Why we wear our boyfriend’s clothes better than he does!

Boyfriend’s Clothes? Nah! Photo Credits:  Pinterest | Pyrex | New Balance | Tumblr

We’re all guilty of it. I bet you’ve even done it more than once. That’s right, we’re all in the same club… the club of girls who steal their other halves’ clothes on a regular basis and furthermore (sshh, whisper it) don’t give a damn!

blog.image-laura.bubble-251113-ukHello, my name is Laura and I am a member of this club and have been for eight years. Phew! I feel better having got that off my chest.

So how about you? What are you guilty of? The occasional theft of his fave tee, his oversized jumper his mum got him and he pretends not to like, or his entire wardrobe?


How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans



Photo Credit: Tumblr | Pinterest

Right now denim is having a moment and not just a fleeting buy-now-wear-to-death-and-discard kind of moment, this is set to be a huge trend for SS14. Jeans are of course leading the way here, but with so many different styles and fits to choose from, for us the boyfriend jean stands out as one of the most popular styles for you to rock.

Wanna know how to wear boyfriend jeans for the new season? Of course you do! Here are some top tips to get you started…

Why Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are popular because they’re like the perfect denims. They are your normal, well-fitted jeans but with a little extra room, complete with all the rips and distressed detail to give them more of an on trend look. This is where they get their name; these jeans are supposed to look like they belong to your boyfriend and you just happened to throw them on for the day, or you know every day for the next month…

Ready for some extra styling tips?


Christmas Bloggers Special: Marta Pozzan talks about her love of Miu Miu, fashion must-haves this season and living the stylish life in L.A.



Marta Pozzan | Itssuperfashion

Visit Marta’s Shopcade and follow her to find out more about her style!

Los Angeles-based Italian fashion blogger and actress Marta Pozzan talks to Shopcade about her love for anything Miu Miu, modeling, her friend Jaime King, and – you guessed it – Christmas shopping! Fashion aficionados, feel free to take notes!

Hi Marta! Thanks for joining us for our Christmas special! What has been the best present you have received? And the one you would rather forget about?

The best present I’ve ever received was a military green Miu Miu coat. I love Miu Miu; it’s my favorite brand ever, so that gift was awesome. The ones that I’d rather forget are mainly earrings or bracelets I get gifted by people I’m not very close to, so they don’t really know my style or taste and I just end up never wearing them.

Do you have an ‘it’ fashion item that you are planning to wear for this year’s holidays?

Yes, indeed. A white furry coat by Topshop I’m so obsessed with! Oversized furry coats are such a must-have this season.

Which film puts you in the spirit of Christmas?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas.” I know it’s a bit creepy but I used to love it as a kid.

What is the one thing that you can’t have enough of during Christmas? On the contrary, what is the one thing that you absolutely can’t stand anymore?

I think Christmas is such a good occasion indulge my sweet tooth; eating all sorts of candies or holiday desserts is just the nicest thing that could happen during Christmas. On the other hand, I’m really bored with all the Christmas decorations like lights and trees, they’re just always the same every year and unless they have an innovative design, I don’t really get impressed anymore.

Dolce & Gabbana were the designers behind the famous Claridge’s Christmas tree in London. Who would you choose to design it and why?

Maison Martin Margiela. We need a Christmas tree that is not so Christmassy for once, but that’s more a piece of art and they’d be perfect for that.

What type of Christmas tree would you be?

All white and clear, made out of glass with milky white lights.