#Nailit Highlights!



#nailit: Photo Credits L to R:  @roseadams | @nataliecorner | @georgiabrydon | @kelseypilbeam | @amyhannigan | @heidigriffiths

We asked you to post your nelfies (yes, this really is a word) and you guys rose to the challenge once again!

Never have we seen such inventive, cool and in some cases a bit freaky (but hey, we’ll forgive that!) nail art being posted on the app.

Check out some of our faves in the banner above, along with some wise words of wisdom from the #nailit judges as to why they stood out from the rest below…

WINNER!!! @georgiabrydonEyes on You: Inspired by Alexa Chung, these beauties are a work of art. Suddenly feel like we’re being watched… #spooky (Check out her awesome pic below showing off her prize!)

nail it winner

@nataliecorner: Stained Glass Window: Woah, these are soooo pretty! We reckon a steady hand was needed to achieve this colourful look. We heart.

@amyhannigan: Cool Britannia: Oh, we feel so patriotic looking at these nails! Amazing coordination; these nails make us proud to be British!

@kelseypilbeam: Monochrome Madness: There’s been a fair amount of effort that has gone into making these nails look this good. In the colours of the season, these graphic beauties are totally awesome.

@heidigriffiths: Music Baby: How cute are these candy coloured nails topped with musical notes? We think they are VERY cute indeed.
@roseadams: Batman! We seriously could not love these nails more! Nails shaped like bat ears- WOW, just Wow.

Want to know how to do amazing nail art? Well check out our quick three step program below:

1. Get the basics right: It’s amazing how many people ignore this step and jump straight into applying the nail polish!The first thing to do (after shaping your nails and pushing back your cuticles) is to apply a clear nail polish. If you’re nails are weak, go for a strengthening one to keep your nails looking healthy underneath your pending nail art 😉

2. Colour it: Next, think about the colour you want for the base, which will ultimately depend on the type of nail creation you are going to create! Our pick would be one of the cute candy colours of the season- mint preferably. It’s hot to trot right now.

3. Get Creative with a nail pen: Models Own and Barry M have a great range of nail art pens on Shopcade for you to choose from. A simple “window pane” look created by drawing a + on your nail will look great! Stripes are a simple and effective pattern idea as well.

If any of you fancy getting in touch and giving us a crash course in how you #nailedit with your entry, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on our community forum so we can share with your fellow Shopcaders!

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