Five Of The Best Celeb Power Bobs Right Now

celeb power bobs
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There is a new ‘do right now sweeping the celeb world right now, with just about every A- Lister jumping aboard the ‘Power Bob’ craze. So much more than just a shoulder length cut, the power bob is offish the hottest look of the season!

Case in point? One of Beyonce’s recent Instagram post generated over 1 Million likes with the subject being, you guessed it, the debut of her new wavy bob.

With this in mind, it got us thinking about the other ‘Power Bob’ players of the celeb world, who have chopped their locks and gained column inches instead.

Here’s five of the best celeb power bobs around…

5. Beyonce: When things get rough, ditch the extensions. This seems to be Beyonce’s motto, as once again she has shed her long locks, debuting a cute wavy bob in its place and generating something like 14k comments in a matter of hours. “Marriage issues, what marriage issues? I have new hair and that is MUCH more interesting!” is what we imagine she was thinking as she posted this pic!

4. Emma Stone: Suddenly oh so sexy now she has chopped her locks! We’ve seen you Miss Stone, casually smirking over your shoulder at the Emmy’s, making sweatpants look chic and generally looking like the cat who got the cream with your new ‘do. We heart. Lots.


Shopcade Dates: Stevie Ruffs, Cheyenne Davide & Ellie Connor-Phillips


Shopcade Dates Stevie Ruffs, Cheyenne Davide & Ellie Connor-Phillips

Photo Credit: @fashionfabs

Meet Cheyenne Davide, Stevie Ruffs & Ellie Connor-Phillips of roseandvintage, our socially savvy part of the July Shopcade Style Council, who we took out for cocktails and all-American bites at Steam & Rye in London’s banking district.

Meet Cheyenne:

Cheyenne is a 21 year old fashion blogger and DJ currently presenting an online music show called VVV for VEVO UK and has a Saturday drive time show on Reprezent radio. We asked her a few questions about all things fashion in her life!


Cheyenne Davide

Describe your style…

Urban orientated

Who’s your style inspiration/icon?

My mum

Top 3 fave fashion brands?

Educate Elevate, Monki, Adidias.

What’s your one piece of style advice?

Be yourself & wear whatever you feel comfortable with.


LFW Day 5: Catwalk Round Up




Well that’s it for another season, LFW is officially over, but before the spotlight shifts to Milan, let’s take a sneaky peek at the highlights from the fifth and final day.

After the power players (Burberry, Christopher Kane) stomped all over ‘Mad Monday’, this was most definitely ‘Terrific Tuesday’ (see what I did there?!).

Fashion East, Meadham Kirchhoff, Simone Rocha and Anya Hindmarch to name just a few that closed LFW for another season to much aclaim.

Here’s my view on the top shows of the day…

Giles: Cara has been pretty selective this fashion week, walking in only a handful of shows, which included this one. Surprisingly though, she wasn’t the name on everyone’s lips today; rumoured Harry Styles’ squeeze, Kendall Jenner was the one who took centre stage. Looking gorgeous in a monochrome asymmetric dress, complete with poker straight punk locks and topped off with electric blue eye make-up, she looked every inch the celeb model. Other highlights included the cute buckled shoes and loafers each model sported, giving the runway a low key, approachable feel. Or maybe Giles just saw the Sibling models going flying earlier this week and decided to play it safe in flats?!


The Five B’s: Which Winter Hat Are You?!

hats 5
Instagram | beyonce | caradelevingne | camilamackintosh

‘Snow is fallin’ all around me!’ Oh no wait it hasn’t started to snow yet… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to dig out the winter woollies and purchase that all important new winter hat!

The question is…. Which winter hat are you? What? You didn’t realise that your style was completely defined by the kind of hat that you wore?! Well, that simply won’t do. Let us school you on the five B’s of the hat world…

Bobble Hat: Geeky cool at its very best. Once reserved for the nerds of this world who were more worried about keeping warm than being fashionable, the humble bobble hat has made a return to the spotlight. You will either be the person that has worn one for years and doesn’t give a damn, or a newbie cashing in on the hot look this season. MIC’s Millie Mackintosh & Kelly Brook are the celeb messiahs of this trend, so look to them for some style inspo if you’re struggling to find your bobble this season.

Bowler: You’re too cool for school; a fashionista who always looks good and the bowler hat you just happen to have lying around completes any look effortlessly. You are always up on the latest trends, like to make an effort for any occasion and love nothing more than checking out the catwalk and interpreting it for the high street.

Beanie: Laid back and relaxed is your style, as evident by the slouchy beanie you just happened to don this chilly morn to a) keep your head warm and b) cover up your bed hair. You’re in good company here as Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are BIG fans too.

