Paris is my Catwalk! French Dressing With Marie-Liesse



Parisian’s always look amazingly chic, we’re sure you’ll agree! So we decided to track down self-confessed shopaholic and all around fashion goddess, Marie-Liesse for some tips on French dressing like a pro.

Over to you, Marie-Liesse…

I’m blonde, I’m French and I tend to be a shopaholic… I really need my daily dose and I get it just around the corner… in my favourite shops! When you live in central Paris, it’s so easy to give in. Please…don’t judge me!

February weather in Paris is certainly more about plastics boots than Louboutin pumps… But, hey! Mademoiselle! The sun is shining and I promise spring is coming… Well, it definitely is in the French fashion collections!

Spring trends to look out for this season include sporty, fishnet, structured, lemon, shiny, white, ultra feminine and blue!
I’ve put together a selection of French must-haves from this new season, just for you. They could become the new basics of the your spring wardrobe, whilst the accessories will make you look glamorous and gorgeous!

Below I’ve revealed the tips and tricks of the Parisian fashionistas! How do they create a typical inimitable mix which makes a look recognizable and not so easy to copy?

French fashion addicts draw inspiration in different collections from different brands. They have no fear for cheap & chic cohabitation, which makes amazing matches in the process.

They have a few golden rules to follow, however:
– Never match
– Always go for beautiful shoes and a coat
– Basics should be finely crafted
– Yes to cheap but balance it out with leading accessories

Here are my three lists created on Shopcade showing you where to get a mix of clothes, shoes and accessories, so you too can have fun like a Paris fashionista!

1. So Parisian: Whether you are a working girl or a student, the French woman’s wardrobe can’t do without stuff from The Kooples, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Kookaï, Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro, Iro, Bel Air, Maje. We love them. First of all because they are trendy and honest (nice fabrics, nice cuts and affordable). But above all, because they tend to translate from one season and one year to the other, their key and iconic items in various materials, colours and texture. That makes them easy to spot and allows you to build yourself an ever-changing style and lively personality!

PS: I’m a great fan of Zadig & Voltaire’s boots: I have them every year in a different colour.

2. Spring is in the Air: Most brands have revealed their spring-summer 2014 collection by now. Here we see styled accessories, tribal or romantic, structured ultra-graphic cuts and patterns and light full colours. It isn’t worth spending lots though! Sometimes you only need that one, well-chosen accessory. The one that fits the most with your desire, is the most recognizable and that will identify your style this spring. The nice accessory is an investment!

PS: For me, the tribal Givenchy earrings will do, with a floral paste necklace from Shourouk!

3. French Touch: A well-kept secret… that’s the almost unique, say confidential, piece of cloth you found at a young designer’s. The ultra-French little brand, and above all made in France… The trend is to rediscover quality craftsmanship and forgotten French studios… Discover a timeless and avant-garde selection for a happy few. This will instantly and automatically make you stand as a fashion expert!

PS: For a start, it’s necessary to take the plunge… Fashion is about taking soft risks- riding boots in zebra from La botte Gardiane, a Plumber’s bag from Bleu de Chauffe- for example.

And that’s it… Good luck with becoming a Parisian fashionista!

Marie-Liesse x

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