Presenter Stephen Stallone joins our September Style Council!



Stephen Stallone

Former Presenter for MTV and currently presenter for 4Music on #younews and  #videocrush, Stephen is hot property right now! When he’s not busy jet setting around the world to different festivals, he’s back in his hometown filming for Distract TV and 4Music as well as blogging about his life and style!

Find out more from the presenter who has interviewed the likes of Snoop Dogg below and what he’s got his fashion eye on this season!

What’s on your shopping list this season?

Wow! This season first on the list is H By Hudson, Leather Brogue Boots I just got myself a pair. The level of detail is second to none, and I simply love the colour. These bad boys will go with anything and last forever. They represent all that is good about today’s culture without verging on East London hipster desperation.

Also you cant go wrong with leather boots –these are this seasons must.  With this, I add to my list Adidas high tops most recently tweeted about. These represent all things Velcro/ #90s #Olive and are super cool and can be matched with fitted guys joggers, skinny jeans and a plain T and or Jean jacket. YES Velcro high tops are back in a big way! You heard it here first.

My third addition is a black roll neck jumper; these were in years ago and now they’re back! And yes I’m adding this to this season’s list- Just putting it out there.

I’m also adding to the list finally- my Autumn/ Winter Black Francis Lambskin Leather Jacket – no more needs to be said!

What do you think is the thing that makes people’s style really stand out?

Uniqueness and colour- I’m all over olive greens/ and mustards at the moment. But it’s really all about how you wear it that makes the style.

What trends, if any are you loving this season?

Tapered fit smart cuffed joggers, topped with large t-shirt and possibly a sharp slim fitted tailored bomber jacket. I am not brave enough to wear cuffed joggers yet, but it will happen!


More on our August Style Council Judges!


Style Council Judges

 More on the August Style Council Judges | Photo Credits: Neely Reyes | Blonde Ambition | Jai’me Jan

Next week marks the announcement of the August #StyleBattle winners and so we thought we’d delve into the lives of our Style Council Judges, Neely Reyes, Jai’me Jan and DJ Blonde Ambition to find out just why they made the hit list for our August Style Council!

Neely Reyes – Founder and Director of Sapphires Model Management

Neely Reyes is the founder of the award-winning Sapphires Model Management, an agency that has worked with and provided models for some of the biggest names in the industry. Her client list includes brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham, Rimmel, Chloé and NARS to name a few.


Style Council Judges


Find out about her style inspo & what’s got her ticking this season….

What’s on your shopping list this season?

I am looking for a nice pair of high boots!

What do you think is the thing that makes people’s style really stand out?

The right amount of confidence.

What trends, if any are you loving this season?

I really like the tiny trunk handbags and also the modern Victorian trend, as I love lace and unusual sleeving!

Who are your fave designers?

I like so many but my all-time favourites are:

Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Charlotte Olympia

Best high street brands?

ASOS, H&M, Topshop, Next

Whose style do you admire?

Jessica Biel, Jessica Pare, Jenna Dewan, Jessica Alba

Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?

I am sure I have had a few! I recently found a pic of these awful pointy boots I owned. When I say pointy I mean like sword pointy. I looked like a witch!

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe atm?

My Vivienne Westwood Orb Embellished Crocodile Effect Leather Tote and a velvet jacket I purchased from Monsoon. It is so comfortable.

What item could you not live without? Fashion/Beauty item…

My liquid eyeliner for sure!

Most famous person on your twitter/Instagram/in your phone book..

Channing Tatum on my Instagram and I wish he was in my phone book.

What inspires you?

My sisters, my mum, my co-directors Iain and Martin and my friends and colleagues.



Giveaway with Joe Sugg on Shopcade!


 Joe Sugg Shopcade Giveaway

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Good luck guys!

Interview with fashion blogger Anita Anti: Pop goes the world



Love Anita’s look? Visit her Shopcade and follow her to find out more about her style!

What’s not to like about Anita Anti? A fashion photographer and blogger from Ukraine, Anita  managed to combine quirky, pop-inspired looks with the gothic charm of Tim Burton! We chatted with her about photography, crazy fans, and – you guessed it – fashion!

Hi Anita! You can definitely consider us your fans, we love your photos! What is the concept behind your blog? And how did you get started?

Hello! I just want to share my art, my pictures, and things that I like.

Photography seems to be an important part of your life. How do you come up with the concepts for your shoots? 

I’m a professional photographer and photo artist. It’s all about my imagination and my desire to create something beautiful. And it’s important that all the elements of the idea are interrelated.

