, their stylist simply pulled in clothes from my collection that she felt was right for their look in the Salute video.

How different is it to design for a music video than to design your own collection?

Pretty different! With a music video it is a collaboration between the designer, stylist, music artist, management, record label, producer, choreographer and well, the list goes on! Also the music industry works around the clock so it is normally an intense few days! With my own collection, I take a few months to design and create it and it’s completely a solo vision. I listen to Little Mix’s music in the studio sometimes, so it is interesting to see my clothes in their video after their music has also been in the background whilst I am designing.

Which do you prefer?

I do love adapting my style and collaborating with the music industry as it gives another dimension to the fashion pieces, whilst on the other hand with my own collection its completely an individual creative expression! I enjoy them both equally, but I do love the journey of seeing clothes from my collections end up in the hands of the world’s most cutting edge music artists and producers.

Finally, how would you sum up this look?


We couldn’t agree more!

Want more deets on the comp? Then have a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages and browse the T&C’s for the full lowdown. To discover new cool brands and unique stylish pieces, check out the Shopcade Store right here!


Have You Been Style Spotted?

Style Spotted | Photo Credits: @katiehandy-Beith | @zarataylor | @marie-barbegirard

Our crack street style team (Katie, Zara & Marie-Barbe– look ’em up!) took to London last weekend to pound the pavements and uncover the hidden fashionistas of the Capital.

We had a ball meeting all you lovely Shopcaders out there in person, even if things didn’t always go to plan (Katie getting pooed on by a pigeon early on for example- LOL) you still embraced us all and posed in your droves.

You may have checked out our Facebook album already, but for those of you who haven’t had time to peek yet, here’s our round up of the best looks from Shoreditch and Carnaby Street. Have you been Style Spotted? Here’s the looks we have featured on Shopcade this week…


Interview with fashion blogger Anita Anti: Pop goes the world



Love Anita’s look? Visit her Shopcade and follow her to find out more about her style!

What’s not to like about Anita Anti? A fashion photographer and blogger from Ukraine, Anita  managed to combine quirky, pop-inspired looks with the gothic charm of Tim Burton! We chatted with her about photography, crazy fans, and – you guessed it – fashion!

Hi Anita! You can definitely consider us your fans, we love your photos! What is the concept behind your blog? And how did you get started?

Hello! I just want to share my art, my pictures, and things that I like.

Photography seems to be an important part of your life. How do you come up with the concepts for your shoots? 

I’m a professional photographer and photo artist. It’s all about my imagination and my desire to create something beautiful. And it’s important that all the elements of the idea are interrelated.

What kind of photography tips would you like to give to all the fashion bloggers who are out there?

Get a fine camera and learn how to use it.

Aliens invade the planet and you need to convince them to spare your blog. What do you say to them?

I’d ask them to keep it as a place where you can see a small piece of art.


PR Guru Courtney Blackman talks UK/US style with Shopcade

Photographs by Kate Gorbunova and Sam Atkinson

Courtney Blackman, founder of Forward PR and Managing Director of The Industry London, chats to Shopcade about her unusual Christmas wardrobe this year, hanging out with Kate Nash and why David Gandy is a true gent…

Hi Courtney! Thank you for joining us for this Christmas Special. What’s in your Shopcade Wish List for the season?

Have a peek! @Courtney Blackman

Do you have an ‘it’ fashion item that you are planning to wear for this year’s holidays?

I’m going to Kauai for Christmas – I’ll be in bikinis, cut-offs and t-shirts with a surfboard.

What are your favourite tunes for the festive season?

Kate Nash is putting out a Christmas EP, so obviously the songs on the EP will be my favourites. I’ve also just starting representing indie band Early Morning Rebel from Los Angeles, and while their music isn’t Christmassy it is awesome and I will have it on my iPod over the holidays.

Which film puts you in the spirit of Christmas?

I love the film Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton – it’s hilarious. Also, Home Alone and Elf.

What would be your dream holiday destination? Would you prefer Santa’s village or someplace warm and sunny?

Anywhere around the equator! I grew up spending my winters in the British Virgin Islands and The Netherland Antilles. Sun for me please.

Dolce & Gabbana were the designers behind the famous Claridge’s Christmas tree. Who would you choose to design it and why?

Alice Palmer. She’s a knitwear master and I can’t think of anything cosier than a knit Christmas tree – but with Alice’s trademark spikes as such to make it edgy.

What type of Christmas tree would you be?

I would be a Balsam Fir Christmas tree, grown in Nova Scotia and I would be covered in lots of crystal icicle ornaments, white ribbons, white globe ornaments, tiny white fairy lights and star on top.

What is the one thing that you can’t have enough of during Christmas and what is the one thing that you absolutely can’t stand anymore?

