How To Wear Metallics



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One of the fastest rising trends in recent years has been metallic and not just standard silver. We’re talking blue, bronze, gold and green- metallics are HUGE right now.

Whether you want to just introduce it slowly to your wardrobe (metallic nail varnishes or some cool accessories) rocking the look head to toe can be a bit tricky and that’s where we come in! We’ve got you covered with all the best metallic choices currently available.

Metallic Accessories

Normally, we’d leave accessories until last, but as this is such an important part of the look we thought we’d take the plunge with it first!

We’re not talking about obvious metallics like your silver diamond necklace, but the metallic colour of your shoes, bag, and yes, your nails. Silver is generally the best colour to go for, but right now the trend for mixing up different metallics can give you a really quirky and unique look, so if you’re brave… start clashing!

Metallic slip-ons, flatforms and an oversized clutch bag should be on every fashionistas hit list this season, so start planning your key pieces and buy smart- this trend will see you into the summer and beyond.

Sweat it out

To some, a metallic top is little more than a sauna suit from a sports brand that you put on when working out, but to others it’s one of the key buys of the season!

Paired up with a metallic skirt or trousers – it sounds too much, but trust us – you’ll be onto a winner when teamed with simple shoes and accessories.

You should also look for clothes where metallics form a contrast within the item. Dresses and shirts with metallic sleeves are the best examples; look out for them if you want something a little different.

Now you know how to dress in metallics, you’re free to dazzle, literally, wherever you go!


Style Essentials: What To Buy For Your Holiday



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The sun is shining and the sky is blue. At least, it will be once you head out to your holiday destination and look forward to a few weeks away from the stress of everyday life!

Before that happens, you need to get yourself organised and get shopping for your holiday wardrobe. Now, first things first, you need to consider the essentials…

Holiday Swimsuits

If you’re loving the vintage styles out there right now then shun the typical bikini and go for a stylish swimming costume. Gone are the days where you shunned the unfashionable swimsuit in favour of a bikini, because they can hide a multitude of sins, plus you have the added bonus of not having to deal with horrid looking tan lines! No rules here; simply see what’s in fashion and buy what you love! Personally we’re pretty big fans of the retro-inspired high waisted bikini right now!


How To Accessorize Your Little Black Dress



How To Accessorize Your Little Black Dress | Photo Credit: Motel Rocks | Missguided

We all know how iconic the little black dress is. The perfect style staple, a safe haven for every fashionista, but at the same time a total nightmare to accessorize right! How many times have we all got ready for a night out without knowing how we’re going to make our LBD stand out from the rest?

Thankfully, when you’re working the LBD, you pretty much have a blank canvas you can start with to create the look you want. Here’s some ideas on how you can accessorize yours…

LBD Belts

Buying yourself a belt – we’re thinking black with a metallic buckle or even something like diamante detail – is a great way to add something different to your look and it can also help to break up your dress and make it look like a completely new product.

Thicker belts are best for accessorizing with an LBD, a smaller one will just get lost within the dress and look like it’s been lazily thrown on rather than an actual piece of intended fashion.


How to Dress Like Rihanna



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When it comes to celeb style, there’s no doubt the Rihanna look is one of the most sought after in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult to master, purely for the fact that she always seems to be rocking a different look every time she’s caught on camera. Still, that hasn’t stopped us picking out the items she seems to love most and delivering them for you to enjoy!

Check out what you need below so you to can dress like Ri-Ri…

The Denims Have It

Getting the Rihanna look on your bottom half is probably the easiest part, because at least there’s some consistency here. If it’s shorts or trousers, it is always denims.

The shorts aren’t just shorts, either; we’re talking hot pants, which if they were any smaller would probably be banned! There are several options to explore when going for jeans, but boyfriend fits are a better option than the skinnies that you’d normally buy, if only because you get a little more room to manoeuvre and don’t feel like you’ve been stitched into them!


How to Dress Boho



Photo Credit: Denise Doriety

We all know that trends come and go in the fashion world, but a select few hang around. This makes it easy for the fashionistas among us to always look on trend and feel amazing. One of the most exciting and followed such trends is the Boho trend.

Easy to follow and a look that all girls can work, knowing how to dress boho will make sure you stay in the know, as the festival season approaches.

Here’s the lowdown on boho dressing like a pro, so you can channel the celeb boho babes (Sienna Miller and Kate Moss for example) in style…

Boho Staples

The biggest boho staple around is the maxi dress. You don’t just want any maxi dress, however, but something with ethnic inspired patterns. Avoid tribal or anything too psychedelic, as they won’t help you to carry the boho vibe very well at all. You can then grab a light coloured thin cardigan – or for full boho find a lace waistcoat – and you’ve already created a simple and effective style that ticks all the trend boxes when it comes to boho.

If you can’t get an ethnic inspired maxi dress, then a long skirt will do the trick and give you licence to play around with what you’re going to wear up top.

When you’re playing with patterns in this way, you need to make sure that you don’t go too far with accessories; a simple bangle and a necklace should do, as there’s already a lot going on with your look.