Beret: Bonjour! What do you mean you’re not French?! Oh, so it turns out anyone can wear a beret nowadays and isn’t just reserved for the chic style queens of Paris. Hurray for you, you little fashionista you. Championed by the likes of Clueless’ Cher (the epitome of cool) Rachel Bilson and Lea Michele, the beret is a firm favourite this season to top off your sleek pencil skirt and fluffy jumper. Et voila!

Baseball: Well hello there you street style cutie you! Baseball caps are no longer relegated to hiding messy hair, going to the gym, hiding from the paparazzi etc. These days the size (don’t get any ideas you naughty readers!), style and brand are all that matter with celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce and Cara- yep her again- all being big fans. It’s fair to surmise you’re at home in your baseball cap, jeans and sweats, but like to think a cool bomber and heels will smarten up your style if required.


The Goss: Victoria Beckham edits French Vogue



Victoria Beckham | Instagram

Victoria Beckham guest edits French Vogue: Is there nothing this woman can’t do?! Seriously we love VB massive amounts at the moment and here’s why… married to the most beautiful man on the planet, has four impossibly well behaved children, creator of a stunning fashion line which has won every award going, and now, well guest editor and chief of French Vogue. The impossibly talented Mrs B worked with magazine’s editor Emmanuelle Alt to create photo shoots featuring her and David, plus cool interviews. Snap up your copy pronto!

Julien Macdonald confirms for London Fashion Weekend: Julien Macdonald has been confirmed for the designer catwalk show schedule as part of the London Fashion Weekend. The fab designer (he of the naked side dresses worn by Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding and Abbey Clancy) will show his stunner of a collection on Saturday 22nd February. Tickets can be bought now to see the AMAZING SS14 range at both 2pm and 6pm. Better be quick, they won’t be around for long!

Cath Kidston comes to Piccadilly: How exciting! Queen of the kitsch rose print is opening a new store in Piccadilly this week! We know, exciting right?! We’re loving her Christmas jumpers,accessories and hot water bottles this festive season, so we’ll certainly be stocking up on these by the bucket load. The first 180 people in the queue for today’s opening will receive a surprise gift card, so start planning your queuing tactic now!

We Heart snowy fashion: It’s December, which means we are hoping and praying for snow. We mean, what is prettier than a snowy wonderland at Christmas? Nothing! Hence why we are loving some cosy snow fashion. Check out this list full of winter warmers here!

blog.image-bubble-daily.goss.2-031213-ukFashion Ed’s pick of the day: It’s time to turn your attention to beauty this festive season… unpolished nails simply won’t do! We love this Nars limited edition arabesque nail polish from House of Fraser, which is understated enough for you to wear to death over Christmas, but won’t look out of place on your nails come 2nd Jan.

Shopcade gets Spooky with Kate Nash!



Broadway musicals, vampires, Willow Smith, and vintage clothing all in one interview? For our Halloween special we get to chat all about music, style and horror films with one of our favourite British pop stars, Kate Nash. Oh, and did we mention that she would gladly fight with zombies if she had to? Our kinda gal!

Last year you did a stage version of the Buffy musical episode “Once More With Feeling” for Halloween. What are your plans for this year?

This year I’m in Chicago as part of my American tour. We are all collectively trying to figure out what to go as. There have been talks of Anchorman! We’ll have a day off and my friends’ band FIDLAR are playing just by chance, so it should be awesome!

Who is your favourite villain, style-wise?

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because he’s rock ‘n’ roll and a hot villain with a heart and a sense of humour.

What’s the creepiest soundtrack you have ever heard and is there a horror film you would like to write music for?

Probably Nosferatu is the scariest. But, The Exorcist and Halloween are scary too. It would have been cool to do the music for the original Black Christmas, or for The Munsters!


What about your most epic costume failure and the one time that you really nailed it? I once went as a prostitute…when I was fifteen. And I think my evil clown was the most epic.

What would you describe as your perfect horror film setting? Zombies, aliens, who would you like to fight against?

Zombies are the scariest for sure. I’m so into The Walking Dead. Aliens are the coolest! And this 80s film, ‘Night of the Creeps’ has both! I really like Strange Behaviour aka Dead Kids, which is kind of psycho killer/bad medicine/teenage horror, and there are really creepy masks too. My all-time favourite horror movie though has to be Ginger Snaps. Werewolves and the transformation from girl to woman and girl to werewolf is genius! I think I would like to fight zombies.

Ok, time to talk music. What are the basic ideas behind your new album?

‘Girl Talk’ is definitely a pop record, but I’ve grown and my sound has evolved, so it does feel different. Since I wrote the whole album on the bass, it has more of a raw punk feel, but it’s full of colour, pop harmonies and melodies. It’s been nearly a decade since my first album ‘Made of Bricks’ came out and my voice has matured and can do so much more. I can shout and scream, which I love! I needed a way to be loud and powerful, as I went through a lot personally last year. Music is my craft and my escapism, and ‘Girl Talk’ is my best work to date.

