How To Nail It During LFW



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If you’re heading out to London Fashion Week then every part of your outfit needs to be perfect. When you’re surrounded by fashionistas you know every last detail is going to count. That’s why nail art is so important!

Fear not, as we’re here to help you nail it during LFW, whether you’re in the FROW or mingling around between shows.

Here’s a few top tips on how you can get ridiculously good looking nails in the run up, during and after London Fashion Week

False Nails

We’ll get onto nail art techniques shortly, but if you want to get it done quick – we’d call this cheating but we’ll let you off, especially if you don’t have great nails to paint onto – then you can always go for false nails. Here at Shopcade we’ve got some great sets from Elegant Touch in conjunction with House of Holland, while Frou Frou is another great brand to consider if you’re looking for something a little different and playful – just remember your main outfit will need to be like this, too!

Nail Art Techniques

If you’re lucky enough to have great nails, then adding glam yourself is definitely the best thing to do.

What are the best nail art techniques you should be using during LFW?

The first thing to do (after shaping your nails and pushing back cuticles) is to apply a clear nail polish – we have a great Bella Pierre one right here at Shopcade! You should do this even if you’re going to go for a crack effect nail polish like one from Nails Inc.

If you have weak nails then use a nail strengthening polish rather than just a clear polish. After that, you can simply apply your top layer and you’re done. If you’ve gone for the crackle effect then you’ll just need to add another colour on top.

Art Inspirations

That’s the basics of what to do out of the way, but what are the biggest nail trends of the season? Crackle effect, as we’ve already mentioned, looks great, but if we’re honest it’s probably a bit 2012 and more nightclub than LFW gathering. Still, try it if you like or go for a modern take such as the tortoise shell look, as described in this video.

We’d be going for one of the more modern trends, such as simple patterns that you can create with Nail Art pens; we’ve got them from Models Own and Barry M and in great colours, too, meaning you can add your own inspirations to any base colour. A simple “window pane” look created by drawing a + on your nail will look great! Stripes are a simple and effective pattern idea as well.

If you’re a pro at doing your nails then play around with shade mixing. This does take practice, so it helps if you have loads of nail varnishes at home that you can experiment with. Play around with colours and have fun making your own bespoke shade, if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Those of you with great nails can keep it simple with this final idea. Apply your clear polish for a sheer look, and then paint the tips of your nails in the colour of your choice for an excellent “DIY French Manicure” look. You can do this with nail paint or a nail pen, but you need a steady hand to get the look!

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