How to Get the Glam Look



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While the glam look is typically associated with how cosmetics can transform your appearance, what’s the point in having a glam inspired face if you don’t have the clothes to match?! Use a selection of cosmetics produced with glam in mind to take care of these needs, and then let the real fun begin when you start thinking about your wardrobe and about how you can get the glam look, with Shopcade’s help of course!

Getting the Glam Look Right

There’s a difference between an iconic glam look and appearing to be a tribute to a rocker from the 70s or 80s.  We don’t need to tell you which one you’re looking to achieve. You want to look glamorous, not crazy!

Although the foundation of the glam look is all about distinct, borderline over the top styles, you can also understate certain pieces to help you really make a statement with others.

Glam Up Top

If you’re the type of girl who doesn’t enjoy taking their time when shopping (yeah right!) then you can always go for a glam inspired dress, although these might be difficult to find, particularly if you’re looking to make glam your everyday style.

To start your glam look you can either keep it simple with a plain black or white t-shirt or find a rock era inspired crew shirt; just remember that if you go for anything embellished with gold or silver that you’ll need to match the rest of the outfit with it!  Finish off your top half with a glam inspired jacket be that in plain leather or a gold, silver, or even a patterned one.


Glam Trousers

Forget skirts girls, because when you go glam it’s about leather trousers all the way.  If you want to show the world your pins you can always pick out the smallest pair of leather shorts you can find too. What you choose to wear on your legs will impact directly on your choice of footwear.

With the glam look, you probably automatically think about statement boots and sparkling footwear.  If you’ve gone for the shorts look, then knee high boots can top off the look to perfection; just be sure to save enough money in your budget to be able to buy them!  If you went for the leather trousers then you have a little more flexibility and can pretty much wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but sequined Converse All Star trainers are definitely worth a look!

Accessorising for Glam

Accessorising for the glam look is simple; you just need to follow our advice around your choice of jacket, and choose a bag to match the glam colour trend you’ve chosen to follow.  If you’ve gone for full glam make up, then sunglasses are a no-no, but a pair of wayfarers or aviators for the days when your make-up can be left alone are definitely worth it.

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