What kind of photography tips would you like to give to all the fashion bloggers who are out there?

Get a fine camera and learn how to use it.

Aliens invade the planet and you need to convince them to spare your blog. What do you say to them?

I’d ask them to keep it as a place where you can see a small piece of art.


Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lizzy Gardner


Stylist and art director Lizzy Gardner is always looking for inspiration in beautiful or unusual images, that she then tries to develop into concepts that reflect the trends of the past and the present. Having gone from catwalk styling to editorial fashion shoots, Lizzy also brings her journalistic experience on board when it comes to offering advice on style. Something that definitely comes in handy when you need to tell women to be less impulse shoppers (we are all guilty and you know it)!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lizzy Gardner

How do you come up with concepts for photo shoots?
Ideas come to me all day, often when I’m doing the most mundane of tasks. I surround myself with things that inspire me, and collect images I find beautiful or unusual. Ideas need to be developed to turn them into concepts and in turn concepts and having an appreciation of both past and current fashion trends and genres is important.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed?
I think it starts before they get dressed! The biggest mistake women make is impulse shopping (of which I am totally guilty of)… sometimes we need to stop and visualise the whole outfit before buying that totally on trend piece that will probably still be hanging in our wardrobes the following year with the tags still attached. And learning what suits you rather than following every trend.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spending on cheaper items for a more diverse look?
This totally depends on the individual and their style. For me it’s a bit of both, having a few key, high quality pieces that have longevity and that can be updated with less expensive items. Blazers are my splurge staple – they go with just about everything.

What are the things that you look for when purchasing clothes and accessories?
I know what suits me, so it’s more of a case of me knowing what to avoid. I tend to buy whole outfits or items that will go with separates I already have. I like tailoring to be lined, otherwise it can look cheap. Accessories – I think you can never have enough!

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?
Why would I do that, the world would be a dull place! Although, I would like to press a button and stop people wearing ass showing denim cutoff shorts – get over it!

Define your style in a few words…
Feminine, emerging, balanced.

What’s your failsafe fashion piece this season?
The pencil skirt – worn edgy with a luxe tee and flats for the day, or dressed up with stilettos and a cami for the evening.

What’s your colour for this season and why?
Orange, it’s the new red!

How has your taste evolved over the years?
My style has evolved as I have learnt what suits me. Also having the confidence to push the boundaries, pairing things that ordinarily you wouldn’t think would go together, but somehow work. Fashion moves too fast to have regrets.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with?
I think we’re all waiting on the dress that will make us look like we’ve lost 7lbs. So maybe illusion dresses!

Fashion Week Special

Do you have a favourite designer and why?
Phoebe Philo for a number of reasons: her work ethic is something that resonates with my own (she is a self-proclaimed control-freak who is passionate about what she does). She single-handedly turned around the fortunes of the French fashion house, Celine. And the British designer’s clean, stripped back signature is oh so covetable.

Which city has the best fashion week and why?
London, of course. Burberry Prorsum, Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane, Erdem, Unique, Mulberry, Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford – need I say more?!

Which trend were you happy to see back on the catwalks for FW13?
Stilettos – I’m so over platform soles. To me, stilettos will always be the epitome of timeless style.

Who is the most stylish celebrity according to you right now?
Carine Roitfeld – it’s hard to look as effortlessly stylish as she does; it’s not something that can be taught. Her look is sexy but not in an overly obvious way, you just want to be in her gang!

Name: Lizzy Gardner
Website link:

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Temporary Secretary


From presenting quirky, fun jewellery to featuring a somewhat grumpy (but definitely adorable) cat named Oscar, Sarah’s fashion and beauty blog offers an inspiring, fashionable adventure to all of us. Voted ‘best fashion blog’ by Look Magazine, Temporary:Secretary has a dash of humour and a light-heartedness that bonds well with the abundance of great style and beauty tips that can be found there. We managed to pick Sarah’s brain and learn about her favourite trends, style icons, and her love affair with New York!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Temporary Secretary
How long are you planning to be a Temporary Secretary?
I’d love to be blogging for as long as I can! In which case, I should probably start considering about changing my blog name to “Permanent Secretary”.

Aliens invade the planet and you need to convince them to spare your blog. What do you say to them?
I’d walk up to them and say “Let’s do a make over! My main thrill in life is a makeover” and if they don’t get the Clueless reference, then sorry, you can’t sit with us…

What’s the funniest email or comment you have received from a reader?
I get very lovely emails and messages from readers. The weirdest email was from a brand who wanted me to write about them. They didn’t do anything bad, and they were also very wonderful people, it was just bad targeting. I won’t name them, but basically they sold things like gimp masks and whips. Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just not really my kind of thing!

