How To Rock The Socks & Sandals Combo



Socks and Sandals= Uber Cool. Natch. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Socks and sandals… major fashion faux par or pure genius? We were still pretty on the fence until a few years ago, Burberry totes made them cool.

Chunky woollen socks in all sorts of pastel shades teamed with wooden sandals made this definitely, erm, shall we say “acquired look” go mainstream and ever since we have been having fun experimenting!

So, here’s the thing. With fashion week (London of course, try to keep up!) coming up we thought we’d put together an expert guide on how to rock socks and sandals this season and look stylish. You ready?

Rule 1: There are no rules. We’re just kidding, OF COURSE there are rules. This is a tricky trend to pull off, so now we have your undivided attention, look down to rules 2-5 and prepare to get serious. *Puts on straight face*

Rule 2: Rock it with an ankle: We’re getting a sense that the high street are loving a good sock or two this season if their offering is anything to go by. Sparkly, frilly and floral ankle socks are like everywhere right now and the perfect way to start your flirtation with the sock and sandal combo.

Rule 3: Mix it up: Strappy or chunky, high or low, we don’t care which sandals you end up going for as long as they are cool. Under no circumstance team your socks with your Birkenstocks. *shudder*

Rule 4: Look to the Catwalk: Every now and again we have to accept that designers do know what they are doing. Burberry and the socks and sandals trend sort of proves it. Check out the ones who started it all and study hard… master the walk, the style, the lot and then… forget it all and rock it your own way!

Rule 5: Have Fun: Try not to take yourself so seriously. This is the best bit of advice we could give. Fashion is all about experimentation and giving things a go. Some basics to avoid- no culottes, as these even on the most waifish of people, this will look all wrong. Stick to short shorts, cute mini dresses and maybe the odd Burberry trench thrown in to give this look a shot.


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