The ULTIMATE Festival Survival Guide!


festival survival guide

It’s officially festival season Shopcaders! As Glastonbury kicks off today and with Wireless, V, Reading and Lovebox all just around the corner, we thought we’d put together a little festival survival guide to get you through in style. Or at the very least, leave you looking half decent 😉

It’s all in the packing…

You have two options here:

A) Small backpack: We say small, because there have been those who show up with the world’s biggest backpacking bag. Pack light and don’t waste your money on a designer number because we guarantee it will be as muddy as you by the end.

B) Bumbag: Moschino have made them cool again, need we say more?

DO NOT take a suitcase… people will laugh at you.

Lookin’ good…

It goes without saying that you have to rock up at your festival of choice looking as cool as humanly possible. It also goes without saying that you won’t be washing for four days, so how can you keep up this stylish façade?

Face: Go glitter mad. Glitter covers everything and will officially replace your foundation for the duration. Not a fan of glitter? Then face paint and stickers are equally acceptable here. False lashes are not exactly essential, but they look pretty and will finish off your drag homage nicely 😉 If all else fails… buy a wig.

Hair: Thank god for dry shampoo, we’re sure you will agree. Blow dry your hair on the day of departure and wave goodbye to a brush for the best part of a week. Repeat after us… wake, spray, ruffle and style. Hair ties, hair chalk, headbands and this summer’s must have- floral crowns will make sure your hair stays looking fresh, even if the rest of you smells a bit funky.

Nails: Opt for nail wraps before you go and take a few spare sets to change it up to suit your mood.

Look: Wellies and a rain mac will see you through in style this festival season. Other than that, go for a super cool statement tee, denim cut offs, your shades of shame (they hide everything) and a sweat you can chuck on if it gets a bit chilly. Our biggest piece of advice here? KEEP IT SIMPLE.


The London Girl’s Style Survival Kit


OK, so checking out BuzzFeed the other day we came across this HILAR (seriously amusing) post on the catastrophes that face a London lady every morning on her commute.

It made the girls in the office LOL, so much so we decided to create an emergency kit to help you combat the morning woe of the rush hour hell and stay ridiculously good looking at the same time!

Drum roll please….presenting the Shopcade Style Survival Kit! Check out the corresponding traumas from the original article below and get the lowdown on how we think you can brighten up your day! You’re most welcome…


1. “Many catastrophes strike on the underground, when you have to rugby tackle your way onto the train” Our solution? Elbow pads of course!

2. There’s that excruciating moment someone punches you in the boob” We can’t guarantee that that guy with bad BO won’t elbow you in the boob, but at least you’ll be well supported with our dress and lingerie (tit tape)to keep you in place.

3. “London girls do their make-up en route. No seat means you’re just going to HAVE to do it standing up”  Tricky this one, we don’t want you to poke yourself in the eye, but we heart a curled lash. Solution? heated curlers! They’ll at least stay clamped to your eyelashes, so less chance of pokeage. We take that as a positive :-)

4.”There’s always some weirdo staring at you when you apply your lipstick” We love a good lippy. Not the smearage that comes with applying it on public transport though, so stick to lip balm to avoid any embarrassing smears.

12. No time to fret. You were supposed to meet your friend on the platform. AAAH!”  Binoculars can be a cool solution and the plus side is you’ll never lose your friend on the platform again. (Yes we know this isn’t exactly a pair of binoculars, but we thought this was waaaayyyy more stylish!)

23. “Great plan until you go for work drinks. Everyone else is rocking a sequin clutch and you look like you’re going on a school trip”  Oversized clutches are uber fashionable right now, so stay style savvy with a big beaut that will easily fit your heels in for day and look ultra glam for night. Et Voila!

25. When you forget your dry shampoo it’s kind of a huge fiasco” Dry shampoo is a saviour most days, or you know any day really. Make sure you ALWAYS carry this in your bag.

26. “Even worse when you forget your deodorant” Ditto for deodorant. Do we really need to say why?!