Shopcade Dates: Stevie Ruffs, Cheyenne Davide & Ellie Connor-Phillips


Shopcade Dates Stevie Ruffs, Cheyenne Davide & Ellie Connor-Phillips

Photo Credit: @fashionfabs

Meet Cheyenne Davide, Stevie Ruffs & Ellie Connor-Phillips of roseandvintage, our socially savvy part of the July Shopcade Style Council, who we took out for cocktails and all-American bites at Steam & Rye in London’s banking district.

Meet Cheyenne:

Cheyenne is a 21 year old fashion blogger and DJ currently presenting an online music show called VVV for VEVO UK and has a Saturday drive time show on Reprezent radio. We asked her a few questions about all things fashion in her life!


Cheyenne Davide

Describe your style…

Urban orientated

Who’s your style inspiration/icon?

My mum

Top 3 fave fashion brands?

Educate Elevate, Monki, Adidias.

What’s your one piece of style advice?

Be yourself & wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

Meet Stevie:

Stevie is a YouTube presenter. After training as an actor, Stevie reliased how much he enjoyed making his own videos and decided to create his own YouTube channel last year. Stevie also works in the PR industry and enjoys fashion and travelling. Here’s what he has to say on all things fashionable!


Stevie made me edit this in bubblogy because he needs a new instagram post222222

Describe your style…

Everything with black jeans, casual, sometimes smart.

Who’s your style inspiration/icon?

Harry Styles

Top 3 fave fashion brands?

Burberry, Top Man & The Kooples

What’s your one piece of style advice?

Express yourself!


Meet Ellie:

Winner of Best Teen Style Blogger at Company’s Style Blogger Awards 2014 for roseandvintage where she blogs about her style and happenings. Ellie is an eclectic teen from London with a penchant for peculiar vintage clothes and clashing patterns. By her own admission; “I love art, writing and herbal tea and spend a lot of time listening to David Bowie”.




Describe your style?

Eclectic, vintage & granny chic

Who’s your style inspiration/icon?

Iris Apfel, Kayla Hadlington

Top 3 fave fashion brands?

Beyond Retro, Motel Rocks & Topshop

What’s your one piece of style advice?

Personalise your outfits with accessories!


Now…. time for a quick fire round!

Heels or flats?

Stevie: Heels lol

Ellie: Flats

Cheyenne: Flats

Night in or Night out?

Stevie: Night out

Ellie: Night in

Cheyenne: Night out

Cats or dogs?

Stevie: Cats

Ellie: Dogs

Cheyenne: Cats

Beach holiday or Adventure holiday?

Stevie: Beach holiday

Ellie: Beach holiday

Cheyenne: Beach holiday

Riri or Beyonce?

Stevie: Riri

Ellie: Beyonce

Cheyenne: Beyonce

Birdie or Lorde?

Stevie: Lorde

Ellie: Lorde

Cheyenne: Lorde

Jay Z or Nas?

Stevie: Who?

Ellie: Jay Z

Cheyenne: Jay Z

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