If your cat Oscar could speak, what would he say about the world of fashion? Is there a rivalry between him and Karl Lagerfeld’s cat?
I’m not sure if there’s rivalry between him and Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, but he sure is jealous of Grumpy Cat. I think Oscar and Grumpy could potentially be BFF’s. They would get together and laugh at how silly fashion is.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Temporary Secretary - Oscar
What is the best and the worst part of being a blogger?
Best part is being interviewed by Shopcade, of course! :) My favourite part of being a blogger is getting to know the community, and even working with a few of the bloggers. I also love working with brands who are clued up on how blogs work. My blog is like my baby and what I put on there will ultimately reflect me as a person so I’m precious with who I work with and what content I create. Only the best will do for my wonderful readers! Nothing really stands out enough to make me mention a worst part of being a blogger. Probably the negativity that surrounds the community from people who don’t quite get it.

Define your style in a few words…
I don’t put that much effort into my outfits, I don’t make it a point to be a certain way. As long as it is smart and presentable, then I’m happy. I used to think that I had a pretty normal sense of style, but then when people comment on things I wear by saying such things like “that skirt… my grandma would wear it”, I do wonder where I’m going wrong!

Who’s your style icon?
Kate Middleton and Zooey Deschanel.

What’s your failsafe fashion piece this season?
A trench coat. Classically British!

What’s your colour for this season? I like all the red tartan I’m seeing this season!

Fashion Week Special

Milan, London, Paris or New York for a Fashion Week?
New York – the best city in the world for EVERYTHING!

Let’s say you are a DJ for a catwalk show, what is your ideal soundtrack?
SleepyHead by Passion Pit. It was used on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week a couple of years ago and it was so good. Goose pimples and everything!

Who is your favourite street style photographer?
I don’t know any other than the popular “mainstream” ones. When I first started to read blogs, all I read were street style ones. Now I only read personal style/fashion blogs. I get more style inspiration for them.

What’s the one trend that you really don’t want to see again on the catwalks?
I’m open to all, but I don’t really like anything furry.

Name: Sarah W (a.k.a. Temporary:Secretary)
Blog link:

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor


With her mantra being “when you look good you feel good”, Lennie is a fashion stylist who divides her time between London and Liverpool. An active blogger, she has collaborated with a variety of media outlets including InStyle and the Independent. Here she talks about how she managed to become a thinner, sportier version of herself (that led her to become a stylist), the essential items in a woman’s wardrobe, and how to accessorise properly.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor

How did you decide to become a stylist?
It’s something that came very naturally to me. I went through a phase of overindulging that over time led to me becoming overweight. I remember looking through the glossy mags and spotting a stunning model wearing a well-fitted dress and saying that I’d love to be able to pull it off as well.

Before long I was training in the gym, working on my diet and generally changing my lifestyle and eating habits. The weight soon dropped off, I went back to changing rooms, and I remember my friends telling me how amazing my new body and style looked. It kind of escalated from there as I realised I had to take care of my new body in the best possible way. This led to an increase in my knowledge about fashion and wanting to pursue a career in helping others improve their personal style and fashion sense as well.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed?
Not knowing their body shape and what works best for them. The ideal is to create the perfect hourglass figure. Shoulders and hips should aim to be in proportion. Everyone has something good about their body, it’s my job to show them what that is. You have to think that a fashion stylist is to clothes what a make-up artist is to a face.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spend money in buying a lot of cheaper items for a more diverse look?

I think a lot of women have to be realistic about their budget. We can’t all go out and be fitted in Armani or Calvin Klein everyday of the week. So the trick is to purchase key items, like a little black dress, a wide black belt, a pair of nude, black, and tan court shoes, navy/black jeans, a good pencil skirt (preferably black) and a crisp white shirt. These clothes are “evergreen”. They will be in your wardrobe for years to come. The next trick is to then accessorise to build around your wardrobe with what’s on trend. Remember that it’s important to look effortlessly chic, and it’s you who are wearing the clothes NOT the opposite!

What are the things that you look for when purchasing clothes and accessories?
Always keep in mind your body shape, height, skin tone, and hair colour. Think what brings out your best features, as the right colour can lift you and the wrong one can bring you down. What might look good on one person might not look good on another.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Heels instead of flats. It doesn’t necessary have to be stilettos, wedges can do the same job of making you walk better and giving you an instant lean look. You instantly loose 7lb from wearing heels, as it elongates your body and gives an overall better appearance.

