Ones to Watch: Lottie Moss



Photo Credit: Andrea Carter-Bowman | dangerbrave via Instagram

Kate Moss had better watch her back because none other than her little sister, Lottie Moss is after her fashion crown after landing a contact with Storm Model Management.

Coincidentally it’s the same one that manages Kate, so talk about keeping it in the family!

What’s all the fuss about we hear you say? Well, apart from the fact that she’s Kate’s half-sister, Lottie is a mini stunner in her own right and is sure to see the bookings flooding in.

The fashion world quite rightly went into a mini meltdown when Lottie shared her profile pic on the Storm website last Friday in honour of her 16th birthday.

Those cheekbones, that fresh faced look, oh and her lovely blonde hair- there’s more than a few similarities to her big sis here!

Scouted at 13 when she appeared as a bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding, the rumour mill went into overdrive suggesting she would be following in her sister’s footsteps there and then, but it was decided she was too young and we all went back to forgetting Kate ever had a sister!

Until now that is….This is undoubtedly a name to watch over the next few years. With the potential to become as big a Cara right now and big sis in the long run, it may be sooner than you think when we’ll be introducing Kate as as Lottie’s sister instead of the other way around!

Here’s some fun facts you may not know about Lottie…

1. She has 4601 followers on Twitter and counting….

2. Her modelling debut was shot by renowned Vogue photographer Andrea Carter-Bowman

3. She’s only 5′ 5″- an inch shorter than her big sis and four inches below the industry standard. Girl clearly got something going for her!

4. She’s a fan of Blair Waldorf, tweeting iconic quotes from Gossip Girl’s Queen B such as ‘I know what I want and I’m gonna get it’. Go Lottie!

5. She tweeted her profile page on the Storm website just hours before turning 16, with the caption “Wot u sayin” We love this girl already.

Lovin’ her look? check out Lottie’s style on Shopcade below…


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