Exclusive interview with Olivia Rubin


We’ve loved Olivia Rubin for forever, and are excited that she’s worked with Dorothy Perkins to create a new line. Olivia’s ‘Postcards From’ collection takes inspiration from summer fun.

Your spring wardrobe just got a whole lot more exciting…

You studied at Central St Martins – what inspired you to go there, and what other designers did you know there?

When I knew I wanted a career in fashion I read up about Galliano and McQueen and always heard CSM was THE place to go to if you wanted to be a fashion designer, so it became a goal of mine at a very young age. I did not really come into contact with any of the well known designers that also went there – I was in a different year and to be honest I was never into the CSM ‘fashion’ scene. I had a close group of core friends and we did our own thing -we preferred tea and cake to wild nights out!

Who is your favourite designer and why?

I don’t have one favourite designer – I like different elements from various labels. I admire Miuccia Prada and the way she constantly challenges the norm and breaks boundaries. I’m also a bit of a Marni addict! The combination of print and jewellery is exquisite.

How do you get your ideas for your collections? And when you have an initial idea how does this develop into a finished line?

My ideas come from far and wide. I’m designing all the time so when I’m finishing off one range I already have ideas ready for the next. I thrive on this fast paced environment. Key sources of inspiration for me are modern art, architecture and everyday people. There are many stages from a design to the finished product. We have to perfect the print, specify all the artwork for both print and designs, and fit numerous samples … the list goes on and on!

How does your Dorothy Perkins collection differ from your mainline one?

The Dorothy Perkins line is aimed more towards the DP woman while still retaining my signature style. I worked closely with the Dorothy Perkins team on all aspects of the range to picking the right colour combinations to fabrics and ultimately making it affordable and accessible to a wider variety of women.

What trends should we be looking out for in AW12?

I don’t pay too much attention to trends – I try and make my prints last from season to season. For me AW12 is about a more structured look, nude tones and mixing detailed prints.

Your SS12 collection was one of the most popular of your career – how does it feel to go supersonic?

I take everything in my stride and try not to get ahead of myself! I’m always striving to do better and keep pushing my goals and myself. It’s obviously really rewarding that the collection has been so well received but that makes me want to go further and push new ideas for future collections and projects.

Why did you choose now to launch a mainstream line?

I think print is having its moment so it made sense to collaborate with Dorothy Perkins. I always wanted to work on a diffusion line for a high street chain and Dorothy Perkins seemed like the perfect fit for me – they focus a lot on print themselves and they are a feminine brand that aims to be flattering. I’m excited to be their first designer collaboration!

What can we expect from your Dorothy Perkins collection, and will your famous prints be making an appearance?

Of course my prints will be dominating the range! The line is really versatile, as I wanted to appeal to the all of the women that shop in DP. The prints are both strong and subtle in easy-to-wear jersey basics to show0stopping dresses aimed to flatter and impress. They’re the perfect summer wardrobe!

Which is your absolutely favourite item from your Dorothy Perkins collection?

If it came down to one I’d have to go with the pink bird maxi dress. It’s such an instant ‘wow’ piece – I can’t wait to wear mine all summer long with a gladiator sandals during the day or a dressed up with a wedge for a dinner date with my husband.