Define your style in a few words…

Glamorous, yet sophisticated and totally effortless…

What’s your fail-safe fashion piece this season?

Has to be a pair of polka dot wedges, as polka dots are still on trend and I’ve pretty much mixed them with everything in my wardrobe.

What’s your colour for this season?

For this current season, its fuchsia pink. Mix it with whites, greys, blacks and beiges.

The one thing that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing is…?

Flats, I just don’t wear flats, has to be some form of heel for me. What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with? A truly comfortable stiletto. I believe that one thing that puts a lot of women off them is… the lack of comfort!

Fashion Week Special

What’s in your Shopcade wish list for this FW?

Loving this leopard print satchel bag from Asos

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - satchel









Also having a love affair with platform heels by Charlotte Olympia – Simply Stunning!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - heels











Do you have a favourite designer and why?
Marc Jacobs. The main reason is that what he starts others follow. You know when someone’s wearing a current piece from Marc Jacobs as he’s always so on trend.

Which city has the best fashion week and why?
New York. Don’t get me wrong, I love London Fashion week and it now has all the glitz and glamour you would expect from a Fashion Week, but I just love Marc Jacobs.

Name: Lennie Taylor

Amazing Amy Tells All


Amazing Trendsetter, Amy Zwaan, was recently interviewed by Metro and now she’s telling us all about how she uses Shopcade to suit her lifestyle…

So, Amy, what do you use Shopcade for?

For me it makes my shopping easier as so many brands that I love are already in one place, and I can add products from my favourite websites too if they aren’t already on Shopcade. It’s also great to search for something specific and compare the deals and other people’s comments against all the retailers.

I can see what I want clearly by creating lists of things of things I like so it’s easy to actually see how an outfit would look and what the best price would be for it.

What’s your favourite thing about Shopcade?

It really saves me money.

Shopcade allows me to add the things I want, and then shows me the best deal for them. It’s great that I can create lists of things I want for when payday rolls in so everything I want is in one place, not dotted all over the internet!

The biggest benefit I find from using Shopcade is it stops me from impulse buying! Instead I can easily compare deals across different retailers. Long gone are the days where I trail the high street and buy the first thing that looks about right, regardless of the cost.

What deals have you found on Shopcade?

Recently I found the most amazing deal on this gorgeous bunny lamp from I paid full price for one over Christmas and fell in love with it so much I needed another one (got to have the matching set) so it was even better to find it on offer too!

Girl Meets Dress, Not On The High Street and Paul’s Boutique are some of my favourite brands that usually have brilliant deals on their products.

What’s the last thing you bought through Shopcade?

My mum’s birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I created a whole list of gift ideas and shared it with my family so we could co-ordinate presents she would love as well as saving ourselves some money (to reimburse into other gifts of course)!

Like what you see? Follow Amy on Shopcade here and check out her lovely lists and amazing adds.


Shopcade YouNow Live Giveaway!


Greetings Shopcaders! We would like to announce our Live Shopcade Giveaway on the platform YouNow!

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During our Shopcade Live Giveaway, you will have a chance to win 3 great prizes: 

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Shopcade Blogger Spotlight: Rosie Glow


Rosie Blake is a 22 year-old fashion lover from London, studying music in Manchester, but spending most of her time fashion blogging! Her blog Rosie Glow is full of creative outfit posts, daring styling and fashion tips, wishlists and DIY ideas. This site is a typical ‘what I wore today’ blog with a creative twist, and the perfect site to visit for some outfit inspiration and a bit of fashion chat. Visit for some serious fashion envy.


What do you do in your spare time?
Fashion blogging, listening to music, singing/playing guitar, photography, seeing friends and shopping!

What is your favourite shopping destination near to you?
London Oxford Street

How would you describe your Shopcade?
A mish-mash of anything and everything that takes my fancy – from shoes to dresses, bargains to designer clobber I could only dream of buying!

What are your three favourite products on Shopcade?

Mulberry Tassel Bag Heavy Suede, Rayban Wayfarers, and all the Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

What trends are rocking your world at the moment?
Leather sleeved jackets, studded biker boots, and anything baroque print.

Which Shopcades do you take inspiration from?
Viktoija Grigaite

Which celebrities do you take inspiration from?
Fearne Cotton and Kate Moss.

What three words summarise you?
Fun-loving, stylish and creative.

Visit Rosie’ Shopcade now