How to Dress for a Hot Date this Valentine’s Day



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Whether it’s a first date with a hottie or date night with your long-term partner, if you’re planning a hot date this Valentine’s Day then you’re going to want to look amazing.

Still, we all know it’s easier said than done, but you have nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered with this great guide to sexy hot date outfits, whatever stage you find yourself at in your relationship!

Work it like Kelly

If you’re a curvy girl there are many ways you can work a hot date look. The only rule is that you need fitted clothes that are sleek but not clingy. If you need celeb inspiration then look at someone like Kelly Brook. Gorgeous and with a figure women would kill for, when does she ever look less than amazing?

You can opt for a night dress or if you want a dressed down look there’s nothing wrong with pairing up jeans and a patterned shirt for date night, especially if you’re headed to the cinema or somewhere similar.

LBD Love

If you’re slimline and even have something of a boyish figure, the best way to do that is put on something as feminine as possible. For us, that means a little black dress simply has to be the only way to go.

Opt for something that is LBD inspired but rocks a pattern if you want something that looks a little less formal and is more relaxed.

Perfect Pear

Granted, most of you probably wouldn’t put the words pear shaped and perfection in the same sentence, but we love a good pear! A dress is a definite must; go for something that falls straight down by your side and isn’t going to let you down by being unflattering in any way.

Draw attention to your upper half by pairing it up with a little black leather jacket or a cardigan depending on what you prefer, add shoes and a bag and you’re all set to impress your man!

Getting your style right for your Val Day date doesn’t have to be hard. Forget the stress and think about the simple tips we’ve given you to look and feel gorgeous!