You got to spend time in Los Angeles with Willow Smith. Can you tell us about it?

Willow had been doing some collaborations with Rihanna and Beyoncé, and when she decided she wanted to write some of her own material, her management got in touch with me. I was invited to the Smith house in LA and it was amazing! She is by far the coolest, most stylish 13-year-old that I’ve met. She knows who she is and wants to be. She’s just this cool punk who is starting her career in the music industry and it was fun working with her.


You would like to do more about the lack of girl bands. What are your plans?

I found out that only 14% of PRS goes to female songwriters and other depressing statistics in relation to women and the music industry, which made me want to get more girls into music. I learned about rock ‘n’ roll camps in New York and Portland and it really inspired me. I wanted to contribute in some way to the United Kingdom and the future of the music industry, so I approached six schools in the UK about starting after school clubs. I visited the schools for about 18 months and worked with the girls on self-esteem issues and lyric sessions, and we had guitar, bass and drum lessons and encouraged them to write their own material. It’s something that I will continue doing as it’s an important part of changing the industry – through education.

You went from the music studio to the film set in order to star in the movie Powder Room. While you are no stranger to acting, what did it feel like this time? Is acting something that you would like to explore more in the future?

I studied acting before I went into music, so it’s not entirely foreign to me and prior to Powder Room, I was in a film called Syrup and one called Greetings from Tim Buckley with Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley. Powder Room was particularly fun as it’s a British comedy, and I got to work with some amazing girls: Sheridan Smith, Jaime Winstone and Oona Chaplin. I would definitely like to explore more on the acting side. I like performing and entertaining people, whether it’s on stage or in front of the camera.

Could you tell us about Only Gold, the musical that you are planning to create? Where did you get the inspiration from?

The Broadway musical is based on the music from all three of my albums and I’ll be co-writing the musical based on my songs. The story is about a maharajah in Paris in the 1920s, making the choice between love and material things.

So, let’s chat about fashion now! Your style has evolved over the years. What has changed and why?

Everyone’s style changes and evolves. When I first started I was a teenager, so thankfully I don’t look exactly the same! I really enjoy experimenting with fashion. It’s an important part of my stage show. I like mixing high-end fashion with emerging designers and vintage, and my current hairstyle is inspired by Diane Lane’s character Corrine ‘Third Degree’ Burns in the 1980’s film, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains’.


What’s in your shopping bag for this season?

I love almost everything from Bora Aksu’s SS14 collection and I’m having a blast wearing Dutch designer Bas Kosters on tour, and I always like sunglasses and shoes from Miu Miu.

You are a big fan of vintage clothing, and you like shopping at places like Paper Dress Vintage. Care to tell us more about your passion for vintage?

When I first discovered vintage clothing, it was an epiphany. Vintage silhouettes suit my body type, and the older fabrics and embellishments can often trump what is available from contemporary design.

What kind of combinations make you cringe when you see them?

I guess I’m not a fashionista in that sense. I like when clothes show someone’s personality, even if it’s not hip or cool, I think it’s cute.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to discover?

The perfect mod orange two-piece. And white shoes to go with it.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Whatever they want. Fashion and style is about personal expression and with so much choice available, you can be anything you want, sartorially and otherwise.

We couldn’t agree more!

Check Kate’s website, My Ignorant Youth here.

The Goss: Ellie Goulding Goes for Gold in Sexy Dress



1. Ellie Goulding does a Miley! Ok well not exactly, but did you see her half naked appearance on the X Factor last night?! Girlfriend was all about flashing the flesh in that gold sparkly number leaving next to nothing to the imagination. Beyoncé first rocked this Julien Macdonald number on her Mrs Carter tour, but we’re not entirely convinced with Ellie’s attempt at sexing up her image. What do you think?

2. Liam from One Direction is still pretty annoyed about getting his boxers (a fetching shade of red no less) pinched in Oz. Price you pay for being one fifth of the world’s biggest boy band Liam, girls will take liberties! Although wearing them was maybe a step too far…

3. Lorna Simpson exits The X Factor in possibly the dullest opening to the live shows ever. Loving the return of Mrs O though! Her snogging Gary Barlow was priceless and Nicole is as fierce as ever when it comes to looking fabulous.

4. Who are Overload? Well, they are the newest boy band in the UK (yeah cos we really need another one of them!) but still, discovered on You Tube promising a meet and greet if they get 100k followers on twitter results in them trending. We girls are a fickle bunch.

5. Queen of the Twerk Miley Cyrus proves that stripping off and riding a giant wrecking ball naked results in a UK number 1 album and single. You’ve got to hand it to the gal, she knows what she’s doing. Trashy image= lots of record sales. Wannabes take note…

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