Food! I revel in gorging on food. Christmas is permission to really go for it and I do. I could do without the non-stop Christmas advertising everywhere. It makes me feel stressed out.

OK enough of Christmas! Shall we talk business? You started Forward PR in 2004. How has the fashion scene in London changed since then?

Fashion has changed a lot and in some places not at all. We’re still on the antiquated six-month lead-time from shows to retail delivery, but I’m sure that will change soon enough. On the flipside, social media has revolutionised the way the industry interacts, especially from a PR angle. With the launch of Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006, Instagram and Pinterest in 2010 and the onslaught of bloggers over the years, fashion has exploded. It’s more transparent and has a larger voice than ever before. Conventional methods of PR have completely shifted. Companies across fashion from designers to photographers to retailers to magazines now have a huge opportunity for direct communication and engagement. All it takes is time… and being a clever communicator.

Can you tell us about The Industry London? What is the concept behind it?

The Industry is a members-only private networking group for fashion professionals. It was launched in order to bring together the people that form the foundation of the fashion community, as often times stylists, milliners, etc. work in solitude, so coming together at regular meetings gives people a chance to interact and create new business together. Our members span the industry from lawyers to bloggers to pattern cutters to filmmakers to manufacturers – emerging to top-level, well-known industry personalities. Our meetings are relaxed and fun and we’re currently working with London’s Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design as our venue partner.




You work with celebrities like Kate Nash and you recently hosted a talk with David Gandy. What does it feel like collaborating with all these high-profile people?

Kate Nash is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. Not only is she insanely talented (she writes all her own music, plays piano, guitar, bass, drums… and starred in three films in 2013), she’s so kind with her fans, she’s genuine, honest and generous. Working with someone like Kate is amazing and I feel really lucky to be a part of her team. David Gandy joined us for one of our Industry meetings, where he was interviewed by the legendary Hilary Alexander and he was very charming. He shared so much about ‘brand Gandy’, which was fascinating and he stayed on for ages accommodating every single person that wanted a photograph with him, which was a lot – a true gent

How has your work in fashion changed the way you view this exciting industry?

I love working in fashion. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most creative and respected people in the industry, and some of my closest friends also work in fashion (i.e. superstar fashion and celebrity stylist Rebekah Roy) – it has a tendency of melting into one’s personal life.

You were born in the US. How is London different to NYC when it comes to trends and style?

I was born in Denver and I’ve spent most of my adult life in London, with stints in Central America (Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic) and not really in NYC, but based on visits to the Big Apple (I have family in Manhattan and Brooklyn), I would say New Yorkers dress a bit safer than Londoners. Londoners aren’t afraid to look “creative” and experiment and mix colours, patterns, vintage, designer…I definitely think the way people dress in London is more fun.

Speaking of style, what is the one thing that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing?

Revealing sandals. I have the most unattractive feet. Ever.

What kind of combinations make you cringe when you see them?

Not really anything. The way someone chooses to express themselves should be completely free and liberating.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive staples or spend on a lot of cheaper items for a more diverse look?

A bit of both. Having good quality investment pieces in good fabrics is really important, especially as you get older, as quality fabric, good cuts and structure are going to be far more flattering. For testing out seasonal trends, it’s nice to be able to incorporate a selection of high street finds, but I’m not a huge fan of buying too much throwaway fashion. It feels kind of irresponsible.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Anything they wanted. I couldn’t think of anything more boring than controlling other people’s creativity.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to discover/ come up with?

The perfect sandals for unattractive feet!

Want to find out more about Forward PR and The Industry London? Check them here! Forward PR and The Industry London


Shopcade live at the Isabel Marant for H&M launch!

Shopcade live at the Isabel Marant for H&M launch!

We here at Shopcade love a designer-high street collaboration and they come no bigger than Isabel Marant for H&M dear readers, which is why Team Shopcade camped out from 7.30am with the rest of the fashion obsessives for a peak at the collection which is already flying off the rails. Here’s the live diary of our progress…

7.30am: Coffee in hand, four bleary eyed girlies (Sanjeela- our Social Media Manager and shopping princess, Marion- our Partnerships Queen, Kriti- our Trending Feed expert and me, Laura, the Chief UK Editor and all around fashion goddess! Haha not really, but I digress) are on site and ready to suss out other like -minded ladies who are also on the hunt for a piece of fashion history.

8.00am: We’re given wristbands by the lovely H&M peeps. 10 minutes to shop at an allocated time- how civilized! The only downside is it’s not until 9.40am… more coffee anyone?!

8.30am: The fash pack are getting restless now, you can see it in their eyes! We almost forget that we’re here to cover the event for Shopcade and start sharpening our elbows. We overhear some pretty clever strategies… one person plans to run in and buy it all for her friends, another is already peeping in the windows, sussing where everything is and planning a clear run, grab, buy. These girls have clearly had their Shreddies this morning!

