You Know You’re Officially A Fresher When…



1. You get Freshers Flu. It’s like a right of passage! Dose up and solider on :)



2. You discover what a Jager Bomb is! You try it, you hate it and you drink it repeatedly because it’s cheap.



3. You still bring your washing home to your mum, because lets face it, some things never change.



4. You make as many Facebook friends in the first month as possible and then swiftly spend the next few months figuring out how to block the weirdo now liking ALL your images.


5. You get money from your parents for the ‘essentials’ like food. You spend it on nights out.



6. Student loan day is officially in your diary as ‘shopping spree day’. It’s practically what Shopcade was invented for! 😉



7. You wait until the last day before an assignment is due and do an all-nighter in the library surviving on pro plus, coffee and Lucozade. True story.



8. You dress like a lunatic on a number of occasions, all in the guise of it being ‘Fancy Dress’



9. You eat dodgy takeaways (chicken, pizza, burgers… you’re not fussy) on your way home from the club almost every night and don’t get ill. It’s a freshers miracle!



10. You try to impress with your dance moves… and end up looking like you’re having a seizure. Alcohol and dancing don’t mix.


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