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So, we have super exciting news! Drum roll please… we have just launched our new Shopcade app for Android and updated app for iOS 7 just in time for Christmas! We’re good to you, we really are.

Where else would you find so much in one place? There’s over 150,000 brands for you to want, shop and share products you love, plus a daily trending feed which displays an array of the most popular products (and celebs…) on Shopcade.

Best of all we’ll send you personalized alerts when products you want go on deal, so you never miss out on the stuff you love.

Browse through millions of products, want them there and then, save to a list for later or shop direct on the go – the choice is yours.

Looking for something specific? No probs! Browse our categories of brands and products to track down that must-have item now.

Want to personalize your Shopcade a bit more? Well then let us know what’s going on in your world. Share with us your blog, look book and thoughts. It’s all about you!

Follow cool people to build your fashion network, check out other trendsetters to get great style inspo and try out new trending looks when you want.

And that’s not all.. have you checked out our hot new Shopcade logo? We’ve gone all sleek and stylish with an online re-brand which matches our magenta logo on mobile.

In fact we’ve gone magenta crazy here @Shopcade; our deals logo has been updated too, so we are officially in the pink!

So, what are you waiting for?! Download Shopcade now to start getting your daily fashion fix of trends and deals. We apologize in advance to your bank manager 😉

Got an iPhone? Download the Shopcade app from the App Store here, or if you’re on Android, check it out on Google Play here

Want to see a sneaky preview of our new app features? Well have a little looksy below!


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Steal Her Style: Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?

Doctor Who / BBC

This weekend sees Doctor Who celebrate 50 years in the biz with a special anniversary episode featuring the current Doctor, Matt Smith (geek chic at its very best ;-)) his predecessor David Tennant (weak-at-knees-kinda-hot) and John Hurt completing the trio as a mystery doctor.

Details are shrouded in secrecy, but it does mark the beginning of the end for Matt’s doctor, which makes us all here @Shopcade HQ uber sad indeed…

Anyway, we digress. Amongst the ever changing faces of the Doc, by his side for the past 50 years has been a kick ass female companion.

The reboot of the series for our generation in 2005 gave us the lovely Billie Piper, followed over the years by Karen Gillan and most recently Jenna Louise Coleman.

To be a Doctor Who heroine you had to be a) feisty b) hot with a unique sense of style and c) fall head over heels for the alien Doctor at some point over the time you spent with him.

Here’s our style round up of the fab three… which Doctor Who Companion are you most like? Shop their looks from our list below!


blog.image-doctor.who.bubble4-221113-ukRose: Chavvy Chic

Billie Piper made Rose Tyler a household name when she first hooked up with the Doc in 2005. Sweatshirts, hooped earrings and trainers never looked so good! She was the chav done good with a heart of gold and jewellery to match. She also managed to make dungarees look good so we have to give her props for that!


blog.image-doctor.who.bubble1-221113-ukAmy: Grunge Girl

Former model Karen made a big impression on Whovians when she first joined the series along Matt’s Doctor. Miniskirts (showing off her endless legs we might add!) teamed with hoodies and converse became Amy’s signature look. Her style was vintage mixed in with casual resulting in a grunge style so cool we all wanted to be Amy.


blog.image-doctor.who.bubble2-221113-ukClara: Girl Next Door

Cute tartan dresses, mini boots, polo necks and one killer red dress (you know the one we mean) has cemented Clara as one of the most stylish companions the Doctor has ever had. Cute as a button with dimples to match, Clara is the girl next to door we could all be… waiting patiently for the Doctor to come and whisk us away. Sigh.


Lists We Love: Jewelled Earrings



Lists we Love: Fav Jewels [Jewelled Earrings]

Happy Friday lovely Shopcaders and welcome to the weekend! What have you all got planned? We’re counting down the weeks until Christmas (five if you’re interested?!) with another list of the week.

So what’s the list we love this week over at Shopcade Style HQ? Drum roll please…. its Fav Jewels: Earrings!

Well, well what a list this is! Full of gorgeous bling earrings perfect for completing any look this party season.

Make a statement this Christmas with your accessories and top off a gorgeous dress with some killer heels and a pair of art deco inspired earrings to really go glam.

The days of big earrings being associated with Pat Butcher are long gone and in her place we have the celebs championing some serious bling for every big red carpet event going.

Gems are the biggest trend at this time of year, so go long and dangley or big and bold with studs to be right on the money this festive season.

Find out more about the fashionista and author of blog, Fashion Killer below…



Shopcade Style File: Lauren Coppin-Campbell  

Signature Style: Preppy & Casual

Lovin’ this list ’cause: Big cocktail jewels in earring form? Why wouldn’t you love this list! We are seriously crushing on Lauren’s list of gem and pastel goodies. Check it out for accessories inspo this Christmas quick before they all sell out 😉