How to Get the Sporty Look on a Budget



Sports Goes Luxe | Photo Credit: Tumblr/Pinterest

Once upon a time, the sports look was reserved for the likes of Sporty Spice (old school ref there) and was all about crop tops, tracksuits and trainers.

Now however, its a major trend with the designers and high street choosing to include it in their collections every season. Achieving the sports luxe vibe can be on the pricey side- Stella for Adidas for example- but here we show you how you can get the sporty look on a budget.

Forgetting What You Know

The first thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about the sporty look. We’re not talking about full tracksuits and jackets that sports coaches wear when standing on the side lines. You don’t even have to have too much branded sportswear in your look if you’d prefer not to! For the sporty look, we’re thinking casual and airy, but dressed in such a way that if you had to go and play tennis or run around at the click of a finger, you’d be able to do so comfortably.

T-Shirts & Strappy Tops

You have free rein to buy whatever you feel comfortable in here, although when you opt for t-shirts it’s best to have at least a little sporting inspiration, which means a baseball or NFL print t-shirt. These are super on trend right now when teamed with running shorts in a variety of prints and textures! Our fave is this gold metallic effect pair from New Look :)

If you opt for the strappy top option then you can pick out any colour you want. You might even decide to go for fuller vests or even a cotton tank top if you want a stylish alternative.

Dresses or Skirts?

Sporty is one look where, for once, you have to throw denim away and forget about it, although you might be able to excuse yourself a tiny pair of denim cut offs if you just HAVE to have a bit of denim in this look! Just team with a varsity jacket and pumps to still work this trend to the max.

Casual summer dresses are fine here, as are above the knee skirts; you’ll find these in abundance in charity shops to help keep your costs down, although if you want to spend a bit more then why not check out the amazing sports luxe look? If you want to take the look to literal proportions you could always put yourself in an actual tennis skirt; brands like Nike have plenty of options for you to choose from and as we are fast approaching tennis season with Wimbledon this month, you’ll be in great company!

Sporty Footwear

Do we really need to go into detail here? Trainers are having a MASSIVE moment right now! Nike Air Max, Adidas’ Gazelle and Stan Smith trainers are selling out in record time. Retro hi-tops and wedge trainers are also big at the moment, so make sure you check out all options before committing!

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