9am: We managed to sweet talk the lovely doorman and get a sneak peak of what is to come! We are the ULTIMATE insiders!


9.20am: This is by far the most civilised collaboration launch we have ever been to! Everyone is politely making small talk and waiting their turn. We’re uber excited for our turn to go in and shop… only 20 mins to go :-) Head over to our Twitter & Instagram pages for more images and live updates as well!

photo (5)

9.30am: We’re first in the queue! People are coming out with Isabel Marant for H&M bags left, right and centre!

9.40am: And we’re in! All sense has literally gone out of the window as we fight for the key pieces. Marion has grabbed the first five things she’s seen and has wandered off in search of something else. Kriti has managed to bag the last Aztec woolly cardigan and I am manically searching for the metallic dress and shredded knit I’ve had my eye on since the teaser for the collection came out.


image (4)


9.50am: 10, 9, 8…. shout the H&M staff as we all scramble for last minute purchases. I actually ask the security guard if I should buy the jumper I’m desperately clinging to… his advice is ‘take it and go’ so I heed it and make one last dash around to make sure I’ve got the best items I can.

9.55am: And… it’s over. Exhilarating, crazy and totally nuts is how I would sum it up! Sanjeela made a friend during her time slot however, and they both helped each other find the size required. Mine and Kriti’s experience was not so friendly… Kriti nearly got rammed and I was pushed into a pile of scarves! In any other situation I’d be annoyed, but hey, they were ISABEL MARANT scarves, so I was pretty OK about the whole thing.


image (22)

So lovely Shopcaders, that’s it! We’ve packed up our things, paid for our goodies and are now heading back to Shopcade HQ. Our verdict of the collection? TOTALLY worth it! I picked up the last lust worthy red ‘painted stripes’ sweatshirt, which will look great paired with jeans and wedge trainers for a cool off duty look. Sanjeela meanwhile invested in the gorge muted grey and blue tribal print tee after much deliberation and will wear to death with her skinnies I’m sure.

The beauty of the whole collection is that it is wearable, versatile and well priced considering the designer behind it. It feels like a diffusion of her mainstream high end line for the high street and it really doesn’t disappoint. The fab tote bags to showcase our purchases also made us feel like royalty. Well done H&M, you have done it again!



To check our more images from this morning’s launch, visit our Facebook album here!


Shopcade’s Ribbon Hunt for Breast Cancer Care


We’re kicking off the last race of Breast Cancer awareness month here on Shopcade with a week of Think Pink! fun.

From today we’ll be hiding five special Shopcade ribbons (one for each day of the week) all over the site for you to find.

Keep your peepers peeled for ribbon related clues popping up all over Facebook to help you find the products.

BCCare_logo_strap_CMYK_v1Once you’ve found the ribbon, simply comment on that product and voila, job done! For each ribbon found and commented on we will donate 50p for each comment posted and also donate £1 for every sale made between Monday 21st- Sunday 27th October as per our terms & conditions below.*

Shopcade’s donate page will also be updated for the week to include the official logo for Breast Cancer Care so you have the option to donate your cashback this way.

Our campaign will run until the end of the week, when we will mark the end of Think Pink! with an all pink trending feed to help you to shop the colour du jour of the moment. Plus you can shop our Think Pink! UK and Think Pink! US lists all this week.

Also, ‘cos we’re pretty lovely peeps, the Shopcade team will be holding a strict ‘Pink Friday’ dress code where we all turn out in our best pink clobber.

We’ll be posting the best snaps all over Instagram, so why not join in the fun with us and post your pink pics on our feed tagging @Shopcade and using the hashtag #thinkpink

* Shopcade will donate £1 for each sale made between Monday 21st October (from 9am) until Sunday 27th October (closes at midnight). Shopcade will also donate 50p per comment posted on a given product. Only one comment per person per product will be counted. Five products will be available to find and comment upon through clues on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Donations will go to Breast Cancer Care Registered Charity in England and Wales (1017658) as well as Scotland (SC038104).

Discover your influence with the new Missions Dashboard


We’re really happy to unveil two new features on Shopcade – the Trendsetter Score and the Missions Dashboard:


Missions Dashboard

The new Missions Dashboard on the left panel on Shopcade will be the new home for your Trendsetter Score, as well as all the missions from Shopcade and our brand partners.


Trendsetter Score

The Trendsetter Score is a fun way to see how popular your product tastes are on Shopcade. The more great products you add on Shopcade, and the more people love what you added, the higher your score! Based on your score, you will soon be able to unlock exclusive prizes, so stay tuned!


Matcheroo is our first of many extra missions to come on Shopcade, giving you the chance to hook up your friends to products they’ll love for some points!

Like what we’ve done? Let us know your comments and thoughts by emailing us or leaving a comment below.