Summer Highs with #fbloggers


Summer highs

All Photography by Daniel Towle

Summer has well and truly peaked, the evenings may have more of a chill to them but were not pulling out the coat and boots just yet- we’ve still got Reading and Leeds Festival, open air cinema screenings and BBQ’s galore! Trends have been generous with a mix of loud prints, contrasting textures and colour clashes. We got together with our sun loving #fbloggers to show off their summer highlights….

AX Paris 6

Shopcade with bloggers Angharad and Charlotte

The bolder and the brighter the better. Florals have taken on a variety of new patterns and forms, floral crowns have been a huge one over festival season as well as prints, reefs, on shades, on bags- pretty much wherever we can possibly fit them!

AXPARISkimonoKimonos landed with a heavy weight this season! Not only did we have the biggest selection of colours, shapes and styles, sales this year broke all time records! Fashionistas cant get enough of the throw-it-on instant glamour piece that has totally carried us through summer!


How Do You Wear Your Bling – Gold vs Silver?



#8 How Do You Wear Your Bling?

Heart of Gold vs. Silver Lining

True accessory junkies know the hardest decision of all is which metal to choose. While our personal allegiance is to gold, we cant help but pick up a silver cocktail ring or bangle to add to our arm party. If you’re planning on giving some bling to a pal this xmas and need some direction on which hue to choose, you’ll love these lists.

The results are in and the winner is…Heart of Gold!

Thank you to everyone who followed the list and congrats to

Jill Wieser

winner of the $75 Henri Bendel gift card

We’re super excited to see what Jill buys with her gift card. In the meantime check out her Shopcade for some great accessories gift guide inspo! Make sure to stay tuned for a chance to win another amazing prize with our next #GiftThis theme coming atcha every Tuesday and Friday!

Up next…Square One vs. Get Weird?

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, let us give you a helping hand on the third round of lists going under the spotlight…


Crazy Cat Lady Style. It Ain’t Easy Being Purr-fect.


It’s the age old argument – Are you a cat person or dog person? As much as we’d like to simply answer that we’re “animal people” we have to say there is something alluring about kitty cat swag that ole Spot can’t give us.

When they’re kittens they have the cutest, tiniest faces and fuzzy little tails. Oh, right, and that wet nose. And, the soothing sound of their purrs when they’re on your lap watching Pretty Little Liars with you. The way they follow you into the bathroom whenever you go, even if it’s just for a minute…


You caught us. We’re cat people. Certified crazy cat ladies. If the white fur all over our shirts hasn’t already given us away just come over to our apartment. The figurines, feline-branded dinner plates, and, of course, the litter box surely will.

It’s just so hard sometimes to fess up. Fellow CCLs, you know what I mean. There is a stigma attached to us. Something like we’re homebodies with frumpy style. It’s not true (most of the time). Just ask the gazillions of Grumpy Cat fans or people waiting in line to meet Lil’ Bub at his US tour. Maybe they aren’t the best example of fashion but the growing number of cat-cessories tell another tail. See what we did there?!

From ironic novelty tees (our fave is the “Feline Meow“, a play on the Celine logo, that you may have seen a few fashion bloggers rocking) to fancy pearl-encrusted cat ear headbands, designers across the board are paws-ing to give cats their crown back.

Three Quirky Cool Fashion Accessories Designers To Know



Clothes might be having a neutral moment, with all the nude, black, and all-white-everything…but when it comes to fashion accessories, we’re totally in quirky mode with pineapples, ethnic embellishments, and a (whole lotta) love slogans that are giving this season’s basic outfits a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.

Ahead, we’ve listed our jewelry picks from three accessory designers – Boticca, Jules Smith, and  Adornia Jewelry – that are currently making our midi-ringed hands shake with excitement, from tassel earrings that are far from classic to some punk rock spiked bracelets that will add a little edge to your arm party. Best part – all of them are on SALE!

Save up to 20% off* at check out. Because, I mean, you can never really have enoughhh bracelets.

*-  Jules Smith discount can be redeemed on the rewards page.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor


With her mantra being “when you look good you feel good”, Lennie is a fashion stylist who divides her time between London and Liverpool. An active blogger, she has collaborated with a variety of media outlets including InStyle and the Independent. Here she talks about how she managed to become a thinner, sportier version of herself (that led her to become a stylist), the essential items in a woman’s wardrobe, and how to accessorise properly.

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor

How did you decide to become a stylist?
It’s something that came very naturally to me. I went through a phase of overindulging that over time led to me becoming overweight. I remember looking through the glossy mags and spotting a stunning model wearing a well-fitted dress and saying that I’d love to be able to pull it off as well.

Before long I was training in the gym, working on my diet and generally changing my lifestyle and eating habits. The weight soon dropped off, I went back to changing rooms, and I remember my friends telling me how amazing my new body and style looked. It kind of escalated from there as I realised I had to take care of my new body in the best possible way. This led to an increase in my knowledge about fashion and wanting to pursue a career in helping others improve their personal style and fashion sense as well.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed?
Not knowing their body shape and what works best for them. The ideal is to create the perfect hourglass figure. Shoulders and hips should aim to be in proportion. Everyone has something good about their body, it’s my job to show them what that is. You have to think that a fashion stylist is to clothes what a make-up artist is to a face.