How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans



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Right now denim is having a moment and not just a fleeting buy-now-wear-to-death-and-discard kind of moment, this is set to be a huge trend for SS14. Jeans are of course leading the way here, but with so many different styles and fits to choose from, for us the boyfriend jean stands out as one of the most popular styles for you to rock.

Wanna know how to wear boyfriend jeans for the new season? Of course you do! Here are some top tips to get you started…

Why Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are popular because they’re like the perfect denims. They are your normal, well-fitted jeans but with a little extra room, complete with all the rips and distressed detail to give them more of an on trend look. This is where they get their name; these jeans are supposed to look like they belong to your boyfriend and you just happened to throw them on for the day, or you know every day for the next month…

Ready for some extra styling tips?


What to Wear on the FROW



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If you’re going to be in the FROW at London Fashion Week then you need to look amazing at all times. What are we saying, you need to look amazing at all times anyway! But with the camera on you, rocking the best of the latest looks becomes even more important.

Here’s what we reckon you should be rocking if you’re going to be on the FROW (next to Anna and co. natch) this season…

Go Designer

While there are many looks you can adapt for the FROW, the designer dress look is probably the safest bet. The trouble is, what type of designer dress are you going to choose?

You can pretty much pick what you like as long as you go for something that fits the occasion, meaning something that looks smart but is part of a dressed down look – you shouldn’t look like you’re going to a cocktail party! Your budget needs to come into consideration, too.


LFW Style Essentials

The LFW Countdown has begun! Photo Credit:

Our fab fashionistas over @Shopcade US did a post last week about the six items which would get you noticed at NYFW, and it got us thinking about our very own, very imminent London Fashion Week.

Well more specifically, what essentials would be needed to survive LFW in an uber stylish way, so check it… here’s our six items that no girl should be without this fashion week…

1. The Shopcade app: This is a no-brainer. Where else are you going to get the low down on the latest blogger looks, celeb styles and runway action? Exactly.

2. A pair of stylish flats: Hey, we’d even go as far as to say trainers or converse (yes really) are acceptable this season. Heels may well elongate your legs and make everything appear 10 times better than they actually are, but crippling pain and an inability to walk at 5pm does in no way make up for this.

3. Your phone charger: Nothing is more annoying than your phone dying when you are in the middle of taking a photo/tapping out a text/writing the world’s greatest blog or simply on the phone to you mum, to say LFW is ace. Sort it out and plan ahead!

4. Stylish literature: Whoever you are trying to impress, make sure you have the right literature handy and just at the right angle to be snapped by the paps. You.Are.So.Cool.

5. Lip balm: Chapped lips, no thank you.

6. Statement bag: Too big and you look ridiculous, too small and you fit nothing in. Dilemma! Our pick is an oversized clutch, which fits all the essentials (see above) in nicely and still gives the illusion you are packing lightly as all fashionistas do.


How To Rock The Socks & Sandals Combo



Socks and Sandals= Uber Cool. Natch. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Socks and sandals… major fashion faux par or pure genius? We were still pretty on the fence until a few years ago, Burberry totes made them cool.

Chunky woollen socks in all sorts of pastel shades teamed with wooden sandals made this definitely, erm, shall we say “acquired look” go mainstream and ever since we have been having fun experimenting!

So, here’s the thing. With fashion week (London of course, try to keep up!) coming up we thought we’d put together an expert guide on how to rock socks and sandals this season and look stylish. You ready?

Rule 1: There are no rules. We’re just kidding, OF COURSE there are rules. This is a tricky trend to pull off, so now we have your undivided attention, look down to rules 2-5 and prepare to get serious. *Puts on straight face*


How to get Camera Ready for LFW


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If you’re heading to LFW then you need to be camera ready at all times, which means grabbing yourself the best cosmetics products so you glow without looking like you’re trying a little bit too hard.

Struggling to know what you need to have on your face and in your handbag? That’s where we come in. Here’s how to be camera ready for LFW, whatever FROW you are gracing!

Build a Foundation

Get the foundations right, and it’s easy to build something. Your own makeup is no different. The problem many of us face is choosing the right foundation for our skin type. What to do?

The first thing is to forget any idea of adding colour. The point of foundation is that it matches your own complexion, so be sure you know how to do this:

  • Find a store where you can try different shades of foundation – one where you know the workers are knowledgeable is best!

  • Go to a store on a high street rather than in a shopping centre so you can go outside and check your look in natural light. (Obvs when you think about it!)

  • The skin around your lower jaw is closest to your true complexion, so try foundations here after matching on your hand or wrist.

All you need to do then is pick a foundation with added ingredients depending on your skin type. Added moisture foundations are great for dry skin – some brands, including Clinique, sell a combination moisturiser and foundation in one. Combination or oily skin types are best looking for foundations that are oil-free or matte effect to take the shine away from your face.

If you’re lucky and fall into the “normal” skin category, a tinted foundation will be perfect for you.