Which strategy is best according to you: investing in some quality, yet expensive, staples or spend money in buying a lot of cheaper items for a more diverse look?

I think a lot of women have to be realistic about their budget. We can’t all go out and be fitted in Armani or Calvin Klein everyday of the week. So the trick is to purchase key items, like a little black dress, a wide black belt, a pair of nude, black, and tan court shoes, navy/black jeans, a good pencil skirt (preferably black) and a crisp white shirt. These clothes are “evergreen”. They will be in your wardrobe for years to come. The next trick is to then accessorise to build around your wardrobe with what’s on trend. Remember that it’s important to look effortlessly chic, and it’s you who are wearing the clothes NOT the opposite!

What are the things that you look for when purchasing clothes and accessories?
Always keep in mind your body shape, height, skin tone, and hair colour. Think what brings out your best features, as the right colour can lift you and the wrong one can bring you down. What might look good on one person might not look good on another.

If you could press a button and control everyone’s taste, what would you make people wear?

Heels instead of flats. It doesn’t necessary have to be stilettos, wedges can do the same job of making you walk better and giving you an instant lean look. You instantly loose 7lb from wearing heels, as it elongates your body and gives an overall better appearance.

Define your style in a few words…

Glamorous, yet sophisticated and totally effortless…

What’s your fail-safe fashion piece this season?

Has to be a pair of polka dot wedges, as polka dots are still on trend and I’ve pretty much mixed them with everything in my wardrobe.

What’s your colour for this season?

For this current season, its fuchsia pink. Mix it with whites, greys, blacks and beiges.

The one thing that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing is…?

Flats, I just don’t wear flats, has to be some form of heel for me. What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently from a fashion designer to come up with? A truly comfortable stiletto. I believe that one thing that puts a lot of women off them is… the lack of comfort!

Fashion Week Special

What’s in your Shopcade wish list for this FW?

Loving this leopard print satchel bag from Asos

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - satchel









Also having a love affair with platform heels by Charlotte Olympia – Simply Stunning!

Fashion Stylist Q&A: Lennie Taylor - heels











Do you have a favourite designer and why?
Marc Jacobs. The main reason is that what he starts others follow. You know when someone’s wearing a current piece from Marc Jacobs as he’s always so on trend.

Which city has the best fashion week and why?
New York. Don’t get me wrong, I love London Fashion week and it now has all the glitz and glamour you would expect from a Fashion Week, but I just love Marc Jacobs.

Name: Lennie Taylor

Our Fashion Week Diary: Street Spotted


With Fashion Week well under way, we’ve been asking you (our street style fashionistas) about your favourite trends and inspiration for next season.

Click on the pictures to take a look at the answers.

Fashion Week - Wear It Like MollyFashion Week - Wear It Like MatthieuFashion Week - Wear It Like SallyFashion Week - Wear It Like Samuel







Q: Define your style in one word (or two…)

A: Boho chic

Q: Who’s your style icon?

A: Kate Bosworth

Q: What’s your fail-safe piece of clothing?

A: Vintage boots and a simple tee

Q: What colour will you be seen in this season?

A: Black


Q: Define your style in one word (or two…)

A: Vintage

Q: Who’s your style icon?

A: Roger Moore

Q: What’s your fail-safe piece of clothing/accessory?

A: Brown vintage bag

Q: What colour will you be seen in this season?

A: Pea green


Q: Define your style in one word (or two…)

A: Preppy boho

Q: What’s your fail-safe piece of clothing?

A: Navy trousers

Q: What colour will you be seen in this season?

A: Navy blue


Q: Define your style in one word (or two…)

A: Sartorial

Q: Who’s your style icon?

A: Dan Rookwood

Q: What’s your fail-safe piece of clothing?

A: Denim jacket

Q: What colour will you be seen in this season?

A: Winter pastels



Shopcade Spotlight: New York Fashion Week – BCBG



This week designers, tastemakers, and celebrities are descending on New York City to get their first look at trends for Spring 2014 at New York Fashion Week.

The first major show of the event, BCBG Max Azria kicked off the event right with designs that were light and conventionally spring and more glam pieces featuring dark florals.

Fall 2013

Though you have to wait until spring to wear these looks BCBG has a huge selection of looks for fall that feature a variety of the hottest trends.




Some of the biggest trends this season can be found in both the BCBG Max Azria line and the BCBGeneration line, both featured at Nordstrom. A few must haves include the looks featured above: the ‘Wallis’ bootie, faux-leather fit and flare dress, and the tweed and faux-leather military jacket.

For more shop BCBG fall looks from our Shopcade widget below and stay tuned for more brand spotlights throughout Fashion Week. Also be sure to enter Shopcade’s Fashion Week contest on Instagram. Just take a photo of yourself wearing your favorite fall look and tag it #shopcadeNYFW to enter to win $250 to Bloomingdales.

Shopcade Spotlight: Nordstrom’s ‘Anniversary Sale’ Fall Essentials



07-21-13-placement-01-cid071913621-juniors-fashionbash-7-adam-67bbb12b-db1e-4895-acae-a1e701888c42-fil-fileYou may be sweating it out in shorts and flips flops right now but believe it or not, fall is right around the corner.

The best way to kick off any season is by adding a few new essentials to your wardrobe. With Shopcade and Nordstrom’s annual “Anniversary Sale’ you can do just that — at a discount.

The ‘Anniversary Sale’ is an annual event at Nordstrom that celebrates the merchants birthday as well as the beginning of fall by marking down brand new designer merchandise for fall. But after August 4 all the prices go back up not coming down again on designer product until the items are marked down as the season ends.

Don’t know what you need for fall? Here are a few essentials you will need as the seasons change:


Light sweaters are great transitional pieces. L-R Halogen, Caslon, and Vince Camuto.


Lightweight sweaters

There is no better transitional piece than a lightweight sweater. You can find some colorful pieces from lower-priced brands like Halogen and Caslon to wear now as it gets chilly in the evenings and in the fall over button-ups and with jeans. Cobalt is a great color to take you from season to season.

Frye boots





A great pair of neutral boots is essential for any season! Nordstrom has a great selection ranging from flat booties to heeled knee-highs in a variety of materials and colors. A great basic to invest in is a pair of great flat knee or calf-high boots like a pair by leather goods brand ‘Frye.’ Though the price point for a pair from Frye may be a little high the classic boots will last you years and never go out of style — the perfect fashion investment.


Another great look to go for is a pair of heeled booties in a neutral, or funky, color. Vince Camuto has a great selection of short heeled booties in classic caramel and black as well as a great burgundy and leopard print. You really can’t go wrong with any of the color selections — all look good paired with dresses and tights as well as skinny jeans for a more casual look.



Vince Camuto “Vive” booties are great in any color.



If you are looking for a new fall jacket make sure you look to leather — or at least a great faux leather. A leather jacket is a wardrobe staple but you don’t have to go with the classic motorcycle look in black. Try a piece in burgundy or brown, with a belt, or with a quilted finish. You can find them long and short, with zippers and snaps, collars and hoods.


caption and such
Fall jackets by Collection B, Halogen, and Michael Kors.


Shop our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks now before the prices go back up August 4!

Shopcade Stylist For A Day: Carolyn Malachi Debuts “All Right”


The look was picked, the video was shot, and here it is!

After receiving hundreds of submissions Carolyn and her team selected the look put together on Shopcade by Sam Thomas for her new music video for “All Right.”


Her stylists used that selected look as inspiration for their styling in the video. They used elements from Sam’s Caché dress pick including the strong black one-shoulder, fitted torso, and prominent purple print for their dress selection from Linda Asaf. Carolyn also sported a woven Ettika bracelet like the one chosen by Sam. The look was both strong and soft, exactly what Carolyn and her team were looking for!

Here is Carolyn on set in the look:


CM_All Right music video shoot 31


But wait — there’s more! You will have another chance to style Carolyn on Shopcade starting Monday, July 15 for an upcoming appearance on the morning television show “The Daily Buzz.” In that mission you will choose an outfit, with some suggested brands and styles from Carolyn, and create a complete look for her to wear. The winner will not only see their look on Carolyn but win it for themselves!

Check the Shopcade homepage on Monday for all the details!


Shopcade Events: Join Style & Entertaining Experts for Tonight’s Twitter Party


It’s wedding season and Shopcade has top style picks for brides, guests and anyone who loves an excuse for a great party!

Shopcade is also giving you the chance to work your summer weddings in style with some crush-worthy accessories valued at over $600 in our Style Crush sweepstakes. You could win a $200 Milk and Honey shoes gift-card, $50 Modcloth gift-card, and bracelets from Ettika and Lele Sadoughi!

But the winning does not stop there! Shopcaders and accessory lovers will also have a chance to win accessories and other prizes during tonight’s wedding-themed Twitter party!

WHEN: Thursday, June 20 at 9 p.m. EST

WHERE:  Twitter

WHAT:  Chat about summer weddings with guest experts and your fellow Shopcade trendsetters. What to wear? How much (and what) to give? Plus dating tips for singles from online dating expert and author Laurie Davis.

HOW: Follow @Shopcade and use hashtag #Shopcade

WHY: For a chance to win fabulous prizes from @Ettika, @VilleroyundBoch, @LeleSadoughi, and @eflirtexpert.

Prizes for tonight include:

Lele Sadoughi – Heiroglyphics Bracelet



Ettika – Cream Vintage Ribbon Wrap Bracelet



Villeroy and Boch – Mariefleur Gris Serving Dish



Laurie Davis – Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating





Join us at 9 p.m. for a chance to chat and win!